Dear Second Amendment Protectors,

This is a follow up to the earlier notification of a very important SAPPA Group meeting. A link to that notice is here.

Since this notice was posted, a few things have changed. There have been some very encouraging responses and the number of attendees will be larger than we had anticipated.  That my friends, is a very good thing.  Also the preliminary date set for the meeting has to be changed. It fell on a meeting date of the CJR&PC so we have moved it out one week.  The new date is Wednesday, August 9th and it will still be from 7:00pm til about 9:00pm.

The meeting will be held in a Central Jersey area.  As of now we have two locations that want to hold our meeting.  Neither one will charge us for the room but both are food and drink servers, so please, along with your great ideas for promoting the SCOTUS Appeal, bring a bit of an appetite. We will confirm the location in a few days and get back to you asap.

We decided to provide a list of all those either interested or who will be attending. We surely hope that everyone who can, will attend.  Everyone on this list is well known to us and each other so we felt it not a problem to share your emails with them. So if you need a ride or want to add an attendee this file should help. Please contact me ( I’ll send you the list.

Finally, if you see your name on the list, it is no accident. We want you and anyone who you deem to be interested in helping this cause to either attend the meeting or send us some ideas.

That is it for now. Looking forward to seeing you all again.

Dwight, Nick and the entire SAPPA Group​


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