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RoseAnn Salanitri

January 6, 2017~TPATH~  In our politically correct world, truth is often bullied into submission through intimidation and name-calling. Not only has this tactic proven to be divisive, it has also struck many blows to free speech that have been valued in America since its inception.  I remember an America where we used to say: "I might not agree with what you're saying, but I will defend your right to say it."  The militant progressive movement has managed to demolish that concept by establishing accepted norms that few dare challenge.  However, if we have any hope of remaining a free and independent nation, challenge we must.  For this country was founded upon legitimate protest, and such a dynamic cannot continue to exist when one faction lords it over everyday narratives.

Case in point: the Birther Movement. Mockery and sneering jabs have managed to generally label those who persist in seeing bona fide evidence of Barack Obama's natural born constitutional eligibility as over-the-top lunatics.  That mockery has silenced many voices in the process.  It is not the objective of this writing to discuss all the well-researched information that challenges Obama's eligibility, but to raise one troubling question:  If he didn't have something to hide, why would Obama choose to spend over two years in litigation at a cost of over $2,000,000 by refusing to produce an acceptable birth certificate that satisfies the constitutional natural born eligibility requirement? Rather than discuss all the disturbing challenges to his eligibility in this writing, I suggest you read the writings of either Jerome Corsi of WND,Dwight Kehoe of, Terry Hurlbut of Conservative News and Views, or review Sheriff Joe Arpaio's informative research.

You may be asking why this issue still matters when Donald J. Trump will shortly be replacing Barack Obama and hopefully undoing much of the harm Obama has inflicted upon us.  The answer is simple.  It still matters.  It still matters because while there is much a new president can undo, there remains much that he can't.  And...there remains much that will take decades to undo. A congressional and well-supportable declaration regarding Obama's ineligibility can do more to roll back the hands of time than many realize.  The most notable benefit of such a pursuit would first be witnessed in the Supreme Court, where Obama's liberal appointees (i.e. Elena Kagan and Sonia Sotomayor) would immediately be dismissed and replaced with the current president's appointees.  This disqualification of their appointments would also disqualify their votes in all cases heard by them, changing rulings in many instances.

But the Supreme Court Justice disqualifications wouldn't stop with the Supreme Court.  Such disqualifications would  filter down to every appointment Obama ever made and every bill he ever signed into law, and every regulation he ever instituted, and every decision by every Czar he ever appointed, and everything the man or his family ever imposed upon this country - and optimistically, repayment of all the money he and his family spent on vacations, as well as his salary and expense accounts.  To be sure, such an action would have monumental consequences and create havoc of immense proportions.  However, the havoc would be temporary but the constructive remedies would echo throughout time. Perhaps it would set a logical precedent whereby presidential candidates in the future would be required to produce proof of their eligibility prior to be placed on any ballot.  After all, such proof is required in many instances that have less impact on our lives than the presidency.

So you  see, my dear friends, the "birther" issue still matters - just as much now as it did back in 2008.  Our Founders knew what they were doing when they included this eligibility requirement into the Constitution, for we have witnessed firsthand the destructive consequences of a illegitimate president with questionable allegiances.  Our Founders may have been wise, but we must be wise and also strong in standing against the enemies of America who worship at the feet of this patriotic imposter. While Mr. Obama may be doing all he can to protect his legacy, we must do all we can to expose his true legacy as America's first Imperial Imposter.  For yes, my dear friends, it still matters. 


Mike Zullo, the tireless patriot who has worked on the forgeries of Barack Obama for more than 7 years has made it very clear that he intends do all he can to ensure that Congress gets a bill to President Trump's desk that will give state election officials, such as attorneys general, the authority to validate documents and eligibility  of presidential candidates.

This would be another step which needs to be taken to Make America Great Again.



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