March 1, 2014 ~TPATH~  During the past 7 years a very close relationship between TPATH  and many of our members has resulted in the formation of WPE (We Plan to Endure).  As a consequence of several years of research, training and instructions provided to us by many experts from various survival disciplines, WPE has become a formidable source for information, training and disaster preparation.  

A short description of what WPE is can be characterized in the following way:

  1. The membership is made up of a dedicated group of patriotic leaders and individuals who are well known to each other and have an extensive record of support for our Constitution and the desire to help prepare thier neighbors.
  2. They have a varied set of professional, technical, survival and construction abilities and have agreed to provide instruction and physical application of those skills.
  3. They have agreed to undertake the requirements of storing food, supplies, medicine, fuel, weapons, ammunition, survival and radio communication equipment for use in case of a short or long term national or local disaster. 
  4. They have agreed to help train and instruct any person or group in the skills necessary for survival  regardless of whether or not they are members of WPE.
What WPE has accomplished since its inception:
  1. An emergency communication system called the "Spider Grid", has been set up and tested.  This system required that members obtain FCC radio communication licences, purchase and install short wave radios in either homes or vehicles or both.  As of this date radio communication throughout the state can be maintained even if the country experiences a complete power grid failure.
  2. WPE has given presentations to patriotic groups over the entire length and width of our state.  Each of these presentations were modeled after and for the specific group it was presented to. 
  3. Our members have prepared for food, fuel and water shortages and have encouraged friends and family members to do the same.
  4. Secured and prepared "safe zones" in the event of social or community breakdowns,
WPE has prepared and made available information packages for the following:
  1. Steps required to obtain FCC licences, listed types of radio and equipment individuals would need to communicate in the event of an emergency.
  2. Information on firearm laws here in New Jersey to insure that everyone who has a weapon is in complete compliance with the many laws, unconstitutional as they may be.  That package includes information on what weapons one might need, how to practice and become comfortable and proficient and safe in their use.
  3. The types and sizes of emergency generators, how to use them wisely and prudently.  Also keeping them safe from marauders and thieves.  Included in this package is information on how to store and rotate ethanol gasoline for use over long periods of time.
  4. Information on how to build a safe indoor heater and stove for boiling water and cooking food.
  5. Lists of food which can be stored for very long periods of time and how to store them using as little space as possible.
  6. Steps to take to store drinking water and how to prepare it.
  7. Comprehensive lists of emergency supplies one should have in his home in the event that supplies become unavailable or going out to get them is too dangerous.
  8. Lists of what you will need to have ready to load into your vehicles in order to survive in an outdoor environment.
  9. How to secure your home in case of forced intrusion attempts and how to prepare protection from weapons being fired into your home.
  10. How to prepare and have ready at all times a "go bag" that can be loaded into your vehicles instantly if immediate evacuation is required.
  11. Information on how to set up emergency locations where your children or grandchildren will go if something happens while they are at school or other places and they can't get home.  Explains how to set up passwords your child will need to hear before excepting help or rides form someone you might send.
All of this information can be found below.  It is being provided for anyone who wants it and being a member of WPE is not required.  
The free download and use of this information is hereby given with no restrictions.

Note:  If anyone or group wishes to apply for membership in WPE please feel free to do so.  There are no fees and no financial costs, just the desire to do what you can to make WPE more effective in our efforts to help people prepare for natural and man made disasters. 

Please understand that becoming a member will require a track record and history as well as a unanimous acceptance vote by existing WPE members.

Why WPE was started and why it continues.

A few months into Obama's first term and with several years remaining now in his second term and what we all hope will be his last, ominous signs began to appear and continue now with an even greater presence.

Just a short course in world history would reveal the bloody, murderous and destructive nature of Socialist and Communist governments.  In just the 20th Century these governments have shown no limit to the misery and torture, the imprisonment and the killing they were willing to present on their own citizens in order to stay in power.  The most modest of estimates puts the death count at about 157,000,000 people.  

As of this date, it would be very difficult to consider any other possibility,that the man usurping our presidency, has not been selected, bred, trained and supported by some world wide entity with Communism at its heart.  There can be no other explanation for him, his policies and the tremendous damage being inflicted upon this country.  It is not by mistake. It is not by incompetence. It is the intentional take down of the American way.

The reality is now, this New World Order or whatever its name is, has its claws deeply set into the control of the biggest prize in the carnival of tyranny.   The lives of innocent people, the economy and our Constitution are all expendables in the quest for world domination.  They will not release the golden ring simply because a term is up.

In support of this and under the cowardly eyes of Congress, the Judicial branch and mainstream media, dangerous steps are being put into place.   It may have gone too far already, to stop it, short of a new revolution.

Actually, any one of the items listed below would be cause for concern, but when viewed in their entirety its impossible to see how America escapes the next few years without a nationwide calamity.

  1. Thousands of new regulations have bankrupted companies working for energy sources such as coal, natural gas and crude oil. This has put our power grid working to full capacity and our energy supplies in the hands of our enemies.
  2. Pipelines from Canada which could have provided huge amounts of energy has been stopped.
  3. Terrorists have used high power rifle fire to shut down several power transmission stations.  These attacks were labeled as being perpetrated by "hooligans" when its quite clear this was a test run for some future nation wide attack on our grid.
  4. Instead of using funds to fortify the grid against this kind of attack, Obama has chosen to send your tax dollars to the Muslim Brotherhood.
  5. Hundreds of high ranking military officers have been removed and replaced, without the consent of the Senate.
  6. Several hundred illegal Executive Orders have been issued that give the government control over private property, give the President the ability to impose Martial Law with no stipulation or specific reason, and the worst of all, the President can order a missile strike on an American citizen without a trial or he can have someone locked away for any amount of time without trial.
  7. The world is in turmoil, from Iran being allowed to build nuclear weapons, North Korea threatening to invade  South Korea, China imposing its navel might on Japan and Korea, Syria and Libya experiencing unprecedented murder and upheaval which has been encouraged, supported and supplied by Obama, the Ukraine is being invaded by Russia as any hope of living free of the Communist Putin is being crushed. 
  8. Obama continues now for the 6th consecutive year,  creating debt in the amount of between 70 and 80 billion dollars every month.  That's every month for 6 years.  This money is being poured into the capital markets of the world and will have a crushing effect on the value of the dollar.  Every dollar of this insane method of creating cash must be paid back.  Even if this madness were stopped now, and there is no intention to do so, that bill could not be paid back for a thousand years.
  9. China, North Korea and even Iran are experimenting with EMP weapons that could put America off the grid for years.  Iran has sent ships to America's coast without a whimper of a response form Obama.  The very kind of ship that could fire an upper atmosphere EMP device. 
  10. Every effort has been made by Obama to disarm as many Americans as possible.  This endeavor is consistent with despots of the past who first disarmed and then slaughtered their people.  If one might be foolish enough to bet that type of tyranny could never happen in America, that is a bet, if lost, would be lost at great calamity.
  11. The government is buying ammunition at an astounding rate for non military personal.  They have set up countless FEMA camps across the country and have distributed armored personal carriers to hundreds of local police forces.  They are preparing for something.

While the assumption that Martial Law, economic breakdown or terrorist attack is the most likely scenario for the need to survive off the grid, natural disasters, such as Super Storm Sandy must also be considered.  As unlikely as it may seem that here in the North East we need to be prepared for event other than man made, the likelihood does indeed exist.

  1. Hurricanes, storms and floods.
  2. Earthquakes, volcanic dust and tornadoes, very unlikely, but possible.
  3. Tidal waves from land masses falling into the ocean or the shifting of undersea plates.  Las Palmas Island is one such threat to the east coast.
  4. Power plant failures which could cascade across the country.
  5. Coronal Mass Ejections (CME) which are similar to man made EMPs but are caused by huge solar flares.  This could shut down the communication and power grid.  There has been a fairly consistent pattern to CMEs and unfortunately we are well past due for the next one.
  6. Pandemics caused by viruses, bacteria or toxins.

If you are interested in joining WPE or for more information on these and other issues as well as documents, links and instructions on what to look for and how to prepare for and survive, contact us at 

March 1, 2014 ~TPATH/WPE~

If your group would like to have a WPE presentation
Contact us   at

There is never a charge for this service but: 
  1. We may send you files and request you make copies for your members to follow the presentation.
  2. Our presentation must be the first item on your agenda after the pledge and a prayer. 
  3. The venue must be in an environment where our presenters won't be required to speak without shouting over peripheral noise. 
  4. The presentation takes about 45 minutes and usually requires 10 to 15 minutes of questions and answers.
  5. We also ask, since we have much material to go over, that the presentation not be interrupted with questions  until each speaker has finished.


What does history tell us?

There is a possibility that the future for America and therefore the world, could be very bleak.  Cable TV has been rife with talk lately about natural disasters, such as earthquakes, hurricanes, floods or mass coronal ejections from the sun, impacting social services, communication and power grids which could force the people to provide for themselves or perish.

The possibility of horrendous  events such as these have and will no doubt always exist. However, more than anytime in America's past there is a real and present danger in our near future, posed not from nature, but from man. 

Every sane and rational person knows, Communism is a vile form of government which is for the most part devoid of God and morality. Hence one might see it as having very little in common with radical Islam.  But, that would be a disastrous conclusion.  According to many who are watching closely, people like Glenn Beck, Brad Thor and many others believe strongly that theses two  diametrically opposed ideologies have joined forces in a common goal to defeat a larger enemy. America and the west.

If Christians, Jews and Americans, continue to look the other way and deny this war on our culture is in full stride, this country and the west will just be a footnote as the two forces, Islam and Communism finish the battle on each other, long after our annihilation. Then, with all sense of morality and humanism destroyed the group that will eventually control the world will be the one with the least compassion for life.

The longer term threat may be that of Islam, for sure the near term danger is from the left.  If one has not noticed we have a Marxist in our White House.  He has hired all manner of leftist, Communist people to advise and write law in the form of regulation.

Through out history, Marxists, Communists and the forms of dictatorial governments that evolve in support of them, have been successful at three things.

1) Keeping its citizens uneducated, uninformed and unarmed.
2) Keeping power at any cost and without regard to human misery or death.

3) Creating a ruling, political class of the true one percent while destroying initiative, productivity and private ownership of property or businesses for 99% of its population which lives in fear, hopelessness and poverty.

The useful idiots, the occupy types, will be dispensed with promptly and without mercy once their usefulness has ended. Those fools will join the others in the darkness of mass graves or the despair of concentration camps. As the lights dim on their dreams of  sharing unearned wealth so will the understanding of just how the 1% of Communist rule deals with the unproductive.

Throughout history, Communist governments, regardless of how they get control, whether by revolution or the ballot, one constant remains. They will hang on to power, at any cost.

Leftist governments are responsible for hundreds of millions of deaths, of their own citizens.  The list is endless, from Stalin, to Pol Pot, to Castro to Mau Ste Tung. The blood of their people, has been the fuel of their control.

The question could be asked, what does this have to do with us, here in America?  Unfortunately, too much!  

It is a fact that  most of Obama's past has been successfully hidden, but his present is clear as a bell.  Everything he has done, proves, without the slightest doubt that he is a Marxist and a Communist.  It is clear he has been working not only with the Islamic world but national and global leftists to undermine and destroy America as we know it.

If world Communist organizations which have been behind getting this man into the White House, and after a century of trying to defeat the west, now finds itself in control of the most powerful entity the world has ever seen, it is doubtful they will just hand the keys back, willingly, and walk away.

So, are there are enough check points and laws that would prevent Obama from staying in office?  America, in the past, has prevailed and we have always had a peaceful  transition. But, have plans been formulated that could change the world?

The consequences of those who allowed 
the Constitution, forgeries, felonies and the rule of law to be relegated to irrelevance  may soon find out just what they have wrought.

November is coming, will there be an election?
The answer to that depends on the polls and the confidence Obama has that he has spent enough money on ads and convincing enough "useful idiots" to vote for and re-elect him.


If he is certain the cheating he has instituted, the vote counters he has employed will be able to assure him a win. If that is not a guarantee, there is always the tried and true, October surprise.  

It is a fact that no sitting US President running, for re-election has ever been defeated during a major conflict.  This includes popular and unpopular wars. Lincoln -Civil War, Woodrow Wilson- WWI, FDR and Truman- WWII,  Eisenhower was reelected as Korean war drew to an armistice but uncertain as to the end of hostilities, both Lyndon Johnson and Nixon were reelected during the Viet Nam war and finally George W Bush during Iraq and Afghanistan.

It is clear, without fail, if this country is at war, the American people will hold on to the sitting president. This fact is not lost on historians and it certainly is not lost on the occupiers of the White House in 2012.

There are countless hotbeds in this unstable world, many of which this administration, if it were not for the upcoming election, could not care less about. In fact, they are most likely thrilled with the advancement of both Communism and the Muslim Brotherhood. 

Much of it has been made more dangerous by Obama's lack of any reasonable foreign policy.  Just as it is clear that his economic policies have intentionally made things worse, could these "on the surface" foreign policy blunders actually have been planned to give any number of war options if needed in October?

Then there is a massive terror attack....  

President Bush was never more popular than he was as a result of his handling of the terrorist attack on 9/11.  This too is not lost on the leftists in this country.  A major terror attack, at the right time, would create a cakewalk victory for any sitting president.  

Of course, whatever the attack looked like, it would have to create enough mayhem or destruction that either the American people would line up behind our leader and assure his reelection or be so totally destructive that an election could not even take place.

1) Without a doubt, the most devastating would be an EMP 
This is a weapon which would destroy every bit of communication, electric power, satellite, cable, wi-fi and the internet.  Nothing electronic would survive. Even your car would not run.  This weapon has been tested by every major power in the world and it is real.  The electromagnetic pulse, EMP is produced by an upper atmosphere nuclear device.  The physical damage of the detonation would be negligible, but the EMP would be devastating.

It appears that Iran has been testing simultaneous detonations via its missile systems. Why is that important?  EMP weapons, in order to be effective must detonate, simultaneously in the atmosphere.  This is what they have been testing.

The IAEA last November indicated that Iran had experimented with firing multiple detonators with a high level of simultaneity. The report also indicated that Iran, as early as 2003 began a large-scale experiment to initiate a high-explosive charge in the form of a hemispherical shell. This indicates work on a nuclear bomb of the EMP type.

This is further disturbing when one understands that Iran’s leaders are devout believers in the return of the 12th Imam of Mahdi.  They believe that his return is imminent and they believe, and this is the scary part, that his return can be brought on by world conflagration, no matter its origin.  They dream of his return and pray for it, for that is the time when all infidels, that’s us, will be wiped from the earth.

2) Power Grid Failure  
With a little over 1200 large electric power plants in America, with just over 100 Nuclear and 400 large coal power plants, and almost all of them working to near capacity, a small percentage of plants going off line, unscheduled, would cause a major breakdown in the power grid across the country.  If these plants were selected by calculation for the most damage, fewer than 20% would cause America to go dark as generator failures would cascade from New York to California.

1) No permits for power plant upgrades have been issued for coal fired plants in 3 years
2) No coal fired plant construction has been approved in many years while hundreds have shut down.
3) While two nuclear designs have just been approved it will be ten years before all the regulations, tests, studies and construction are complete.  Both of these permits were issued to the state of Georgia, just after they ignored facts about Obama's forgeries in an eligibility hearing.
4) This administration has forced many plants to shut down and more are closing everyday.

Could all the environmental hogwash be more than concern for the air and water?  Could it be a ruse and cover for setting the power grid on a dangerous tipping point?

As we all recall, just prior to the Occupier N Cheif getting elected he called for a "Civilian Security Force" just as well funded and equipped as our military.  Was that just talk, or has he been implementing it?

Also, no one really knows how much or where the campaign contributions for his election came.  No government agency would dare investigate since that would clearly indicate latent racism.

Some estimates suggested he collected almost one billion dollars more than he spent in 2008.   What kind of security force could that kind of money buy?  How many trained saboteurs could be placed in key locations?  This is not an accusation, just a supposition.

Would any leftist leader really be capable of planning and plotting such calamity just to stay in control of the richest country in the world?  The answer is, we don't know, but we can look at history.  Leftists have done worse. Much worse.

While this and even more is possible, the reality is, it really is not probable. However, what if it does happen and we have not prepared?  What if we were about to lose everything, friends, family property and we realize that we had considered the threat, but did nothing?  What would the cost to prepare be, if nothing happens, in relation to the loss of everything, if something does?

Not many of us could imagine anyone or any government that would allow this to happen, much less cause it.  We should all pray that this country could never produce such evil, but praying will not protect your family.  Only preparation will. 

Hitler murdered millions of his own citizens because of their religion, Stalin starved to death millions of his own people in the Ukraine, Poll Pot slaughtered millions for just doing business with the west, Castro murdered hundreds of thousands and imprisoned thousands more for refusing to become indoctrinated to communism, Mao Tse Tung did his people in, in numbers the world will never know, some estimates are in the hundreds of millions.  What did each of these and several others have in common?  They were leftists that would hold on to power, regardless of any cost.

When there sits in the most powerful office the world has ever seen and that person, as well as those he has chosen to advise him, despises the law of our land, the Constitution and abhors the founding fathers who authored that document, it would not be a stretch to imagine that they would take absolute advantage of any catastrophe, manipulated, natural or terrorist inspired, and use it to hold on to power.

Martial Law, suspension of the constitution, temporarily of course they would tell us, and canceling of the next election, until order and services are returned.   

The destruction of our ability to generate power, obtain fuel as well as the continuing effort to disarm the American people, just might start to make a little sense.

We can pray its all just a coincidence or we can take steps needed to survive.  Its up to each of us to prepare and be vigilant.

They Will Take Everything If You Don’t Stop Them: 
Ten Things You Must Do To Defend Yourself

They will take everything if you don’t stop them.

At first glance a statement like this brings up thoughts of the government coming for all freedom seeking people.  In actuality this is about your neighbors and those in your community that will ruthlessly mob up and literally storm your own home for what you have after a long drawn out disaster, perhaps sooner.  It is a fact that most people in the United States, upwards of 99%, have little or NOTHING put away for emergenices.  When chaos hits and a country’s infrastructure crumbles into powder, so does the nation’s ability to feed and sustain its citizens.

Self reliance and preparing for a rainy day or even for a full blown hurricane has become almost a taboo for many, and a total waste of time, money and effort for the others.  While what a person does with their own money and time is their business, the same holds true for the person that sacrifices much to prepare for future mass disorder and total lack of purchasable necessities.

The main conundrum with the vast majority of the population is that they have come to totally expect everything provided for them by someone else, human or machine.  This “serve me, as I am the only one that matters” attitude is more than an epidemic in the United States and many other countries.  As individuals of ALL ages lose the basic skills of self reliance, and more importantly the desire to do any task for themselves, a ticking time bomb becomes more pronounced for when these services breakdown.

Various scenarios await the preparedness minded person in the event of a societal collapse.

The majority of the country has become totally reliant on daily shipments of food and other necessities.  An oil emergency in the Middle-East, for example, can severely limit transportation of the goods that people depend on.  A war that would rage on a half a world away would mean that supermarket shelves would be emptied.  This would ONLY be regarded as a moderate hit to civilization until a regional war like this actually went global.  Most people can only get by without a few days of food before “snap” reactions begin.  Remember ONLY 1 to perhaps 1 and 1/2% of the people have stocked up for just such an emergency.

One of the most critical threats to be faced will be from those in your immediate vicinity – and those who have prepared will likely be forced to draw a line in the sand.

Most of us live around neighbors and are not, for the most part, living an isolated lifestyle.  We usually have fair to good relationships with those that live around us.  This often leads to the misconception that these neighbors and those that live around our community would never just come and take what we have saved up to keep our family alive after a calamity.  In some cases this is true. In most cases it is not.  After a week of starvation and lack of access to food, most neighbors will gather together and head for any house merely “suspected” of having food.  Unless those desperate individuals are stopped, they will ransack a home of everything that is in it like a hoarde of hungry locusts.  It is called the irrational conduct of a mob mentality.  An excellent example of this is how a person can be trampled to death by a herd of wild eyed shoppers desperate enough to get some electronic gadget at some super holiday sale.

Let’s look at a fictional prepper family named the Smiths that have 1 year worth of food for 8 people, along with food for their golden retriever and cocker spaniel dogs, their tabby cat, and their macaw bird.  The Smiths are friendly people but have not told anyone about their stockpile.  After a severe incident, call it an ecomonic collapse, war, Earth changes – it really doesn’t matter – the chain links of food being delivered are now gone.  Through casual conversations somehow a couple of neighbors have figured out the Smiths have food and have alerted others through the gossip channel.  After almost 2 weeks without much food, no FEMA government trucks have come in to rescue, a crowd of almost 100 people have gathered around the Smith house.  Similar size crowds have also collected around other people’s homes suspected of “hoarding” food.  The Smiths have taken an unrealistic and idealist sentiment towards believing in the good nature of human beings and their community and have not stocked up much at all in self defense.

Grandpa Smith understands that trying to feed 100 people would dwindle their supplies quickly and decides to leave everything closed up and not answer the door.  The Smiths find out how hunger will drive a civilized person into wanton rage and animalistic acts.  Four members of the mob pick up a railroad tie and use it as a battering ram to knock down the front door.  Then like a pack of sharks in a feeding frenzy the mob rushes in and takes everything the Smiths have including their food, blankets off the beds, the TV sets and computers, pots and pans, even the refrigerator is hauled out.  Why does this happen?  People in an erratic state of mind will grab everything they can, most riots prove this all too well.  The last items to be picked clean are the family’s pets to the screaming pleas of their 9 year daughter not to hurt her dogs.  Of course the dogs, the cat, and the bird are killed and cooked up for their meat.  The Smiths are lucky that they too did not become someone’s meal.

The simple moral to this story is something most survival orientated people already know – that you must have self defense or you will lose what you have when someone decides to take it.  The fact that so few prepare means that food is going to be even more scarce and totally sought after.  The Smiths are hardly fictional and can be widely expected after a large scale catastrophe.  Most people expect someone to have what they need ALL the time and they will flock towards that source and attempt to get it.

Fortunately for the self reliant family, those that live soft lives and allow everything to be done for them makes for a flabby, both in body and mind, person.  Usually this type of person is a also a coward and even during irrational hunger spasms will backdown and retreat in the face of dying or being severely injuried.  It is one thing to rush into a home with a mob like a pack of wolves with little resistance. It’s a completely different ball game to rush into a well fortified home watching those ahead of them in line being rapidly dropped one by one.  Even with this said, self defense of you and your family and your lifeline in what you’ve stored up takes a host of different dimensions that vary significantly with each situation.  There are some basics that can be vastly expanded on with each individual case.  A term that can be used for this is “CONFRONTATIONAL AWARENESS”.

Here are 10 points to think about if and when you are faced with defending you and your own:

1.  What type of self defense fits you the best?  Some individuals can make very exotic improvised devices, but everyone that can legally own a firearm should have at least one, preferably many.  The extreme number of firearms takes up pages, but everyone should have a firearm that can discharge as many rounds as possible without having to reload.  A firearm that has some long distance range to it.  A shotgun, call it a scatter gun, with at least size 4 buckshot up to triple ought 000.  A handgun of course for close range engagement.  The simple answer to which one is what is most comfortable with you personally and what you can afford.  You want stopping power, but also to be able to at least slow down a lot of targets if this becomes an issue.  Other weapons should also be added, such as bear pepper spray that can slow down or stop a large group of people rushing you.  Knowing how to jerry rig various home made weapons adds to your security.  Have extra ammunition for all firearms.  Don’t depend on just one or two weapons for self defense, have back-ups.

2.  Litigation.  This is an extremely sticky point “IF” the society recovers. It should be remembered that (unfortunately) any act of personal self defense might have to be answered for.  The state or country that you are in may or may not view the 40 people you shot “outside” your home as a legitimate threat, even if they had a battering ram and other weapons and total anarachy ruled the day and night.  In other words, just because it may seem like the end of the world doesn’t mean that it actually is.  Protecting you and your family could also mean carefully assessing your situation and not acting without discretional thought.  You never want to be indicted with some mass murder charge should the world reestablish itself enough to prosecute you in the future.  Checking out the laws of protecting yourself where you live before the world falls apart is an excellent idea and sound precaution.

3.  Determine your boundaries.  Where, exactly, does a threat cross that threshold in which you engage them?  For some people it is a property line or at the front door - wherever this may be, know it.  In some places a mob outside your door constitutes a deadly threat to your family.  In some places you may actually have to be backed into a corner and the attacker may even have to possess a weapon for you to legally defend yourself.  Know these legal parameters.  For some people it doesn’t matter the legal consequences, and this can be a life saving measure taken to stop an attack before a group gets too close that you cannot stop.  Establishing a point of no return is a good strategy so that you know where and when you must act to protect everyone.

4.  Know the seriousness of what is happening.  This is of course ties into the legal ramifications of defending yourself, but especially with just how desperate people will become to try and take what you have.  Has the water been turned off?  What about the power?  Is there any food left in the stores?  Are emergency supplies and other food being shipped in, and if so how often?  Is there in town rioting?  Are the masses of people roaming around looking for food?  Have there already been homes attacked from mobs?  The more you know about the threat evaluation the better you can prepare your defenses.

5.  Know what is around you.  This includes having some way of seeing a full 360 degrees around your home, up and down, and someone on watch duty most (or all) of the day and night.  An ideal security preventative is to have some sort of observation tower, motion detectors, night vision, and anything else to give you advance notice of anyone trying to sneak in unnoticed.  Hidden viewpoints throughout the home are a workable and important addition.  Booby trapping your property has been an effective method used in warfare all through history as a means of stopping someone and alerting everyone.  Dogs and other animals such as geese are often used as early warning systems.  Always try to know what is going on for as far a distance from your home as possible.

6.  Decide on your barriers.  This brings to mind that raw stopping power of a projectile fired, launched, or even thrown towards you and your family.  The standard home (mud and sticks) offers little protection against a bullet travelling at over 3000 feet per second.  Consider how you might shield against radiation, and use the same strategy for self defense. The more mass the better.  Many excellent materials are out there, but raw materials around the house such as dirt, sand, rock are certainly better than nothing as a shield.  Taking advantage of underground levels of the home – because you can’t shoot through dirt – also offers good temperature control and isulation from the outside elements for people, pets and your supplies.  Barriers also serve the purpose of slowing down or even stopping advances of individuals trying to come for you and your stockpile.  Like many criminals, simple locks and anything that takes effort to break through can impede most individuals enough so they leave you and everyone else alone.  The more obstacles you can place to make it as difficult as possible is in your best interests. You want to do everything you can to avoid a situation where you’re left with no other option but hand to hand combat.

7.  Be ready to take a stand.  Unfortunately many people feel that when the time comes that they can do anything it takes to survive.  Yet some will “freeze up” when faced with pulling a trigger and blowing someone away.  This is especially true after someone has actually shot one of the first of many individuals rushing in to take what they have and even hurt or kill them and their family.  Hesitation is human nature and throughout our lives society has implanted into our psyche that killing someone, even in self defense, is wrong.  This is why it is imperative for those in your survival group who have the responsibility of defending everyone to be willing to use those weapons if and when it becomes required of them.  Training and practice will make it possible for you to more efficiently and effectively deploy your weapons on a physical and psychological level.  There is a reason behind why the military trains and trains, not to just improve accuracy, but to make it mentally routine that a soldier will not vacillate in a life or death situation.  The two words that best describe this is “mental toughness.” You must be able to reliably act to save yourself and your family.

8.  Be prepared for unconventional attacks.  Desperate people will do incredibly stupid and irrational acts that defy reason.  If a mob discovers a well fortifed home with food in it, they might try to actually light the entire structure on fire.  It doesn’t matter to the insane minds that all the food will be ruined inside; they only see and “think” that this will smoke everyone out.  Someone may even get the “brilliant” idea of trying to collide a large truck into you home.  The list is endless and depending on your unique circumstances, there are defenses against most if not all attacks.  The aim here is to make the distance an attacker needs to travel to your home as long as possible and this is where barriers and booby traps play an important role.  It is also passive protection in which someone can help protect their home with high water type bushes, plants, and trees that won’t burn easily.  In many high danger wildfire areas homeowners will use fire retardants on their homes, as well as having quick means of extinguishing fires ready to use if the time comes.  Help ready yourself by reviewing and thinking about the unconventional ways your refuge can be assaulted.

9.  Remember you have the advantage.  Mobs will often try to frighten and intimidate people out of their home and/or try to  force you to divvy up all what you have. Don’t let them scare you.  Those supplies are your lifeline, without them you will be reduced to almost the same level of those roaming around aimlessly that have not prepared.  You have the upper hand in that they have to come for you in your own home – a dwelling that you are familiar with.  All depending on how well fortifed your place is, anyone coming for what you have will have to get across all sorts of traps and physical hurdles, not to mention various weapons being discharged at them.  Most attackers are also going to be depleated in body and mind from not eating, on top of already being out of shape flab bodies.  These individuals usually are totally untrained in any type of combat or fighting, and that gives the prepper/survivalist a whopping upper hand.  Time is also on the side of the hunkered down people, as a very hungry person will lose interest and go somewhere else easier to get at.  They will also likely become too weak to pose any threat after more time.  Long standoffs almost always favor those that have everything they need well stored up within easy reach and use.

10. Avoidance of any showdown.  Everyone will be better off if neighbors and others decide not to storm your home for food and supplies.  Concealment that you have anything is crucial.  Remember that the very first “trespasser” that is shot at lets others know that you have something worth fighting for, use good discreation.  Convincing others that you have nothing and are just as “bad off” as they are will take some showmanship.  Rundown looking property is one way to discourage many, as well as looking as much like a sick or dilapidated person as possible.  Still one of the best ways to ward off hungry people is SMELL.  Out of the five senses, scent and smell will drive a starving person rapidly towards a possible food source, or very rapidly away from something that reeks.  Horrid smells tell the brain to stay far away.  Of course not telling anyone about what you have stored up before a disaster is essential.  It is often very encouraging to “think” those living around you are all aboard with preparation, but in reality people are likely only telling you what you what to hear.  It only takes one person to betray you and let everyone know you have a mini-supermarket ready to be picked clean.  True trust in others must be carefully weighed.  Remember this before letting anyone outside your family and survival group know that you are even interested in prepping, “most people are just TALK, too much talk, and are not on the side of the prepper (YOU!)”.  There are good reasons why close to 99% of the population freely chooses not to prepare.

You always hope that you never have to fight off  neighbors that have remained friendly and courteous towards you for years, but almost no one has faced what is coming.  Insane cicumstances drive many civilized people into blinded insane savages capable of incomprehensible acts of desperation.  It has to be remembered that by self sacrificing much, the prepper/survivalist has what they need when civilization implodes.  Those who haven’t prepared have consciously decided to enjoy themsleves and waste much.  In other words, someone that has taken the money, time, and effort to save for tomorrow makes what they have stored up, “worth it to defend”.  Those that have not prepared don’t care if you and your family go hungry in less than a week, if they did they would have stored up supplies themselves.  These individuals are going to expect you to “share” everything you have.  This is why the prepper needs to be more than ready to defend themselves against those that will “try” to forcefully take your lifeline from you.

This article has been generously shared with SHTFplan readers by regular community contributor Be Informed. For previous discussions on emergency preparedness see his other articles How horrific will it be for the non-prepper? and The List: A to Z Survival for the Abysmal Times Ahead.



Unless you have prepared this door stop.
Even a battering ram will take several attempts at breaching your door.  Plenty of time to get weapon in hand.



If lights are out, propane is lost and you need to heat a small room or boil water to drink or heat soup, this is the best friend you can have.
Here is all you need:

  1. 2 1/2 gallon can of denatured alcohol.  The most efficient energy source short of nuclear energy.  A few ounces will burn hot enough to boil water in minutes, provide a heat source to warm hands and feet or a small room or tent.  7 Ounces will burn for about 15 minutes. The flame is light blue, burns above the rim of the can which means the can never gets hot.  It burns clean and can be used in a closed environment as long as enough oxygen is present.
  2. The burner is an unpainted quart paint can which can be purchased in most hardware stores for a dollar or so.  When not in use the lid can be applied to save the unused alcohol until the next use.  The can is stuffed with a roll of toilet paper with the cardboard roll removed from the center. It serves as the wick and except for some small browning, never burns or catches fire.
  3. The stove holds the burner for cooking or boiling water.  A pan can be placed on top and the holes we drilled in the side provides sufficient air flow.  This one we installed a bracket in the bottom to allow height adjustment for hot or warm heating.  This is a gallon unpainted can also available in hardware stores.
Just be careful not to use cans with paint in them as that might give off toxic fumes.

At about $11.00 for the 2 1/2 gallon can of alcohol it might seem a bit expensive.  But if you buy a can every once in awhile, store it with you gear, someday $11.00 might seem a great bargain.



What You Should Know About Weapons:

As everyone here in NJ knows, the 2nd Amendment is under attack form all sides of the political spectrum.
Governor Christie has made it clear, he is no advocate, and as every incident of criminal or insane activity is exploited by the left, your right to self protection has never been in more peril.  In the coming months the enemies of our Constitution will use every trick they can muster to make it more and more difficult to legally own a firearm.

You need to start now...and get one.
All your preparations to help you keep your family alive and safe will have done you no good if you can't keep criminals and marauders from invading your home and taking what you have put away.


Everyday, not only here in NJ but across this country liberals and politicians  are working hard to make it as scary and as expensive as possible for law abiding citizens to legally own weapons.
Very stiff penalties for making a mistake in complying with the hundreds of gun laws.  Every breach of any fire alarm law is a felony in NJ. 
 In the advent of an emergency, gun shops will be closed and applications will be halted for purchase of both weapons and ammunition.
Limits are placed on magazine and round capacities.


  Apply for the permit at your local police station. They will ask you for personal references of 10 years or more, not family members.  You will need their mailing address.  Be sure to ask those you intend to use so they will know what it is when they get the form. Ask them to fill it out and return it as quickly as possible. 

You will have to pay a small fee totaling about $14 for the registration (this includes the firearms Id card and the handgun permit)

You will be given a location to go to get finger printed. That will cost about $60.00

 Bring the forms from the finger print company back to the local police station

 Your local police Chief will review the registration and if he has no problem he will send it on to the State Police for their review

If you have been convicted of a felony or domestic violence your chances of being approved is less likely, but try anyway.

Once you get your ID card and the permit to purchase a handgun you can then buy as much ammunition as you like, you can purchase and own shotguns and rifles, but the handgun permit is just good for one weapon.  If you want another handgun, you need to get another permit.  

Depending on the time each of these steps take, it could take 60 days for this process.

This will be done at your police station and will be much easier but will require another $7.00 or so.    

Transport and Use Laws

There hundreds of New Jersey gun laws and they all must be adhered to at all times.  Here are just a few of the more important ones. 
Note: These warnings are only for the People's Republic of New Jersey and only apply to persons with concealed carry permits.

  1. Never carry your weapon loaded, anywhere.
  2. Never carry your weapon outside of its carry case.
  3. Never have your unloaded weapon in your vehicle glove box with ammunition in the same location. (they must be in separate compartments)
  4. Never have your weapon in your vehicle unless you are going to or from a practice range, a hunting trip or in the process of moving from one residence to another.
  5. If you have a weapon in your car you must not make any stops in between.

Your Weapon
  • Always treat your weapon as if it is loaded.
  • Always check to see it is not loaded before you hand the weapon to anyone.
  • Always check to see if a weapon is loaded when someone hands it to you. Even if you watched him check it.
  • Never point your weapon in the direction of anyone unless that person is a potential target.
  • Learn how to clean and oil your weapon.  A well cared for weapon will not let you down.
  • Become comfortable, but always cautious, with your weapon.  The time to become familiar with it is not during an emergency.
  • Never put your finger on the trigger unless you intend to fire your weapon.

 Go to the range as often as you can.  You can not practice too much and you can never have too much ammunition.  The time to learn how to use your weapon is not during a 3:00 AM bedroom encounter.

There are two basic methods for target practicing and learning to hit what you are aiming at.  Become as proficient with both as you can.

     a) Site Shooting - This is where you line your target up on front sight and rear notch.  This is great if you have time to fire and it is light enough to use the sights and your target.
     b) Point and Fire - Every gun owner should practice this and it is probably the most important and life saving method.  It is more of a feel thing and will take practice.  But, in the middle of the night, in dark quarters, becoming proficient in this method can save your life.

For most revolvers, such as the 357 Smith & Wesson,  if you pull back the hammer to a firing position, it takes less effort to fire and is probably most conducive to a more accurate shot.  It is okay to practice like that but it is also important to practice without  drawing the hammer first.  It takes a bit more effort and trigger movement to fire, but it is something everyone should practice.

WPE Members- Excellent Fire Arms Resource




February 28, 2014 ~ TPATH (WPE)~ As many of you know TPATH, in association with Patriotic group leaders, has formed an organization called WPE (We Plan to Endure).  One of the more important aspects of WPE has been the presentation of information to Tea Party groups here in the North East on preparations and awareness of potential emergencies or disasters.

Part of those presentations was the importance of buying and preparing an emergency generator for use in the case of short or long term grid failure.

Aside from the proper use of and the means to obscure and secure your generator we discussed how to keep it in the best running condition and the storage of extra gasoline in the advent of long term power failure.

This very important update will hopefully get to every Tea Party leader and member which has had the presentation and also get to as many others as possible.

WPE had advised that owners of generators  prepare their fuel storage with a stabilizer.  This was good information but it lacked the detail and information required to ensure each of you are ready.


First some facts we have uncovered in our quest to provide the best information to our groups:

1. Aside from creating a corn shortage (food staple) government forced ethanol additives in gasoline have done nothing except cause problems.
2. Ethanol gasoline breaks down into what is called "phase separation".  This will put undiluted ethanol into and engine and could burn it out in a matter of seconds.
3. Ethanol absorbs moisture which either mixes with or settles in tanks where "varnishing" occurs in the fuel system of your generator.
4. Ethanol free gasoline can be stored containers for up to 2 years if stored in tightly sealed containers. Ethanol fuel degrades in as little as 90 days.
5. Ethanol gasoline can breakdown gaskets and seals in your engine but it also can do the same thing to plastic storage containers.
6. Ethanol is not added to the gasoline at the processing plants. The delivery truck operators add it to the the shipment at each station and only calculate the amount of ethanol based upon their delivery and have no way of testing the fuel in the tank they are adding it to.
7. Ethanol service stations have huge buildups of water and moisture in their storage tanks and if they are not vigilant water and moisture content will be large even before you begin your storage period.

Of course the ideal thing would be to use only ethanol free gasoline.  That is easier said than done.  Here in the Peoples Republic of the North East, there are very few service stations which sell it.

Hackettestown here in NJ has a Citgo Station (Mountain Ave) (908 852-9857) which sells ethanol free fuel but as of now that is the only one we have found.  Also, before you go there, please call them just in case things have changed. 

Caution: Some stations may advertise ethanol free but not actually sell it.

Here is a website which lists ethanol free service stations across the country.  

Here is a website where you can purchase a test kit for ethanol and moisture content of the fuel you have stored or intend to purchase.

Another option, if you have a good relationship with a local service station he may be able to have his delivery truck fill alternate containers and not add the ethanol.  Many mechanic type service stations already do that on a small scale.  Be discrete when you ask him.

WPE has researched several products which are available to help extend the storage life of ethanol fuel. 
Please keep in mind that regular stabilizers will not do the job and will probably give you and your engines many problems.


Manufactured for marine engines but appears to be able to do protect all engines.
      Multi-functional fuel stabilizer proven to prevent ethanol-related problems while stabilizing fuel up to 3 years.

For 2 and 4-cycle engines.

Protects all engine components from corrosion / varnish due to ethanol blended fuels.
Envelopes water so it passes safely through the fuel system and does not bond.
Keeps your engine starting and running easily all year.
Made in the U.S.A and EPA registered (including automobile use).

Prevent future engine problems with Ethanol Shield.  This year round fuel stabilizer is used for your power equipment with 2-cycle and 4-cycle engines.  This preventative maintenance formula eliminates then prevents ethanol related problems.  It removes water, prevents corrosion, provides easy engine starting all year, and keeps stored fuel fresh.

Ethanol blended fuel up to 10% can be run in modern power equipment but problems arise if ethanol blended fuel stands in a fuel system for more than 60-90 days. Gasoline which is organic in nature will begin to decay due to high amounts of oxygen in the ethanol. Also the fuel will begin to absorb moisture from the air because ethanol is hygroscopic and it attracts moisture. This added moisture can lead to phase separation. What separates from the fuel is the water with the ethanol attached to it. This will cause the metal components to corrode because water and ethanol are highly corrosive when together. Also older power equipment cannot tolerate ethanol at all and newer equipment can tolerate ethanol both when fuel is left to stand for long periods of time even these new materials can decay due to the ethanol content. Again if the fuel is consumed in a short period of time and left to set allot of the problems are avoided. The reality is that not everyone will drain their fuel system all the time and people need to be aware of these problems. By adding Ethanol Sheild to the fuel, it will not matter how long the fuel sits before use. 

Quickly fix engines without removing the carburetor.
Reconditions rubber / plastic components.
Rejuvenates rubber gaskets that may have dried out from ethanol.
Removes water that causes corrosion and poor running.
Restores old, decayed fuel by breaking down carbon deposits and adding an octane booster to replace lost octane.
Keeps engine in top working condition, avoiding repairs and down time.
Made in the U.S.A. and EPA registered.

Fix poor or non-running engines with Mechanic In A Bottle.  This synthetic fuel additive works in your power equipment with 2-cycle and 4-cycle engines.  It removes all varnish in the fuel system without having to remove the carburetor, removes carbon deposits, removes water, reconditions rubber and plastic components, and revitalizes old fuel.  Mechanic In A Bottle rejuvenates your equipment’s fuel system so that it starts efficiently and operates in top condition.

Fast and easy diagnostic tool allows you to test whether fuel is fresh, marginal or bad.
Quickly determine the source of potential equipment problems.
Identify fuel quality before engine damage occurs.
Saves time and costs for equipment repair.
Identifies marginal fuel in order that it may be revitalized using Mechanic In A Bottle.
Identifying and revitalizing marginal fuel is environmentally friendly as it avoids the need for disposal of hazardous waste material.
Made in the U.S.A, patents pending.

Find and fix bad gas using the Mechanic In A Bottle Gasoline Test Kit. This diagnostic tool allows you to test ethanol-blended fuel in all equipment with 2-cycle and 4-cycle engines in order to determine if your fuel is fresh, marginal, or bad. This kit allows you to quickly and easily identify the sources of potential equipment problems before damage occurs; saving time and costs for equipment repair.

Disclaimer and notice:
WPE does not endorse any of these products, one over the other.  But it is hoped that everyone will take the time to do what is needed to ensure the fuel they use will be viable.

Also, we have no contact or agreement with any of these product manufactures and have done this research in an effort, and as part of our objective, to help each and every patriot be prepared for emergencies.


Click Here


1.    Eagle Ten-Tec HF Transceiver  -100 Watts Output Power
    Operates on Multi-Band 10 thru 160 Meters
    World wide communication  1.8 thru 29.7 Mhz
    FCC License Required (Tech or higher)
    Cost: $3,400.00 + Shack installation
2.    D-56 Multi-Band Dipole Antenna (for Eagle )
    85 foot angular installation
    Cost: $80.00 + Cable and mast installation

3.    YEASU FT 7900R Transceiver (Mobile and Station) – 50 Watt   output Power
    2-Meter/70cm (440) 
    100 Mile Range  
    TRANSMITS – 144.00 thru 148.00 Mhz and 430.00 thru 450.00 Mhz
    RECEIVES- 108 thru 520 Mhz and 700 thru 999.99 Mhz
    FCC License Required (Tech or Higher)
    Cost: $340.00 + Shack and mobile installation

         YEASU FT 60R/E Hand held Dual Band 2-Meter/440 Transceiver
4.    Comet M-24M Duel Band /Dual Use 
    2-Meter/440 Antenna
    This antenna can be attached to mobile magnetic base for your vehicle or mounted on top of a vertical mast.  Easy transfer from one unit to the other.
    Cost: $70.00 includes mag base and mobile installation but not shack installation of mast and cable.

AREA ZONE CENTERS (Z1 Thru Z6, or more)
5.    YEASU VX-3R Hand Held Transceiver- Power output ranges from 1 to 5 watts.
    2-Meter/70cm (440)
    30 to 50 Mile Range
    Transmit and Receive frequency range the same as Mobile/Base unit above.
    FCC License Required ( (Tech or higher)
    Cost: $200.00 

6.    MIDLAND GPX795VP4  2-Way Radio -Power output up to 3watts
    Operates in the upper 440 band (GMRS/FRS)*
    Range up to 35 miles
    (Motorola MR350R and MJ270R are similar to function and cost)
    Cost: Ranges from $50 to $90 (for a pair, that is two radios) depending on unit quality

LOCAL ASSOCAITES “M” (Same as item 6)
       7.  MIDLAND GPX795VP4  2-Way Radio -Power output up to 3watts
    Operates in the upper 440 band (GMRS/FRS)*
    Range up to 35 miles

*A bit of information concerning the  use General Mobile Radio Service (GMRS) radio equipment.  First while the FCC issues 5 year licenses for this type of radio they are in the process of doing away with the requirement.  As a result, rarely do purchasers or users of this equipment get a license and the FCC no longer monitors those frequencies to any large extent. 

However if you do want to get the licenses, all you need do is apply to the FCC, no test or fees are required.



Have provided a check list for you

The WPE and  TPATH have provided the following information and downloadable files to help the people prepare for and survive in the advent of social or civil unrest or natural disaster such as what the Jersey Shore endured as a result of Super Storm Sandy.

It is wise for all to consider what would happen to themselves and their families if a power grid failure or some other long term catastrophic event occurs which may overwhelm civil services.

This list was put together by the leadership of WPE and it represents a very small portion of what our organization is doing.  If you are interested in knowing more, contact us by using the TPATH Updates form below and leave your questions or comments in the box provided.

 Survival Items
Check List

This list represents items you should have on hand for use where you live or located in a location where they can be gathered and loaded into vehicles.

Food & Water
  1. Food – Canned / Food Storage / Bulk Stored
  2. Water
  3. Water Filter
  4. Can Opener
  5. Pots and Pans
  6. Fuel for Cooking and Heating / Denatured Alcohol
  7. Salt
  8. Bleach
  9. Iodine Drops

Safety & Shelter
  1. Indoor Heat Source
  2. Outdoor Heat Source
  3. Tarps
  4. Heavy duty Plastic
  5. Tent
  6. Bug Repellent
  7. Hand Warmers
  8. Rain pants and jackets
  9. Blankets
  10. Gloves
  11. Boots
  12. Water Repellent boot wax
  13. Backpacks
  14. Wide Brimmed Hat
  15. Clothes – Hooded Sweatshirts /Jackets / sox / shoes / pants / shirts

  1. Emergency Contact List
  2. Communication Diagram (Radio Charts etc.)
  3. USB Drive (contains all important documents)
  4. Access to Emergency Cash
  5. Barter Items – Ammunition/sugar/cigarettes/alcohol/ etc

Survival Tools
  1. Firearms / Ammunition / Cleaning supplies
  2. Knife, Box Cutters, Sharpening stone or blade edger
  3. Machete
  4. Lighter / Matches / Flint-Magnesium fire starter
  5. Flashlight
  6. Ham Radios/2 Meter-440
  7. Mobile Antennas
  8. DC Power supply Car battery or DC Power Converter
  9. Walkie Talkies
  10. Batteries
  11. Chargers/ 12 volt DC Charger
  12. Ropes, cords and strong twine
  13. Shovel (collapsible)
  14. Axes with hammer-back
  15. Flares
  16. Whistle
  17. Maps
  18. Pencils

  1. Generators
  2. Extension Cords
  3. Lamps and lamp guards
  4. Gasoline Storage Chemicals / Ethanol Shield /Mechanic In a Bottle
  5. Gasoline and containers
  6. Oil
  7. Filters – oil and fuel
  8. Dust Masks
  9. Safety Glasses
  10. Binoculars
  11. Night Vision / Heat Vision

Medicinal & Hygiene
  1. First Aid Kit / with medical book
  2. Aspirin
  3. Medications / essential or prescription
  4. Alcohol / Disinfectants /Hydrogen Peroxide
  5. Bandages – ace type, tape, cotton swabs
  6. Soap, toothbrush, etc.
  7. Toilet Paper



As of January 20, 2017 there will be an abundance of optimism as Donald J. Trump begins to uninstall the hate and division known as the Obama Nightmare.  But please keep in mind that there remains some very dangerous people and prospects.  Do not let down your guard and do not fail to prepare for the worst.

The information and preparations provided herein should not be ignored or put aside.



Preparation and Readiness Instruction

It has become a concern to some….

There are a growing number of people in our society becoming increasingly concerned with the direction of our country, as well as the consequences of decisions being made by our current government. I count myself as one of those people. It follows that I want to be more prepared than most. A lot more prepared. Though I have faith in our country, I have a duty to myself, my family and my friends.

The purpose of this exercise is to point out different possible situations that could cause us harm, how quickly they can become serious to the point of our health, wealth or even life, and how by taking some simple precautions and being prepared we can protect ourselves and our loved ones. I do not believe our illustrious government will be of much help.

Each situation will have unique problems and solutions for each of us. There are different types of disasters: Hurricane, Tornado, Blizzard, Terrorist attack, Financial collapse, EMP Attack/Electrical Grid collapse, Pandemic, Social upheaval, and many more. Being stranded in a disabled vehicle during a snow storm can be disaster if you have no preparation or forethought. It’s my hope that this work will make you more aware, and motivated to be responsibly prepared. I also hope to show some of the resources and skills needed to endure and succeed.

The reasons for my commitment to this project follow. You should ask yourself what your reasons are. If you have no reason to prepare for any of this, you’re wasting your time.

  1. Protection of myself, my immediate family and friends against what appears to be a future of “unreasonable uncertainty”, given the current economic and political climate both here and abroad.

  1. Good planning just makes good sense. The Boy Scouts’ motto: Be prepared. We’ve been teaching our children this for over 100 years. Why in God’s name can’t we take our own advice?

  1. If the S really does HTF, it’s going to get real ugly, real fast. There are bad guys out there even in good times. If times get rough, it will be far better to stay several steps ahead of the maelstrom.

  1. ???

Projected image of our group is extremely important and should be given some thought. An extremist image will not help? Depends on who you’re trying to enlist support from and wish to help… I’m open to discussion on this topic. Who would you announce your intentions to? Who would you help, or ask to participate? I am of the mind that you might not want to announce to your neighbors that you’ll be storing provisions or preparing for anything. I look to seek out like minded folks who demonstrate integrity in their character and responsibility in being a prepared adult.

First Requirement: Cooperation – No one can do it alone. Rather than promise to come to the rescue of one another, let’s support and guide each other in our individual situations and responsibilities now, so we’ll all be better prepared for the future.

First Goal: Education of fellow members. This is certainly not a one size fits all topic. It is our collective responsibility to find out what EACH OF US doesn’t know in the way of knowledge, and EACH OF US doesn’t have in the way of resources, so we’re all better prepared as a group and able to guide and help one another if calamity does strike one or all.

Second Goal: Organize. Individuals/Families – Local Groups – County – State – Regional – National. We are the adults in the room. We need someone(s) to act like adults. That person is you and me. The only hope we have is by being organized.

*The First Thing everyone should have: A ‘Go’ bag. Go to the FEMA website. They tell you not expect help in the event of a disaster for at least 72 hours. Those familiar with hurricane Katrina know that the actual time is much more than that. To not have sufficient supplies to sustain you and those in your care for at least 72 hours is not only foolish, but irresponsible. 

You must have in this bag: 
Water, at least 1 qt. per person if possible. 
 Some sort of food. MRE’s, Energy bars, (It could something as simple as peppermint rock candy, but you need to have something). 
A change of clothes. 
A Bic lighter and waterproof matches. 
Toiletry kit. 
 Necessary medications. 
First-Aid kit. 
There are a host of other things that you could or should have in your bag as well, such as a multi-tool knife set (Leatherman), a canteen with cup and cover (to store found water) a candle, Mess kit, emergency blanket(s), 5’ x 7’ tarp, Para-cord etc. Everyone should research this and decide what you’ll need, as well as what you’ll be able to use and carry. 
It needs to be light enough to carry and functional enough to match your skill sets, so your choices are critical.


14 basic needs, i.e. “Stuff”: Food – Water – Shelter – Light – Heating/Cooling – Air – Sleep – Hygiene/Sanitation – are necessary for survival, while -Medical/First Aid – Communication – Financial Preparedness – Transportation – Protection – Electrical Power indirectly support survival and help to maintain a reasonable quality of life. We should make an effort to explore each one of these “needs.” If there’s no “Grid”, we’ll all be off the grid, and it will be extremely difficult without preparation.

Physical Fitness. Easily overlooked, but any program of preparation should have a physical preparation component. Not necessarily the “I’m going to run a half-marathon in six months” kind of preparation, but an effort to keep physically fit, as well as taking care of any lingering or chronic ailments. Everyone should do that anyway, and here is another reason to take care of yourself. The more you can take care of yourself, the less chance of becoming a burden to others. The purpose of this exercise is for you to be able to protect and provide for you and yours. Start with you.

Create a “Shadow Community”, rather than relying on a commune concept. Though not very likely, it may be some day necessary to create communes of sorts at some point. The logistics, planning and organization of such a project are huge. Cooperation between families and groups now will go a long way towards making such a move possible if it becomes necessary. The essential building blocks of trust between families or groups need to be laid now should the coordinated movement and storage of resources and supplies become necessary.

Concentration of resources. Maintain a division of labor if possible. By this I mean that although we all should strive to gain the references, resources, knowledge and skills to be self-reliant, our ultimate goal has to be the restoration of “normalcy.” At least “normal” as I see it. That means humble, hard working folks coming together, cooperating and doing what each does best, to help those in need, finding causes greater than themselves, etc.

We should look to lessons from the Amish & LDS’s. No need to re-invent the wheel here on some of these things… There’s no need to accept the Mormon Faith and doctrine as True Gospel in order to recognize the utility in their food storage beliefs and system. It follows that one does not necessarily need to store a year’s supply of food in order to feel better and be more prepared for the future. A week, then two weeks, then a month, then two months worth of supplies are the building blocks to a secure future. We all must first work on our own preparations, as well as encourage, support and assist those within our respective groups.

Cooperative purchasing? This needs to be talked about as part of the “shadow community” concept. We can help each other now getting a leg up on collecting and storing necessary “stuff.” What items? How much?




Limitations: We are limited by?

Finances. The fact is most of us do not have the resources to prepare for “everything”. Some of us will have a hard time preparing for even a mild upset of the daily routine. That is no reason not to begin; in fact it’s every reason to begin.

Space. Where to put our “stuff?”

Geography/living conditions. Where we live has everything to do with what we might prepare for, as well as what we might do.

Culture – family & friends. The ones who might be the first with words of derision at “the prepper” would surely be the first to come knocking on the door if things were to take a turn for the worse. Another reason I believe it important to take care of yourself and immediate family first, before spreading the “gospel of doom.”

Areas of Expertise Needed : This knowledge is ideally required of everyone to varying degrees. Each line item to follow needs to be further broken down & explained in more detail. This is an overview only.

First and Foremost: A reliable supply of potable water. There are several websites with great information.

Food: Storage (how to store food), cooking, nutrition & exercise, farming, hunting/trapping/fishing, canning, pickling, salting, - Water & filtering system(s)Seeds - Heirloom/organic. Take your time if you can and follow the following food storage program:

A few others that are good:

Housing: Physical buildings/shelter, Safety & Security, Sanitation, Fuel Supplies, Equipment & Supply Storage facilities/areas. (Where to store food) Water & filtering systems(s), Inventory management.

Health: Triage, Short Term needs, Long Term needs, Dental Care, Personal Hygiene, medical equipment & supplies, Medical reference materials, Nutrition, Vitamins.

Communications: Evacuation Plans, Relocation - general & specific places, ways to communicate between groups/friends & family, Charity, Negotiation, Leadership.

Special Needs People: Elderly, Children, and Handicapped.

Spiritual, Mental & Family Support: Bible(s), basic Ecumenical Liturgy guide.

Education: Adults, Children. Arts and music, Financial Preparedness.

Skills to Acquire: Same as above: Each line item to follow needs to be further broken down & explained in more detail. This is an overview only. I’d like some other ideas in this category.

Farming/Hunting/Fishing/Trapping – collect the stuff you need. Could easily be broken down into four distinct categories, and should be for instruction, but posted as one for clarity here, as they all mean “food.”

Marksmanship – Protect and keep the stuff you need

Medical/First Aid – Stay alive so you can use the stuff you need

Carpentry – Shelter you & the stuff you need.

Animal Husbandry – Some of the stuff you need. Raising Animals specifically.

Mechanical Repairs – Engines large and small, electric motors, pumps, mechanical assy’s & systems, welding, etc.

Plumbing – How many people know how to make a safe & workable “outhouse?” There’s some science there besides digging a hole in the ground and putting a little shed on top. The technology has been around for 1000’s of years, & not one in a 1000 knows the science of it.

Electrical – So as to not kill yourself trying to get that old generator in the garage up and running. Will need the expertise to re-wire or reconfigure circuits at the very least.

Canning – Requires a lot of knowledge and work, but if long term problem occurs, will be almost mandatory. Also in this category: Pickling & Salting.

Cooking – Might involve ways to cook some interesting things! For those gastronomically challenged, cook books galore are a must.

Seamstress – Wal-Mart is closed y’all!

Each of these disciplines/trades has persons who are considered expert in their respective field. A goal should be to find one for each listed above, as well as additional areas deemed appropriate and listed, and have them prepare a short lesson of the basics of each, some finer points of each, and how each might be used for particular situations. By particular situations I mean particular problems or “disasters” to be overcome, combined with each person’s particular situation and skill level. Though the information/situation combinations can be myriad, an overview of each area’s importance should point us all in the direction of further research needed.

Each discipline/trade should have an abundance of written material. This material needs to be distributed and stored by individuals, to be used in an emergency. One might not be able to access the internet, or even a PC in certain circumstances, and the information we’re sharing could be the difference between life and death.

It will be clear right away that some of these skills aren’t easy to acquire, reinforcing the idea of the benefits of cooperation in this group. Each individual should take time to develop as many skills as possible, and think about people and/or situations that will take up the slack on areas that can’t be mastered in any appreciable way.

Websites that address many of the topics above, 
in no particular order : Uncle Dave…

Power off the Grid: If required to generate your own power for an extended period of time:

Though this might seem paradoxical, I would recommend having a generator that has only the capacity to power up your absolute minimum needs. Here me out. You have your choice of two generators: a 6500w and a 2500w. The 6500 might easily power up most of your needs all at once, but will consume more than twice the fuel in order to accomplish this. All portable generators consume the same amount of fuel whether they’re working at 20% or 80% capacity. In a Down Grid situation, all fuels will quickly become a finite source. I’d make sure I had enough power for the well pump first, & worry about all the rest later. The pump wouldn’t have to work continuously for certain as you will be able to draw your water and store as deemed necessary. That amount of power could easily run a freezer or furnace if deemed appropriate for the situation. The main thought is you having a limited supply of fuel.

Solar Power systems: Portable Solar power.

Thanks to Jim A. of the Middlesex County Tea Party Coalition for this document.


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