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Thank You, Houston

Commentary By
TPATH Contributor
Ms. RoseAnn Salanitri

October 23, 2014 ~TPATH~ Recently the town council of Houston added its name to a long list of constitutional bullies.  It recently attempted to infringe upon its citizens 1st Amendment rights by conducting a witch hunt against Houston’s churches in an attempt to find something that will justify removing their tax exempt status. But its actions may have proven that the proverbial last straw does actually exist when it comes to assaults against our rights to worship freely.  Not only have Houston’s churches refused to submit to politically correct bullies; they have done what churches around the country should have been doing since 1954. When Lyndon B. Johnson subversively attached the Johnson Amendment to a piece of IRS legislation and silenced the political voice of the churches, the churches remained silent.  But not this time.  This time Houston may have gone too far and forced the churches to finally take a stand.  And for that, we thank you, Houston!

Unfortunately, there is a long list of assaults against our constitutional rights that go unnoticed, and when noticed make the news momentarily but are quickly forgotten.  It would be a gross understatement to say this country is in dire straits. And until now and the situation in Houston, little has been accomplished against the many assaults against our rights. But before trying to figure out how to take our lead from the churches that are finally taking a stand, let’s try to understand the full breadth of our fall by taking a look at some of the other assaults that have taken place against our liberties. 

The encroachment upon our rights by the United Nations alone is enough to make one’s head spin.  On page 115 of his book, International Merger by Foreign Entanglements, Arthur Thompson lists the gamut of man’s life and activities impacted by UN initiatives.  They are as follows:

  1. Fundamental Rights: Universal Declaration of Human Rights, International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights
  2. Banking, Economics, and Monetary Policy:  International Monetary Fund, World Bank, United Nations Economic and Social Council
  3. Trade: World Trade Organization
  4. Industry: United Nations Industrial Development Organization
  5. Education: United Nations Children’s Fund, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization
  6. Women: United Nations Entity for Gender Equality and Empowerment of Women
  7. Birth Control, Abortion, Population Control: United Nations Population Fund
  8. Private Ownership of Firearms: United Nations Arms Trade Treaty (heavy UN regulation of privately owned firearms-not yet ratified by Congress. Obama supported ratification but ran into heated opposition in Congress.)
  9. Oceans and Their Tributaries: United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea, International Seabed Authority, and International Maritime Organization (Ocean tributaries means the rivers that flow out of all countries and their tributaries within the interior of the countries.)
  10. Courts That Can Supersede American Courts: International Court of Justice, International Criminal Court
  11. Labor: International Labor Organization
  12. Agriculture: Food and Agricultural Organization, International Fund for Agriculture Development and World Food Programme (sic)
  13. Environment: United Nations Environmental Programme (sic) and Global Environment Facility
  14. Tourism: United Nations World Tourism Organization

Unfortunately, the list above is not comprehensive.  Thompson did not include treaties that are pending ratification by our Senate, such as:

Parental Rights: The United Nations Rights of the Child with Disabilities Treaty and the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child

While some may think that aspects of the treaties above sound beneficial, a closer examination of each reveals that they stealthily usurp our personal rights as well as surrendering our national sovereignty to councils that for the most part are populated with thugs and mass murderers. If common sense ruled the world, these nations would be surrendering their sovereignty to us.  Unfortunately, common sense is not all that common. 

Regrettably, the picture is bleaker still when you consider that our own government has infringed upon just about every right they swore to protect in our Constitution, as well as those that our Founders never in their wildest imagination thought they would have to protect in our Bill of Rights, such as education or parental rights.  Although most conservatives are aware of the assaults our own government has made against our god-given and civil rights, for the sake of thoroughness I will list the most obvious:  Common Core education that usurps parental rights regarding educational standards and gives them to the federal government; firearm regulations that infringe upon our right to keep and bear arms; bully and hate speech legislation that deems moral and religious issues to be a matter legislated by the state and infringes upon our freedom of speech and right to worship as we see fit; uber environmentalism that infringes upon our property rights (think Nevada and the Bundy ranch); the right to choose your doctor and your health care plan (think Obamacare); eminent domain laws that exceed the intent of our Founders (think Agenda 21); destruction of voter integrity; failure to protect our borders; failure to protect our troops with proper equipment and issuing absurd Rules of Engagement that prevent them from protecting themselves; failure to run our economy in a responsible manner, failure to…well, you get the picture.

Depressed?  You should be.  
However, all is not lost. Our problem in fighting these many assaults lies in our failure to realize that we have been engaged in a spiritual battle for the very soul of America. Therefore we have made the mistake of fighting this battle on the devil’s terms. If we want to win, we must change strategy. You can’t win a fight against any demon in a court of law or even in an election booth.  Of course we must continue supporting candidates that understand that government’s role is to protect and preserve our constitutional rights and not solve our problems, but there is more we can do.  We can take our lead from the churches in Houston and stand up to the bullies in government that have not only infringed upon our rights but have somehow managed to convince a great number of people that they have done it for our own good.  The Houston 5, as they are referred to, did not just refuse to submit to the intimidation and comply with the bully request, they are launching an offensive and going after the bullies in court.

To be sure, this is a spiritual battle; therefore, standing up also means kneeling down. Do all you can to stand, but while standing, kneel prayerfully and with the realization that only God can save America.  At this point in time, when we consider just how far we have fallen and how much we have lost, we should realize that our demise has been orchestrated in the pits of hell.  However, the good news is that our Redeemer lives and no demon in hell or on earth can withstand His power.  Houston is proving that and we should embrace it.  The battle may have escalated and we may have lost an incomprehensible amount of ground, but it can still be won - not by might, nor by power but by His Spirit. Can I hear an “Amen!”

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Commentary by
Dwight Kehoe

October 17, 2014 ~TPATH~ Over the past 5 years this country has endured some of the most outrageous, incompetent, racially divisive, unbelievably stupid and downright incomprehensible actions that even the most cynical among us could ever have imagined. 

Until these past several months, the arrogance, the childish blaming of his mistakes on others, the likeness comparison of a street thug to his own non-existent child, his declaration that people had not built their own businesses, his uninformed remarks about a policeman acting "stupidly", the asinine comment that a group calling itself the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria are not Islamic, the total mishandling and outrageously embarrassing rollout of Obamacare, his Mom jeans, his girlie first pitch at the ballpark and his awkward handling of a shotgun, were comical, bewildering and certainly portrayed American leadership, in the eyes of the world, as less than qualified.  The damage done to America by these episodes could be diminished by time and not that enduring.

Then of course there was the more  perilous event and ideological buffoonery which, as a consequence has caused the lives of many innocent people.  We reference the handing over of massive amounts of assault weapons and ammunition to drug cartels in an effort to subvert America's 2nd Amendment. Many of those weapons are still in the hands of murderers and everyday more lives are lost as a result. 

Putting the country in an economic black hole with Quantitative Easing, which created trillions of dollars out of thin air, his unsustainable spending which has indebted our children to over $17 trillion, the stifling of our energy development and the hundreds of regulations which have put countless companies out of business and millions of people out of work, his support for and handing billions of dollars to ripoff green energy hucksters who cash the checks and then declare bankruptcy. These are just a few of the more serious problems instituted by the usurper in our White House.

As audacious a mix of comedy and seriousness his first years at the helm were, it all pales in comparison to the avalanche of dangerous and treasonous actions being hoisted upon the American people at this very moment.

ISIS, the murdering terrorist butchers who decapitate Westerners, murder and rape Christians, slaughter captured soldiers by the hundreds, are where they are today, in power, strength and brutality for one reason.  That reason? Mr. Barack Insane Obama.  To appease the leftist fools who supported him, every American life lost, every mangled limb left behind in the bloody sand trenches of Iraqi battlefields, have been relegated to naught.  For this, history will never forgive him. Nor will the loved ones of those who have sacrificed everything.

While the families and friends mourn the loss of those heros, Mr. Barack Insane Obama continues his relentless attack on the culture, the productiveness and the health of the American people. His announcement of open southern borders to all who show up, parentless or otherwise, has created an onslaught of illegals with blood diseases, tuberculosis, and various other forms of dangerous infections.  Making certain that every part of this country be subjected to these illnesses, these children were shipped to every state in the Union, without notification to many of the states.

And now for the worst of the worst. 
Such outrageously incompetent and apparently intentional treachery would find not one publisher in the entire world who would accept a novel written with a theme which followed what we are experiencing now.  To imagine that the so called leader of a country, would stand by and allow his fellow citizens to be put in danger by one of the most deadly viruses known to modern man, is so unbelievable it can only be described by one word. Insanity.

But, if its not insanity, then it must be hatred.  Because even though white America has tried to leave racism behind and voted for him, Mr. Barack Insane Obama has not and will never leave it behind. The American people are not the ones he feels kinship to or responsibility for.  Those he does, reside not on this continent.  He told us this just the other day.  So is there a mystery as to why he has not stopped infected Africans from coming to our shores?  

This may seem to be harsh or even unfair, but if there is anything else that could explain it, we'd like to hear it.  Anyone with an ounce of common sense would see the danger in allowing, even if only remotely possible, a virulent virus capable of killing hundreds, thousands or even millions of people, to get a foothold in his country, is either insane or filled with hate.  Quite possibly, both.

As we hear pundit after pundit demand that Obama remove his order to the CDC which ran contrary to Federal law, a law which calls for the quarantine of travelers to America from countries where epidemic or plague is on the loose, we all must understand that, even if Obama cared about this country, which he clearly does not, he can not now close the borders to Ebola countries because that would be admitting that he should have done so, right from the start.  And we all know he has never admitted any wrongdoing or error. Except by George Bush.

So then, the title of this commentary "Who's To Blame?", by the listing of the catastrophic and potentially disastrous directions Mr. Barack Insane Obola has placed us in and the fact that we described a few of them above, the answer one might surmise, is Mr. Barack Insane Obola.  Well, yes and no.

The culpability for these things which have been wrought and those yet to come, while they may be worse than many of us who took the time to find out who and what this Barack guy was, the simple fact remains, that our Founding Fathers knew more about Mr. Barack Insane Obola then the mainstream media, the Republican Party, so called conservative talking heads, and those who profess to judicialism.

The incontestable reality is, that Mr. Barack Insane Obama, by clear and concise language and requirement of the Constitution is not eligible to hold that office.  The Honorable John Jay requested of George Washington and it was accepted, that except for the persons who fought the Revolution, all others henceforth who sought the Presidency of the United States would have to be Natural Born Citizens.  The reason they used the term "Natural Born Citizen" is because it was an accepted and legal term used at that time.  

The Founding Fathers tried to protect America from the likes of Mr. Barack Insane Obama and they would have been successful if the Republican Party, judges and conservative talk show hosts were not more frightened at being called racist then they were at the prospect of aiding and abetting the end of our Republic.

If the phony hypocrites who fashion themselves experts and protectors of the Constitution were more protective of it than themselves, if Republicans stood together, in one voice and said, no Mr. Barack Insane Obama, you sir are not eligible under our Constitution to hold the office of the Presidency, none of this mess, the economy on the verge of collapse, 50 million people unemployed, the world stage about to blow, borders open to the diseased, criminals and Islamic terrorists, and this contagious viral nightmare called Ebola, which is rolling like an ominous black cloud over our country, would be happening.

Who's to blame?  Here's a clue.  If this commentary pisses you off, my friend, it might just be you. 


Satan’s 1st Amendment Perversion

By TPATH Contributor
Ms. RoseAnn Salanitri

October 16, 2014 ~TPATH~ Our Founders’ experience with a government that had exceeded its logical, moral, and spiritual authority greatly influenced the Constitution they would eventually design.  In our Declaration of Independence they expressed their reasons for declaring their independence from tyranny along with their belief that government’s primary role was to protect our God-given rights.  Our Constitution and form of government was based on those basic beliefs about what government should be and how it should be limited in order to protect our God-given right of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.  Immediately after ratification of the Constitution, our Founders agreed that they needed to amend the Constitution in order to protect our rights as citizens in addition to limiting government.  And so the first 10 Amendments that are referred to as our Bill of Rights were born.  The name The Bill of Rights appropriately became the reference for these first 10 amendments because that’s what they were:  amendments to protect our rights as distinguished from the Constitution that was designed to limit government.

Although the language in the Bill of Rights is clear, its meaning can still be twisted and misused. The 1st Amendment specifically states:

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government (sic) for a redress of grievances. (Emphasis added)

The section being discussed herein is emboldened above and was the very first part of the 1st Amendment that was agreed upon by our Founders and ratified by the states. There have been many writings built around this particular phrase which rightly rely on the understanding that this portion of the Amendment was written to protect the church from the state, and not the other way around. But ever since the Garden of Eden, Satan has managed to twist and pervert even the simplest statements.  He persuaded Eve and subsequently Adam to believe that if they ate of the forbidden fruit of the garden they would become like God.  Both Adam and Eve knew what God clearly said, but that didn’t stop them from believing Satan’s twisted interpretation.

Another example occurs after Christ was baptized and spent 40 days in the desert.  During this time of fasting, Satan unsuccessfully tempted Him by accurately quoting the Scripture but twisting its meaning.  In Matthew 4:5-7, Satan said: 

If You are the Son of God, throw Yourself down.  For it is written: ‘He shall give His angels charge concerning you, and in their hands they shall bear you up, lest you dash your foot against a stone.’  (The emboldened part of the verse was quoted by Satan exactly as it is written in Ps. 91:11-12)

Of course we know that Jesus fully understood not only the word but the meaning of Scripture and quickly replied appropriately. However, it is important to understand that Satan did not misquote Scripture, he just perverted its meaning to suit his means. Such is the case with the 1st Amendment. No one, not even Satan, argues the language contained in the Amendment, but he can and he has managed to pervert its meaning, and consequently, today’s Adams and Eves still fall prey to his cunning. (Note:  although it is not the subject of this writing, a similar argument applies to the 2nd Amendment.)

Satan’s triumph in this case has resulted in him and his minions successfully removing God from every aspect of political and public life - contrary to purpose of the Amendment.  It is quite remarkable that the perverted meaning of the Amendment does not seem to extend to those of the Muslim faith, who are permitted to pray just about anywhere and anytime they are so moved. Reports are beginning to come in that Muslim school children are allowed to pray in school in order to comply with their faith.  However, in 1962, Christian and Jewish children lost that right in the nation that is supposed to be “under God.”  And his perversion regarding Islam does not stop with prayer issues.  Satan and his minion have also perverted the meaning of “domestic terrorist” to mean a member of the tea party or constitutionalist while the Maj. Hassan Nidal and the Fort Hood travesty are called “work place violence.” This begs the question:  if Satan has managed to protest and have the Judeo-Christian God removed from the public psyche in every way possible, including prayer in public, why hasn’t he done the same for Allah and those that worship him?  In these two instances, the violation of the state to intrude upon the church is also one that remarkably hints at the disparity between the Judeo-Christian God and Allah - where in an ungodly society, one is banned and censored and the other is allowed free reign. When it comes to demonic activity, who is being attacked is as important a consideration as who is not being attacked.

While the 1st Amendment was written by our Founders to protect our right to worship however we deem appropriate, Satan has used it as a tool against every thought of the Creator.  Even our public schools censor any data that supports creationism and the Creator, leaving unsuspecting children to believe that science has proven the God of Genesis does not exist. Apparently those who have allowed this to happen in different levels of society are not as savvy about the Bill of Rights as Jesus was about Scripture.  You see, nowhere in the 1st Amendment is there any reference to protecting our right to worship as long as it doesn’t offend anyone.  As a matter of fact, none of the rights listed that this Amendment was designed to protect are conditional.  In other words, they are our rights regardless if the government or someone else is offended by them.  And the Amendment goes further by prohibiting Congress from inhibiting that right and/or interfering with us as we exercise that right.  Shame on us for long accepting that our children cannot pray in school or that churches cannot speak out politically, which is also a violation of our 1st Amendment right of free speech. Our right to establish and exercise our religion is constitutionally protected, regardless of what any misinformed judge may decide.  And any judge who has ruled in any manner that inhibits that right should be immediately relieved of his or her position, for they have not proven to be keepers of the law but re-writers of the law.  

While we allow this simple and clear Amendment to be perverted by God’s enemy, our country that was founded on biblical principles is crumbling before our very eyes.  Psalm 11:3 asks:  “If the foundations are destroyed, what shall the righteous do?”  Perhaps the question for this day and age should be: as the foundations are being destroyed, why aren’t the righteous doing something?  The righteous may be content to live in their comfortable homes while faith in God and the practice of their faith is being inhibited and destroyed, but I can assure you that Satan is sitting on his throne in hell and laughing about his triumph over our Constitution and the public censorship of all godly faiths.  The truth is that there is nothing new under the sun.  

There will always be people who prefer perversions to the truth. But are there any left that are willing to defend truth against the devil’s lies?  The future of the America we know and love may rest on the answer to that question.

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Commentary in Support of SAPPA
By Dwight Kehoe

October 14, 2014 ~TPATH~ The growth of tyranny in the massive bureaucracy of the Federal government has awakened too few and seems to have even fewer concerned.  But some are. They are not only willing to do something about it, they are organized and on the move.

The attack upon the the rights and freedoms of the people has been like a melanoma spreading through the life's blood of this country as its pervasive reach has
metastasized from the Halls Of Congress down to the legislative assemblies in several states.

Many of the most infected states, New Jersey being one which has legislated the Second Amendment onto life support, have given a pass to their governors and their legislators, a form of amnesty if you will, as the relentless abridgment of the United States Constitution continues to weaken and tatter its very existence. This amnesty comes only from one place. The people.  As legislative lawbreakers pass illegal laws they are awarded tacit pardons by the very people being infected. They sit quiet and sedated like the sheep people waiting to become dinner in H.G. Wells' The Time Machine.

Any businessman or contractor will tell you, when they sign a contract for a project or some other deal or arrangement, all parties are required by not only the law, but by ethics to abide by every aspect of that agreement.  Once any section or requirement of that contract is ignored or abridged, no signer of that agreement can be held to any of the remaining provisions.  

The contract that the Federal government and state governments have forged with the people and have agreed to honor and abide is the most famous and most esteemed document ever authored, the United States Constitution, our Constitution.   

We have not reviewed all 50 states, but here in New Jersey, we have done so.  New Jersey's State Constitution is law, and its law requires that the United States Constitution not be infringed.  So, my patriot friends, why are our legislators, without impediment or indictment, time after time, allowed to write and pass laws that run contrary to both of those constitutions? Every illegal law they pass is a double violation.  As these people place themselves and their ideology above the requirements of those documents they are placing themselves in an organized cadre of persons infringing on the civil rights of the citizens.

Not only are the lawmakers guilty of both federal and state violations, all those groups which are working on a daily basis to deprive the people of their rights, as defined in the Bill of Rights, are too, guilty of civil rights violations, both state and federal. These groups constitute an organized abridgment of the documents that are the very foundation of what has made America great.

As the multi-millionaire liberals use their fortune and fame, working to remove your right to self protection, they provide for themselves the best armed security money can buy.  Hiring gun toting body guards is not a crime, but engaging in organized treasonous acts against the United States Constitution is.

Our Founding Fathers, some of the most unselfish and intelligent people God has ever created, knew and understood that times would change, innovations and technology would alter life as they knew it into something far beyond their ability to perceive.  For that reason they did not hold every aspect of the Constitution to be forever enforced.  And so, they gave us, the people, by 2/3 of the member states, the right, the ability, to make changes in the form of amendments.

That of course would be the legal way to disarm the American people.  But creating fear, promoting hate and misrepresenting facts and history in an effort to breed an environment where illegal laws are allowed to be written, passed and signed, constitutes lawlessness which can not be allowed to prevail. From this point forward, being elected to the Assembly or the State Senate will no longer give cover to those who would violate our Constitution.  Be it so forewarned. 

If those groups and socialist millionaires spend their time and money working to build support for an amendment which would remove the right of the people to defend themselves by effective means that would be a legal campaign. For certain it would be contested by many.  But it would be legal.

However, lobbying politicians, with money or political support as ammunition, in an effort to have those politicians infringe on the rights of the people, in violation of the oaths they all have taken and the constraints of both state and federal constitutions, represents egregious and organized civil rights violations. 

In summery, working to change the Constitution is legal.  
Working to abridge it, is a crime.

Note from TPATH and TeamNJ: If you have had your right of self protection denied or infringed and you believe, as we do, that it is time to stop not just the illegal laws but to hold the lawless lawmakers to account, click on this link, read about what our group of patriots is working to accomplish, then sign up and help out.

Read all our documents on line here:

Download all the documents now in PDF format here:

Then if you want to help get this information to the NJ Legislature sign up here:
Or if you have been denied the right to carry a firearm for the unlawful reason of insufficient need, sign up here and help with the coming class action suit:



By Dwight Kehoe

TPATH ~October 10, 2014~  Immigration undeniably was the life's blood of the new and fledgling America.  East to west, north to south, the vastness of its territory, the boundless resources and millions of acres of fertile farmland, un-owned and un-developed, needed industrious people from across the globe to come here with work ethics, morality and a desire to make a good life for themselves and their families. As a consequence they helped build a powerful, rich and prosperous country the likes of which the world had never seen. 

Open borders at that time made sense. Those who would come, came for opportunity derived from work, not charity derived form handouts. They came with values bred of Christianity which taught love of man, God and country. The birth and growth of America required immigrants.  However, no one with an iota of intelligence, able to study the past, view the present and perceive the future can deny that that symbiosis, born of immigrants and a young America, has now morphed into parasitical diminution.

There are those in this country who have a real hatred for America.  Some are extreme leftists or communists.  Some belong to terror groups or cater to racial instigators or subversive international organizations with agendas ranging from pillaging our wealth to dominating our daily lives.  Those people are the enemy of our future, our culture and America.  They are the purveyors of our destruction. Many of whom are traitorously embedded in our local, state and federal governments.  

But for the rest of us, Democrats, Republicans, conservative or liberal, Independents or Libertarians, black, white or Hispanic, it is you, it is us, it is we the people, who must awaken to what is happening to our once exceptional country.

During the comprehensive immigration reform debate how many times have we heard, "I'm not anti-immigration, just illegal immigration:?  Well, TPATH is here to state, it is time to end all immigration.  Legal or illegal.  Stop the hemorrhaging of our culture, of our resources and our hard earned wealth, before it's too late.  If indeed it is not already. 

America owes the world nothing. America has, more than any other people in history, done much good for the world. America has sacrificed her sons and daughters, spent her wealth and shared her technology in defense and support of other nations. In fact, much of the world owes its freedom and its very existence to America's compassion and might.  

If our way of life is to continue, for this generation and those of our children, halting the dilution of our values by those who infest from without and besiege us from within, we must first see it happening and then come to grips with the need to stop it.  The world should know and understand that as goes America so too will they go. The survival of freedom in this world depends on the survival of America.

America needs an immediate, if only temporary, moratorium on all immigration.  
If she is to survive, this present onslaught from people with nothing to offer in return for what they require, if deadly diseased carriers from around the globe are allowed through open borders or on airliners, if Islamic terrorists are not stopped from embedding themselves into our society as they plan our death, our county, our culture and our future will fade into oblivion.  We will be the first people in the history of mankind to have invited and encouraged the onslaught of our own demise.

TPATH ~October 10, 2014~

Contact TPATH  HERE 


New Jersey Patriots,
TPATH and several groups (to be named later) across the state of New Jersey, have begun a campaign to reverse our many unconstitutional laws.  This program will be multi-faceted and will incorporate grass roots activity as well as class action law suits which will no doubt reach the US Supreme Court. 

What will be asked of signups?
A more detailed description and instructions will be given to those signing up. But for now it is important to know that our campaign involves authoring legislation which is now complete.  A short version of it can been read here (SAPPA).  

We will need as many citizens as possible, as individuals or groups, to request an appointment with the Legislators in their districts.  The purpose of the meeting can be described as "legislative". At that meeting you will need to present SAPPA to them and ask if they will sponsor or co-sponsor the bill. The intent will be to get this bill in the hands of all 80 NJ Legislators, as many times as possible.

You will bring a form, (sign ups will be given a link to download it) with you to this meeting. Once you see the form, the rest will be self explanatory.

If you or your group wish to join the grassroots portion of this endeavor,
please CLICK HERE to sign up.

As many of you know, the United States Constitution prohibits individual states from implementing legislation that would interfere with or infringe on its citizen's civil rights.  This has not prevented many of them from doing just that.  

The laws they have passed, on the face of them, appear to comply with the 2nd Amendment's requirement to allow law abiding citizens the right to bear arms.  However, it is a ruse, for they wrote laws that gives them the right to evaluate your NEED to arm yourself as opposed to your right to do so.

The application a citizen must fill out is designed to the eliminate almost every citizen from approval. And those not 
eliminated by their responses and history, will then be eliminated by an un-elected Judge who believes he has the right to circumvent your' rights as he decides that his perception of your need can trump your rights. As a result, virtually every NJ citizen is denied his civil rights.

Many states run by socialists, employ tactics such as these and New Jersey is by far the most egregious implementer of such laws of prevarication.  But that does not make them legal or constitutional.  We are about to take them on and we will be doing so, presenting the case in such a manor, that the United States Supreme Court will be unable to deny docketing it. 

If you want to be part of this effort and possibly as a result have your rights restored and your application to carry revisited and approved please CLICK HERE to add your name to the list of those citizens whose rights have been denied.

CAUTION:  Only those individuals who have been denied the right to bear arms here in NJ for the unconstitutional reason of "lack of need" should add their names to this list.  If you were denied on the grounds of criminal record, mental health issues or some infraction of domestic violence, please do not sign up for this program.  We only want those with no issues to be part of this campaign.  You may well have a good reason for contesting that determination, but this will not be the forum for that.

Please send this posting to any friends or family members who may have been denied their civil rights.
As always,TPATH gives permission re-post or re-transmit a this article in any social media available.


TPATH Founder
Dwight Kehoe
TeamNJ Founder
Nicholas Purpura
October 2, 2014


Commentary and Proposal by
Dwight Kehoe
Mr. Nicholas Purpura

September 25, 2014 ~TPATH~
The Federal gun law of 1994 is about to expire.  This law made it illegal to manufacture or own a semi-automatic weapon that would enable the user to handle and fire the weapon skillfully.  It limited the magazine capacity for these weapons while not limiting how many magazines one could own.

Even if this law was not unconstitutional, which it clearly is, the astounding inanity of it is only surpassed by the ignorance of its sponsors. The same obtuse players in this game of deception are back again working to have this law renewed.  Hopefully with the upcoming November elections looming, enough US Senators will be more concerned about keeping their cushy jobs than assisting the government in its effort to infringe on our rights. 

Which brings us to yet another government control and intimidation venture.  The Criminal Background Check.  Senator Feinstein has been fabricating data in an effort get that 1994 law renewed and is once again pushing for a
Federal Gun Registry containing the names, addresses and weapons owned or purchased by legal and law abiding citizens.  They call this registry the Criminal Background Check.  They claim, you might be interested in knowing, that they do not intend to keep information on legal gun purchasers in their data bases.  Oh yea, and they won't spy on Americans, use the IRS to intimidate politically minded citizens or supply dangerous weapons to murderous drug cartels.

Let's set the record straight, there are no gun groups or legal gun owners who would not support a law which would help keep weapons out of the wrong hands if done constitutionally.  This includes national organizations such as the
NRA or local groups like NJ2AS and SAPPA Group.  But that is not what the goal is for your government and those leftists now in control of it.  They want those who would seek to purchase a legal weapon to fear being singled out and possibly targeted, and therefore intimidated into not owning a firearm.  Don't fool yourselves, the purpose of this registry has nothing to do with keeping the people safe and everything to do with keeping government secure and able to mount a confiscation campaign when and if they decide it's necessary.

Some of the world's past rulers would applaud the cunning originality of these measures, if in fact they were original.  But alas, they are not.  Mass graves, located in countries around the world,  are testament to the very popular government registry programs implemented by fine folks such as Hitler, Stalin, Castro, Pol Pot and Georbels.  Just to name a few.

In that light, we have a very significant question.  Why does you government not have a data base with those who should not be allowed to own or purchase firearms, but instead wants one that lists honest citizens who desire to avail themselves of their right to self protection?  For the answer to this, reread the above two paragraphs.

This is the age of the internet, the intranet and information data bases linked by town, state and country.  Everyone who owns a credit card knows just how much those companies know about their card holders.  Instantly, upon using a card, the company analyzes the amount you are spending related to the amounts you usually spend, what you are purchasing and what country you are doing the purchasing in. 

If the true goal of this government was to keep weapons out of the hands of criminals, terrorists and the insane, they could use the technology used by the financial industry to do so.  In a matter of months criminal records of individuals who have been adjudicated as felons, mentally unstable or on terrorist watch lists could all be tied in together to create a searchable database.  

Towns would report to counties, counties to states and states to the Federal Government.  Every new conviction, fitting a category which would prevent gun ownership, every physiological evaluation and every suspected terrorist would automatically be uploaded to the National Criminal Registry.

For sure this would open the door for persons being unfairly put into this system so there would have to be an Overview Board made up of  six persons appointed by a Congressional Committee.  That Board will hear and rule on the status of persons who believe they are wrongly on the list.  To be removed form the list a majority of the board must vote in favor of the removal.

Once the National Criminal Registry is up and functioning it will provide a gun dealer or an individual with the ability to log on to it, input the name of the potential purchaser to find out if he is on the no-purchase list.  If he is not, that search will be deleted and the purchase can be made.  If the potential buyer is on the list,  his illegal attempt to purchase a firearm will automatically be sent to either a state or local prosecutor for criminal charges.


The purpose of this Federal Legislation will be to prevent unauthorized purchase of firearms while preventing local, state and federal infringements on the rights of their citizens. 

The National Criminal Registry (NCR):

  1. A National data base will be created and linked with each state whereby all persons convicted of felonies, those adjudicated as mentally unstable or who are on the government's terrorist watch list will be listed there.
  2. The cost of connecting to and setting up and maintaining this data base will be paid for by the Federal Government with 50% and the several states, proportionate to their population, paying for the other 50%.
  3. The NCR will not, under criminal penalty, retain any information regarding those who are legally seeking to purchase firearms.  If the search returns as no violation the seller will be so informed and that search will be deleted form all records.
  4. An independent auditor will be appointed to ensure that the search deletions are being done as required.  This auditing firm must be approved by a Congressional Committee. 
  5. If a search finds the potential purchaser to be on the no purchase list, that information will be automatically transmitted to the a Federal Prosecutor and to the State Authorities where the purchase was attempted.  
  6. The seller will not be required to arrest or detain the person attempting the illegal purchase but he must inform the buyer that he is in NCR and may have just committed a felony.  The seller must keep a record of the illegal attempt and report the effort to state or local officials upon request.
  7. The search into the NCR will not require a description of the weapons to be purchased or the amount or type of ammunition being purchased.  
  8. The seller will be required to see sufficient documentation to ensure the potential purchaser  is who he says he is.  False identification by a potential purchaser will result in a 10 year mandatory person term in addition to the penalties already in place in the state where the illegal attempt has been made.

Penalties, adjudications and prosecution:

  1. The seller of firearms, personal or professional dealers, will be required to ensure their buyer is not on the NCR.  There will be no cost or usage fees for the use of this data base.  Failure to make use of the system by a seller will be prosecuted under state law.  Penalties to be set by the state.
  2. Misuse of the NCR, for personal reasons or invasion of citizens' privacy will be a criminal offense to be handled by the state according to its laws.  The NCR will record and maintain the name of the searcher but will not retain the name of the searched, unless the purchase attempt was illegal.
  3. Legally licensed and authorized firearms dealers, making trades or sales between themselves, are not subjected to the NCR search requirements. 
  4. The first attempt to purchase firearms or ammunition by a person in the NCR will generate a warning notice to the purchaser and a record of that request will be maintained in the NCR. There will be no criminal offense for the first try which gives the purchaser the benefit if the doubt as to his status.
  5. Attempting to purchase a firearm or ammunition, in a second attempt, by a person who is in the NCR will be a felony and penalties will be as set up by the state where the illegal purchase was made.
  6. Any individual can access NCR to check his status before he tries to make a purchase.  There will be no penalty for that search if it returns a no purchase response.  That search will count however as the one time free effort to purchase.  Any subsequent purchase attempts will trigger prosecution.
  7. Any individual who feels he has been put into the NCR wrongly or wishes to contest his name being there can request a review by a six person Federal Panel.  To be removed from the NCR the panel must vote in the majority.  This panel will be appointed to five year terms and be seated by a Congressional Committee.
Existing laws and applications of them:

  1. This ACT will, when approved and enforced,  provide for the safety of the citizens and will do all that is possible to prevent the unlawful ownership, use and sales of firearms and it will do so within the dictates of the Second Amendment.
  2. It will be unlawful for any and all violations of this ACT to be plea bargained away.  Any illegal attempt to purchase a firearm, as described herewith, shall be prosecuted.
  3. In an effort to get criminals off the street and in prison, any penalties, Federal or State, for crimes committed with a firearm shall not be plea bargained away.  The full penalties for crimes committed with firearms shall not be dismissed.
  4. This ACT will, when approved, make null and void all existing Federal laws which infringe on the rights afforded the American people by the Bill of Rights. Those states cooperating with and making use of the NCR must pass legislation voiding any unconstitutional gun laws they may have.

This ACT provides for a workable system to help keep firearms out of the hands of those who should not possess them, creates a reliable tool for law enforcement, dealers and individuals to help in that effort while not infringing on the rights of law abiding citizens.  The creation of the National Criminal Registry will help keep track of those who might endanger society while preventing governments, state and national, from having and using information about law abiding citizens the Constitution forbids.


If you agree that this is the type of law we should have please go to our SAPPA signup form HERE.
For more information on this ACT and others SAPPA is proposing please click HERE.

Please understand that all the work the SAPPA Group is doing will go for naught without the help of the people.  We can all do our part by getting this information out to others, contacting Assembly persons ans State Senators as well as US Congressmen and Senators.  Send them these proposed ACTS as well as any ideas you might have.  For anything to get done, many need to get involved.

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Patriot Service Update

 ~TPATH~  During the past 7 years a very close relationship between TPATH  and many of our members has resulted in the formation of WPE (We Plan to Endure).  As a consequence of several years of research, training and instructions provided to us by many experts from various survival disciplines, WPE has become a formidable source for information, training and disaster preparation.  

A short description of what WPE is can be characterized in the following way:
  1. The membership is made up of a dedicated group of patriotic leaders and individuals who are well known to each other and have an extensive record of support for our Constitution and the desire to help prepare thier neighbors.
  2. They have a varied set of professional, technical, survival and construction abilities and have agreed to provide instruction and physical application of those skills.
  3. They have agreed to undertake the requirements of storing food, supplies, medicine, fuel, weapons, ammunition, survival and radio communication equipment for use in case of a short or long term national or local disaster. 
  4. They have agreed to help train and instruct any person or group in the skills necessary for survival  regardless of whether or not they are members of WPE.
What WPE has accomplished since its inception:
  1. An emergency communication system called the "Spider Grid", has been set up and tested.  This system required that members obtain FCC radio communication licences, purchase and install short wave radios in either homes or vehicles or both.  As of this date radio communication throughout the state can be maintained even if the country experiences a complete power grid failure.
  2. WPE has given presentations to patriotic groups over the entire length and width of our state.  Each of these presentations were modeled after and for the specific group it was presented to. 
  3. Our members have prepared for food, fuel and water shortages and have encouraged friends and family members to do the same.
  4. Secured and prepared "safe zones" in the event of social or community breakdowns,
WPE has prepared and made available information packages for the following:
  1. Steps required to obtain FCC licences, listed types of radio and equipment individuals would need to communicate in the event of an emergency.
  2. Information on firearm laws here in New Jersey to insure that everyone who has a weapon is in complete compliance with the many laws, unconstitutional as they may be.  That package includes information on what weapons one might need, how to practice and become comfortable and proficient and safe in their use.
  3. The types and sizes of emergency generators, how to use them wisely and prudently.  Also keeping them safe from marauders and thieves.  Included in this package is information on how to store and rotate ethanol gasoline for use over long periods of time.
  4. Information on how to build a safe indoor heater and stove for boiling water and cooking food.
  5. Lists of food which can be stored for very long periods of time and how to store them using as little space as possible.
  6. Steps to take to store drinking water and how to prepare it.
  7. Comprehensive lists of emergency supplies one should have in his home in the event that supplies become unavailable or going out to get them is too dangerous.
  8. Lists of what you will need to have ready to load into your vehicles in order to survive in an outdoor environment.
  9. How to secure your home in case of forced intrusion attempts and how to prepare protection from weapons being fired into your home.
  10. How to prepare and have ready at all times a "go bag" that can be loaded into your vehicles instantly if immediate evacuation is required.
  11. Information on how to set up emergency locations where your children or grandchildren will go if something happens while they are at school or other places and they can't get home.  Explains how to set up passwords your child will need to hear before excepting help or rides form someone you might send.
All of this information can be found HERE.  It is being provided for anyone who wants it and being a member of WPE is not required.  
The free download and use of this information is hereby given with no restrictions.

Note:  If anyone or group wishes to apply for membership in WPE please feel free to do so.  There are no fees and no financial costs, just the desire to do what you can to make WPE more effective in our efforts to help people prepare for natural and man made disasters. 

Please understand that becoming a member will require a track record and history as well as a unanimous acceptance vote by existing WPE members.

Why WPE was started and why it continues.

A few months into Obama's first term and with several years remaining now in his second term and what we all hope will be his last, ominous signs began to appear and continue now with an even greater presence.

Just a short course in world history would reveal the bloody, murderous and destructive nature of Socialist and Communist governments.  In just the 20th Century these governments have shown no limit to the misery and torture, the imprisonment and the killing they were willing to present on their own citizens in order to stay in power.  The most modest of estimates puts the death count at about 157,000,000 people.  

As of this date, it would be very difficult to consider any other possibility,that the man usurping our presidency, has not been selected, bred, trained and supported by some world wide entity with Communism at its heart.  There can be no other explanation for him, his policies and the tremendous damage being inflicted upon this country.  It is not by mistake. It is not by incompetence. It is the intentional take down of the American way.

The reality is now, this New World Order or whatever its name is, has its claws deeply set into the control of the biggest prize in the carnival of tyranny.   The lives of innocent people, the economy and our Constitution are all expendables in the quest for world domination.  They will not release the golden ring simply because a term is up.

In support of this and under the cowardly eyes of Congress, the Judicial branch and mainstream media, dangerous steps are being put into place.   It may have gone too far already, to stop it, short of a new revolution.

Actually, any one of the items listed below would be cause for concern, but when viewed in their entirety its impossible to see how America escapes the next few years without a nationwide calamity.

  1. Thousands of new regulations have bankrupted companies working for energy sources such as coal, natural gas and crude oil. This has put our power grid working to full capacity and our energy supplies in the hands of our enemies.
  2. Pipelines from Canada which could have provided huge amounts of energy has been stopped.
  3. Terrorists have used high power rifle fire to shut down several power transmission stations.  These attacks were labeled as being perpetrated by "hooligans" when its quite clear this was a test run for some future nation wide attack on our grid.
  4. Instead of using funds to fortify the grid against this kind of attack, Obama has chosen to send your tax dollars to the Muslim Brotherhood.
  5. Hundreds of high ranking military officers have been removed and replaced, without the consent of the Senate.
  6. Several hundred illegal Executive Orders have been issued that give the government control over private property, give the President the ability to impose Martial Law with no stipulation or specific reason, and the worst of all, the President can order a missile strike on an American citizen without a trial or he can have someone locked away for any amount of time without trial.
  7. The world is in turmoil, from Iran being allowed to build nuclear weapons, North Korea threatening to invade  South Korea, China imposing its navel might on Japan and Korea, Syria and Libya experiencing unprecedented murder and upheaval which has been encouraged, supported and supplied by Obama, the Ukraine is being invaded by Russia as any hope of living free of the Communist Putin is being crushed. 
  8. Obama continues now for the 6th consecutive year,  creating debt in the amount of between 70 and 80 billion dollars every month.  That's every month for 6 years.  This money is being poured into the capital markets of the world and will have a crushing effect on the value of the dollar.  Every dollar of this insane method of creating cash must be paid back.  Even if this madness were stopped now, and there is no intention to do so, that bill could not be paid back for a thousand years.
  9. China, North Korea and even Iran are experimenting with EMP weapons that could put America off the grid for years.  Iran has sent ships to America's coast without a whimper of a response form Obama.  The very kind of ship that could fire an upper atmosphere EMP device. 
  10. Every effort has been made by Obama to disarm as many Americans as possible.  This endeavor is consistent with despots of the past who first disarmed and then slaughtered their people.  If one might be foolish enough to bet that type of tyranny could never happen in America, that is a bet, if lost, would be lost at great calamity.
  11. The government is buying ammunition at an astounding rate for non military personal.  They have set up countless FEMA camps across the country and have distributed armored personal carriers to hundreds of local police forces.  They are preparing for something.

While the assumption that Martial Law, economic breakdown or terrorist attack is the most likely scenario for the need to survive off the grid, natural disasters, such as Super Storm Sandy must also be considered.  As unlikely as it may seem that here in the North East we need to be prepared for event other than man made, the likelihood does indeed exist.

  1. Hurricanes, storms and floods.
  2. Earth quakes, volcanic dust and tornadoes, very unlikely, but possible.
  3. Tidal waves from land masses falling into the ocean or the shifting of under sea plates.  Las Palmas Island is one such threat to the east coast.
  4. Power plant failures which could cascade across the country.
  5. Coronal Mass Ejections (CME) which are similar to man made EMPs but are caused by huge solar flares.  This could shut down the communication and power grid.  There has been a fairly consistent pattern to CMEs and unfortunately we are well past due for the next one.
  6. Pandemics caused by viruses, bacteria or toxins.

If you are interested in joining WPE or for more information on these and other issues as well as documents, links and instructions on what to look for and how to prepare for and survive, visit the WPE page.  HERE


If your group would like to have a WPE presentation
Contact us   HERE

There is never a charge for this service but:
  1. We may send you files and request you make copies for your members to follow the presentation.
  2. Our presentation must be the first item on your agenda after the pledge and a prayer. 
  3. The venue must be in an environment where our presenters won't be required to speak without shouting over peripheral noise. 
  4. The presentation takes about 45 minutes and usually requires 10 to 15 minutes of questions and answers.
  5. We also ask, since we have much material to go over, that the presentation not be interrupted with questions  until each speaker has finished.


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