​Positions and Promises

​My name is Richard Morrill. I am running in the Republican Primary for Governor of the great state of New Jersey. My platform would cut the TAXES in New Jersey dramatically. The following is a listing of what needs to be done to reduce TAXES. The state cannot continue the way it is going. 
First I would like to say that given the proposals of my campaign those positions could be construed as hypocritical because I receive two pensions one from the New York City Police Department from which I retired as a Detective. More on this later.   I also worked for and then retired from one the world’s largest banking corporations. Hired by that firm as Director of Security for one building, within 5 years I was promoted to position from which I retired, as the Director of Facilities for North America. These advances were attained as a result of dramatic successes in reducing costs, identifying waste and introducing alternatives. These are the same skills and efforts I promise to bring to the faltering economy and unsustainable spending policies of the great state of New Jersey.  
My platform will be dedicated to the prospect that the central government in Trenton is too bloated and too removed from the actual problems that face the people of this state.  Up until this election, there has been no effort nor any desire to cut overlapping costs and redundant departments; of which there is an abundance.   New Jersey’s government needs to be skillfully re-organized to operate on a county by county basis. For example, the State of New Jersey has 565 Municipalities consisting 250 Boroughs, 244 Townships, 52 Cities, 15 Towns, and 4 villages.  Most have both Police Departments and School Districts. All of these police departments employ Chiefs and assistants.  The many school districts have Board of Education Directors, Vice Directors, Superintendents, Principals and Vice Principals.  
Consider the tax burden on the taxpayers of New Jersey for these redundant positions and their highly paid salaries. Salaries by the way, which pale in comparison to the costs of pensions and benefits which must be paid to these people for decades upon decades after just a few years of service. 
Let’s consider first, the Police Departments.  If these departments were combined and put under the control and authority of the County Sheriffs, hundreds of unnecessary Chiefs and assistants could be replaced by several Sheriff Supervisors from each of the 21 counties.  They could oversee many groups of departments. 
Listed below are further savings from the Police Departments.

1. Cut down on the amount of vehicles needed and bulk ordering of new vehicles.

2. Eliminate the need for all of the extra military style vehicles.

3. Eliminate most of the command buses.

4. Centralize repair of the vehicles.

5. Centralize maintenance of buildings. 
6. Eliminate vehicles which are assigned to officers that are taken home (saves gas).

7. Eliminate pensions for future hires and replace with a 401k type savings with possible matching Benefits.

8. The Officers would have a better career path.

9. Fewer administrators could fund extra Police Officers to respond to emergencies.

10. With some of the savings pensions will be properly funded.   
Board of Education Savings Schools

1. Eliminate most highly paid Superintendents and staff.

2. Create the position of a County Superintendents (21) that would be elected by county.  

3. The statewide curriculum of just 21 Districts could be more easily standardized.  

4. School and administrative building maintenance would be centralized eliminating redundant supervision costs.

5. Eliminate pensions for future hires and replace with matching 403b.

6. Choice vouchers will be more easily managed.

7. Reign in excessive salaries for future employees.

8. Eliminate excess numbers of principals and vice principals.

9. Education of our children should be paramount and incompetent teachers, regardless of tenure, must be removed. 

1. Enormous savings by eliminating hundreds of district superintendents and staff, salaries and pensions.

2. Teachers would be able to, without reams of paperwork and hearings, be allowed to move from town to town within the county without losing seniority.

3. Savings on administrative costs will be used to properly fund teachers' pensions.

4. Bulk purchasing would result in savings.

5. Choice vouchers could reduce class sizes.

6. Every school in the state would receive the same per student payment.

7. Disorderly students cannot be allowed to interfere with proper education of your children, alternate schools must be setup where they can be taught but isolated from the ability to disrupt.  

8. Special education required students could use the vouchers to attend schools specific to their needs 
Other Concerns Which Need Attention Lottery

1. A yearly audit by independent agencies to verify how the funds are used and spent.

2. Lottery administrators and executives will not be politically appointed and will be hired via a proper vetting and qualification application processes.

 3. Designate certain scratch off lotteries to specific venues.  
Atlantic City

1. Clean up the area surrounding downtown.  

2. Eliminate on line gambling.  

3. Try and attract top shelf acts.  

1. There will be no Sanctuary Cities.

2. No subsidies should be given to undocumented aliens.

3. Under the 14th amendment we will not recognize anchor babies.

4. Severe financial penalties for businesses that hire undocumented aliens.

5. Any undocumented alien who comes to the attention of New Jersey authorities shall be reported to and turned over to ICE. 6. Make English the official language of New Jersey.

7. Bilingual signage and messages prevent a quick and proper assimilation and they should be stopped.  
Hurricane Sandy Money

1. Investigate, who the people are that are serving on the various boards.

2. Audit the financial accounts by an independent auditor to find out where this money went.  

3. Investigate the salaries, perks, expense accounts and other benefits of these administrators and how much longer they will be on the payroll.

4. Why have so many homeowners never received funds?  
Health Care

1. Allow insurance companies to compete across state borders.  

2. TORT reform.​

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