By Emmerich de Vattel

Book 1, Chapter 19

Virginia Sunahara and HDOH Fraud
Posted by TPATH
June 12, 2102

1. Why the birth index had to be altered: only one person can have a BC# at a time.

A birth is a unique event that doesn’t happen twice to the same person (like marriage, for instance). So every birth certificate is supposed to represent one real person.  That person’s name may change (after an adoption or name change, for instance) but that BC# represents a real person that was born, like a vehicle identification number represents an exact vehicle, regardless of what paint or license plate changes it undergoes. That BC# is the very identity of the person.

Two people might have the same name but they cannot have the same BC#. Only one name can be used for a BC# at a time. When somebody is adopted they are given a new birth certificate that shows a different name and different parents, to reflect the new LEGAL relationships.

Everything else about the birth certificate is the same,
including the BC#
But the old BC with the old name and parents is invalidated and only the new BC is legally valid. That BC# has to be filed under the new name. When an adoption is set aside the old, original BC becomes valid again and the adoptive BC is invalidated.

So there is a way for names to be changed for a particular BC#, but only one of those names can be legally valid at a time. In the Electronic Verification of Vital Events (EVVE) System (in which HI
participates) the way a record is marked as non-valid is by a void flag. If it’s clicked the record is nonvalid; otherwise the default is for a valid record.

When an adoption takes place they create a new record with the same BC# as the old one and then click the void flag for the old one. To set aside an adoption, they just take the void flag off of the original name and make the adoptive name void. 

Within the computer system it only takes a click by the right worker to get rid of one name and put a different one in its place.

But only one of those names using that BC# can be valid at once, since only one baby was born under that number. And if you print out a list of valid names (such as a birth index) only one of those names will be on the list.

So if you want to steal somebody’s BC# in the computer database you have to fudge things to get both the real person AND the BC# thief on the list.

The Hawaii DOH changed their 1960-64 birth index so that it would include legally non-valid names. We know this because they have both the adoptive and birth names for 2 guys, even though the birth names are legally non-valid. So the altered birth index allows for both a real person and a BC# thief to show up in the birth index. But only one at a time could show up as valid in the database.

2. How we know there was a BC# thief in the database: Because Virginia Sunahara’s name was in the birth index but not the database.

Virginia Sunahara’s name is in the 1960-64 birth index.
We know they have a birth record for her because her COLB has been disclosed to her brother. We know her COLB is for a real person because she is buried in Mililani Cemetery.

But when I requested a non-certified COLB for either Virginia or Tomiyo Sunahara (as the HDOH Administrative Rules allow any person to receive) I received an official response saying that there were no records for her.

{TPATH NOTE....Her BC# must have been assigned to another name to cause the data base to return a negative response. Remember, only names with a valid BC# assigned to them will be returned from a data base request}

Normally requests associated with Obama were sent to Janice Okubo and she always gave the standard (BS) answer that I was not authorized to receive a non-certified COLB, death certificate, or whatever I was asking for.

That’s why it surprised me when I got the response saying that there were no records responsive to my request for Virginia’s non-certified COLB.

Later on, I called the HDOH office to find out what had happened to my money order and request for the 1961 birth index the HDOH had told me I could get for $98.75.
{Birth index is a list of all BC#'s issued}

The secretary couldn’t find any record of my request even though I had received an e-mail in response to it already.

All of a sudden she asked me if the request had to do with Obama. I asked if that would make any difference. She said yeah, that
all requests about Obama were supposed to go to Janice Okubo.

Everything else goes to the “fulfillment department” to be processed according to standard protocols.

So what happened is this: All my other requests for non-certified abbreviated vital records were clearly related to Obama (Stanley Ann Dunham, Madelyn Dunham, Obama, etc) so they went to Okubo who gave me the BS denial.

Okubo was afraid to tell the lower-level staffers that Virginia Sunahara is actually Obama, {this is because  Obama is using Sunahara's BC#}  so when my request for Virginia Sunahara’s record came in it went to the fulfillment office instead of being routed to Janice Okubo to be obfuscated.

So this is the only request related to Obama that went to somebody besides Janice Okubo. If it had been sent to Okubo she would have said I was not authorized to receive what I had requested, like she did with all the other requests.
The fact that I got a different response confirms that this request never went to Janice Okubo like the others.

According to the OIP the first step in the normal protocols is always to check to see whether the record even exists. So that’s what the secretary did; she checked the birth database for Virginia Sunahara.

I had asked for the record for either Virginia Sunahara or Tomiyo Sunahara so she would have queried the name of Sunahara for both of those records. That’s double-checking the Sunahara name.
And she found nothing there.  {She found nothing because both those names no longer had a valid BC# attached to them.  It was attached to another name. Guess what name that might be.}

So she sent me a response saying there wasn’t a record responsive to my request. The record under Virginia’s BC# was being used by some other name at that point. IOW, the HDOH changed Virginia Sunahara’s record in the birth database to somebody else’s name.
{Someone working there had to have assigned her BC# to another name}

 And they got caught because they didn’t tell their lowly secretary that any request regarding Virginia Sunahara was actually about Obama, so she processed the request honestly instead of sending it to Okubo to have her lie and obfuscate.

3. Why we can be almost certain that Obama was the thief of Virginia Sunahara’s BC#:
Because the date filed/BC# “discrepancy” fits her extremely rare birth – death - and wrong-name –on –the-death-certificate situation, and the anomalies on Obama’s long-form indicate the base record that was altered to create Obama’s forged long-form was for a girl born at Wahiawa Hospital with an R for the 3rd letter of her first name (which matches Virginia’s birth situation).

The BC# on Obama’s BC is #641 even though it was filed (given a number, as per Janice Okubo’s UIPA response) 3 days before the Nordyke twins were given the numbers 637 and 638.

Okubo said that Oahu BC’s were “almost always” filed (numbered) the same day they were accepted by a local registrar.  For an Oahu BC to be accepted by the local registrar on a Tuesday (Aug 8th) and
yet not be numbered until after the BC’s that came in on Friday (11th) would be very rare.

If there was information missing from the BC the local registrar would clarify that with the hospital or parents before accepting the record and sending it on to the state registrar’s office.

For it to be accepted by the local registrar it had to appear complete on first glance but have some kind of discrepancy that only showed up at the state registrar’s office.

And that fits the circumstance for Virginia Sunahara.  She was born at Wahiawa Hospital on Aug 4, 1961 with a BC listing her as Virginia Sunahara but she died at Kapiolani Hospital the next day.

Her death certificate wrongly listed her as Tomiyo Sunahara (after her father Tomio), which showed up in both newspaper death announcements. The local registrar accepted the BC immediately on Aug 8th and sent it on to the HDOH because it was complete.

But the HDOH had received Sunahara’s DEATH certificate a day earlier (using the first name Tomiyo), and because the death certificate was required to list the birth certificate # on it they
would have held out the death certificate to be matched with the birth certificate when it came in.

But when the BC came in the next day it was under the name Virginia instead of Tomiyo.  After a BC was numbered it could only be changed by a formal amendment, so when the BC came in and the name discrepancy was found the workers wanted to make sure the name was right before numbering it, to spare the family having to file a formal amendment after all the grief they had already suffered.

Clarifying what the real name was supposed to do involved
communicating with the parents, which took more time than a simple phone call to a hospital, and that would explain why Virginia’s BC was accepted on Tuesday but not numbered until

No such reason would exist for a standard hospital birth like Obama’s long-form claims he had.

That date filed/BC# discrepancy is a very rare fingerprint that only matches a situation like Virginia’s, complete with the death certificate error. And this fingerprint shows up on Obama’s
birth record.
{ In other words, for no apparent reason Obama's BC# was delayed, or so they say and a number larger than it should have been was issued to Obama's BC.}

Some other things show up on Obama’s birth record that also confirm the connection between Obama’s forged birth certificate and Virginia Sunahara.  Specifically, the anomalies on Obama’s
forged long-form show that:

a) the M for “male” was changed,

b) the local registrar is the registrar that shows up on another WAHIAWA HOSPITAL BC but not Kapiolani.

c) the third letter of the first name – R - was not C&P’ed in; it was retained from the BC that was used as the base document for the forgery.

IOW, the things that had to be altered from the base document show that the base document belonged to a girl who was born at Wahiawa Hospital and - like Barack - had an R for the third
letter of her name. That fits Virginia perfectly.

4. Why the HDOH would give Virginia’s brother a COLB for her but not let him see or get a copy of the original birth certificate:

Because computer records are easy to manipulate. Paper records are not so easy, and especially when the document you have to work with already has its fingerprints all over a high-profile forgery.

And especially when you have Sheriff Joe conducting a criminal investigation that will never end until at least one or two complete
microfilm rolls is available for forensic testing including the age of the microfilm and the method of numbering BC’s over the course of an unspecified period of time.

Another COMPUTER record could easily be created for Virginia using some other dead child’s BC# and then flagging that child’s record as non-valid so Virginia could appear to have a valid BC using that BC#.
The BC#’s could actually even be left that way – just reassigned.

And nobody would know the difference, as long as nobody came along and asked for the record of the child who was stuck with the void record, as I had done for Sunahara before they gave her somebody else’s BC#.

The number they gave Sunahara is so far out of sequence with the “date filed”/BC# that it makes no sense whatsoever.  In a stunt with CNN which aired the day before Obama released his forged long-form, the HDOH issued a COLB to Stig Waidelich (who had been flown in by CNN to do this stunt, apparently with the HDOH’s cooperation because they issued a COLB the same day as it was supposedly requested, instead of requiring a week’s notice as their website says)…

that also is so far out of sequence for the “date filed”/BC# that the only way to make all those numbers work is if the HDOH issued BC#’s totally randomly.

Some have tried to explain all these discrepancies by saying that BC’s were collected for a month, alphabetized, and then numbered, but that contradicts Okubo’s statement that Oahu BC’s were numbered the same day as they were accepted by the local registrars and transferred to the HDOH.

And in any event, Sunahara was given a number later than Waidelich.

So in trying to make it seem like “date filed”/BC# discrepancies are run-of-the-mill occurrences the HDOH has almost certainly altered/reassigned BC#’s to such an extent that they will NEVER
be able to make forged microfilm rolls that make any sense.

They are backed into a corner. And they run the risk of somebody having in their file cabinet a birth certificate that pre-dates the
reassignment of BC#’s…

Ultimately, an audit of the computer transaction logs would reveal all the number-swapping that’s been done, by whom, and when.

The transactions logs are processing records and are not
confidential but the HDOH spent several months delaying and eventually using 3 different excuses which were each debunked in turn, before concluding that the transaction record could
not be disclosed to me because it would frustrate a legitimate government function.

As if stealing other people’s BC#’s was a legitimate government function. The inmates are running the prison, I think…

June 11, 2012 TPATH

Lord Monckton Investigates
Obama’s Forged Birth Certificate

June 11, 2012 TPATH - Its ironic how it takes a British subject, one Lord Christopher Monckton, to inform the media and politicians of our country about the importance of respect for our Constitution.

His message, for those on the left and the right in this country,  the Constitution, "abide by it or amend it".  Those are the paraphrased words of Lord Monckton. 

As you watch this interview with him conducted by INFO WARS listen closely to several of the things he says.  He is there, in Hawaii, investigating Obama's forgeries and has had contact with the investigators of the Cold Case Posse from Arizona.

As all of us know, who have been involved with this forgery and coverup, many times we felt, now, with this new information, finally, the media and conservative talkers on our side would have to admit they were being fooled and take up this issue, only to witness more and more spineless head in the sand reaction.

But now, it appears that there may be at least two individuals in Hawaii, who have been involved in the cover up, who have been identified. 

The coverup has been massive, across this country, from the Social Security System, to the Selective Service Administration, the court systems, both Federal and state, and with the aiding and abetting of the both political parties and main stream media.

The origin of the coverup is, of course, Hawaii.  They have refused to release, for over three years now, the microfilm (microfisch) of Obama's birth record.  They have spouted all number of excuses and reasons for not doing so, without ever actually stating the real reason. That is......They don't have it.  It never existed.

So, why is this different, these two persons being investigated?  It is the difference between doing whatever coverup is required to protect a progressive politician with no consequence for it, and lying to an authorized criminal investigator and going to jail for doing so.

Mike Zullo, lead investigator of the now criminal investigation, referenced police cooperation in Hawaii and has indicated they have uncovered information and individuals, that the news media will now, not be able to ignore.  They will be announcing these new findings, in the very near future.

Will these two ideological obfuscators allow themselves to be packed off to a 4 x 8 cell in order to protect the usurper?

Only time will tell, but TPATH thinks not.
Stay tuned.

See this compelling video at Western Journalism

June 11, 2012 TPATH
The Biggest Cover-up in American History

By: Amil Imani with James H. Hyde
June 9, 2012
Posted by TPATH

In our previous article, “Exonerating President Obama”, we noted that the only Supreme Court precedent for the meaning of the term “natural born Citizen” in Article II, Section 1 of the U.S. Constitution appears to be the Judge Harlan dissent in the United States v. Wong Kim Ark case.  In collaboration with a constitutional attorney, we have examined the subject matter further.

We believe that to understand the complexity of this issue it will be essential to have an understanding of the place that the concepts of “Natural Law” and the book titled Law of Nations had obtained in the run up to the War of Independence with Great Britain. These concepts of natural law were commonly used throughout the colonies to explain, defend and justify the colonists’ contentions in our dispute with Great Britain. Our investigation leaves no doubt that the Founding Fathers of our nation clearly understood the meaning of the term “natural born Citizen” and its relation to Natural Law and Law of Nations. When you have finished studying our research you will also understand that these terms were used in the Declaration of Independence as well as in our Constitution and in the constitutions of a large number of states written at the same time as the Constitutional Convention was in session.

This background understanding will clarify why the delegates to the 1787 Constitutional Convention elected to include “natural born Citizen” in the eligibility requirements for the Office of the President of our nation and what it truly means.

In this article we will prove beyond all doubt that Barack Hussein Obama is not a natural born Citizen and is thus ineligible to be President of the United States.

Citations following the textual part of this article are not simply to provide you the references that support our assertions. They also provide you citations to reading material that will help you understand the 1770 period in our History. To understand our reasoning, it is important that the reader understands the Colonial people, and especially the Founders with their educational backgrounds, their political fears and the nation’s interrelationship with other nations at the time leading up to the War of Independence. In this short article we could not provide all those dimensions, but we hope the reader will study the references to fully understand the time period during which these things took place. Unfortunately there are citations to books which are not available to download online, so to get the whole picture, the reader will need to find a library to borrow the needed materials.

1. In the time frame of 1740—1790, “Natural Law” had grown from the 17th century studies of the early enlightenment philosophers (Grotius, Pufendorf, Rousseau, Locke, de Wolf) into a reason-based concept that was based on the fact that all humans have inherent animal qualities that contribute to laws worldwide that are essentially the same.

2. Emer de Vattel, a Swiss scholar, published a now world famous work titled Law of Nations in French in 1758.  The Vattel work built upon the earlier philosophy of Natural Law, especially that of de Wolf.  But what made Vattel’s work so famous was his adoption of a more modern and easier-to-understand format, which was written like a scientific thesis. It started out with definitions that were worked into the initial textual material in a manner very different from the heavy, incomprehensible writing style of the earlier philosophers. His work is written like a modern do-it-yourself project where he captured the entire history and essence of Natural Law but mixed it into a means to build a new nation based on a new type of constitution or a way of establishing an acceptable set of rules for running a nation in a common sense manner based on the experience of political science as it developed over the centuries.

3. The delegates to the 1787 Constitutional Convention understood what they were voting on when they voted unanimously on Sept. 7, 1787 to add a clause to Article 2, Section 1, Paragraph 5 of the Presidential Eligibility Requirements. They had added an eligibility clause for anyone seeking the Office of the President that requires that they be a “natural born Citizen,” which means that both of his parents had to be citizens of the U.S. on the date of his birth.

4. In the period 1750-1770, the French language had become of growing interest in the world of American politics and had been of major importance to the academic world, especially for American attorneys and in particular how it relates to Natural Law in the time period 1730 and thereafter.

5.  The great majority of the delegates at the Constitutional Convention in 1787 was attorneys and at that time attorneys were primarily men from the upper classes who were typically very well educated at the few colleges and universities of merit in the U.S. For the most part the educational curricula in those schools followed the Classical Education model of Great Britain.

Second shot6. (a) After 1750, many leaders in the U.S. had become aware that the Classical Educational Model was not adequate for the times. This resulted in movements to modernize the curricula of American colleges and universities, in particular to introduce a new emphasis on the teaching of Law in the colleges and universities as opposed to the traditional apprenticeship programs being employed to qualify attorneys. Specifically, for many years prior to 1789, Thomas Jefferson, the then Governor of Virginia, had tried to pass a law in Virginia that would have placed William and Mary, an Anglican facility, in charge of the Virginia State University system and to modernize the curriculum. While his efforts were unsuccessful because of opposition from other church groups, Jefferson was instrumental in abolishing the Greek and Hebrew Professorships at William and Mary and initiating courses in Natural Law and Political Science; likewise, the College of Philadelphia (now Pennsylvania University) had initiated similar changes in the time period 1760-1780 which focused more specifically on legal areas, including Natural Law, to better prepare students to become attorneys. In the time period 1760-1780, the College of New Jersey (now Princeton) was only getting started with the new curriculum and was extremely focused on being a modern, more flexible educational facility compared to universities utilizing the Classical Model. Harvard and Yale were less rapid in modernizing in the time period 1760-1780, except that each had added the study of the French Language to their curricula.

6. (b) John Jay, subsequently the first  Chief Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court, had written a letter on July 25, 1787, to George Washington, who was then the President of the Constitutional Convention, which was in session.  In this letter, John Jay expressed a fear for the nation if the office of the President should fall into the hands of a person with an allegiance to a foreign power. To reduce the chance for this from occurring Mr. Jay recommended including the provision in the President’s Eligibility Requirements that the President must be a “natural born Citizen” in addition to the other age eligibility and term of residency requirements that would suffice to adequately protect the nation from a person with a foreign allegiance from ever becoming President.

6. (c) From the floor of the Constitutional  Convention on Sept. 4, 1787, a delegate voiced an objection to the then proposed  language for Article 2, the Presidential Eligibility Requirements, and Article 2 was sent back to the committee for further consideration. On Sept. 7 the Presidential Eligibility Requirements issue of Article 2 was again brought to the floor, was brought to a vote and unanimously approved. It included the “Natural Born Citizen” requirement initially proposed by John Jay.

7.  As noted above, the vast majority of the delegates to the Constitutional Convention were attorneys. They had attended the very best colleges and universities in the U.S., which had modernized their curriculum and that some of the delegate attorneys had attended British universities, which, in the time period-1770, also included the concepts of Natural Law in their Philosophy curricula.

8. Three copies of the 1775 version of the book Law of Nations, written in French by Emer de Vattel in 1758, had been sent to Ben Franklin by its publisher. Mr. Franklin had sent one copy to the Library Company of Philadelphia (LCP).  In that same year, Mr. Franklin had sent a letter to the publisher informing him that he had been often loaning his copy to other congressman and they were in admiration of Vattel. The LCP was located on the 2nd floor of the Constitutional Convention building in 1787, and arrangements had been completed to provide library membership rights in the LCP on the second floor to all the Constitutional Convention delegates. The 1775 French version of Law of Nations was in the LCP catalog (titled in French: Les Droit des gens), as well as the Law of Nations, 1760 English version. The catalog was also an  inventory of the books on the shelf in 1789 which encompass the dates of the 1787 Constitutional Convention.

President Obama9. (a) We contend that it is inconceivable that 53 of the most able and highly educated gentleman in the United States, including 33 attorneys educated at the finest universities, as a group would not understand the meaning of the term, “natural born Citizen” before they would have cast a unanimous vote to include the term “natural born Citizen” in the President’s Eligibility Requirements. Further it is our contention that the delegates understood that the term “natural born Citizen” had a connection to Natural Law at the time the convention delegates voted unanimously to include the “natural born Citizen” language in Article 2.

9. (b) The preamble of the Declaration of Independence issued by the majority of the Congressmen of this nation on July 4, 1776 made reference to Natural Law and was based on the Natural Law concepts as set forth by Vattel, Wolf and Pufendorf.

Thomas Jefferson, who authored the Declaration of Independence, had been previously responsible for writing the then new Constitution for the State of Virginia which was also based on the Natural Law principles of those same philosophers. In addition, shortly after the 1787 Constitutional Convention completed its work, Thomas Jefferson and James Madison, then President of the College of William and Mary, in 1789 significantly changed that college’s Educational Model by eliminating the Greek and Hebrew requirements and created a new regime involving Natural Law and Political Science as the new curricula elements. James Madison had been the instructor for these courses prior to the 1789 educational regime change.

Thus, the concepts of Natural Law, set out in the Declaration of Independence, in the U.S. Constitution and in the State of Virginia Constitution, had never before in the history of the World been employed in the establishment of a representative republic.  It was the first time that a colony of a ruling power had set forth in a declaration to the sovereign that the sovereign had violated the Natural Rights of the colonists.

10. During the period that followed the Declaration of Independence in 1776 the principles of Liberty and Natural Law, as mentioned in the Preface of said Declaration, were frequently addressed by the American congressmen and that any interpretation of the term “natural born Citizen” at the time of the Signing of the Constitution in 1787 would be the position taken by Justices Fuller and Harlan in their dissent in the Wong Kim Ark  169 U.S. 715 case in which they wrote, “Considering the circumstances surrounding the framing of the Constitution, I submit, it is unreasonable that …Natural Born Citizen applied to (just) anybody.” These Supreme Court Justices clearly meant that the Court must refer to a meaning under Natural Law because it cannot be that just any child born in the U.S. would become a citizen by birth here because that would not address the danger they then feared of persons with an allegiance to a foreign power could become citizens.

11. (a) On Sept. 4, 1787, during the consideration by the delegates of the Presidential Eligibility Requirements in Article 2, Paragraph 5, there was a very powerful OBJECTION expressed that had to have been heard and understood by the Convention. Specifically, the OBJECTION was: “NO NUMBER OF YEARS (of residence in the U.S.) COULD POSSIBLY PREPARE A FOREIGNER FOR THAT PLACE [the presidency].” Based on the widely felt fear of the damage that a foreigner could unleash on the nation if a foreigner filled the highest position of our government, a change was requested. To address this fear, the committee submitted a change to the Eligibility Requirements for the Office of the President in Article 2, Section 1, Paragraph 5, specifically that the president must be a “natural born Citizen.”

11. (b)(1) We contend that from the 6th Century B.C., known as the “Classical Period,” Greek and Roman prose literature was the basis for the Educational Model in the colleges in the American colonies during the 1740s, specifically as it related to the study of politics and nations. This field encompassed the “Natural Law”102 philosophy, and Law of Nations evolved under the influence of the Enlightenment.101

11. (b)(2) By 1760 the term “Natural Law” had become widely understood by the learned and that it had permeated to all201.  So suffused203 was a concern for natural law and its intellectual origins at the time of the Revolution that, as noted above, the opening line of the Declaration of Independence makes a direct reference to the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God as the initial appeal to mankind for the justness of the American cause. Natural Law was thus the ultimate antidote to British claims of supremacy.204

4th_vattel11. (b)(3) By 1770 Emer de Vattel had become world renowned for his wonderful work Law of Nations and that it was the most influential treatise for the colonists.301 Specifically, he helped them in many areas including partnering302 to the exclusion of the sovereign, defensive unions with weaker states303, formation of perpetual confederation, as well as strategy for growth by association.304

There is absolutely no question but that Vattel was unrivaled in his influence on the American founders306, most all of whom were fluent in French and fully understood the French version of Law of Nations.

11. (b)(4) In view of the widespread publicity and familiarity with Natural Law, it is our contention and belief that the words “natural born,” which are part of the term “natural born Citizen,” were selected by the drafting committee because the words “natural born” indicate to any legally informed person that this is a special type of citizenship which is recognized in the Natural Law and in Vattel’s Law of Nations.

11. (b)(5) Natural Law recognizes the term jus sanguinis as a special form of citizenship in which a child’s nationality is determined by the citizenship of both of the child’s parents. This is a special form of citizenship, which is closely related to the citizenship of a child under section 212 of Vattel’s Law of Nations.

11. (b)(6) Since the term “natural born Citizen” was added to the Article 2 Presidential Eligibility Requirements of the Constitution to address the fear of those with foreign allegiances ascending to the presidency, everyone familiar with Vattel’s Law of Nations would know that Section 212 of Vattel’s Book I, Chapter 19 was involved because that section defines in French “Les naturels ou indigenes” are those persons born in a country of parents [plural] that are citizens.  The complete sentence, Les naturels ou indigenes,” sont ceux qui sont nés dans le pays, de parents citoyens in French translates to “The natural or native, are those born in the country, of parents who are citizens.”

To further establish the relevance of Section 212, the last line of that section specifically makes it clear that this provision is directed to the special emotional relationship to the country if a child is born of parents who are citizens rather than foreigners.  The last sentence states, “…if he is born there of a foreigner it will only be his place of birth, and not his country.” It is not essential to show that there was an English language translation at the date of the 1787 Convention that matches the English words, “natural born Citizen.” The committee carefully chose the English words “natural born Citizen” for the Constitution as John Jay submitted them so that the sentence would have the identical meaning as the 1758 Vattel sentence in French and to make it obvious that the term refers to the Natural Law and to Vattel’s Law of Nations.

11. (c) The fact that the eligibility requirement was passed unanimously is generally powerful evidence that that the vote was the “original intent” of the delegates, which is the usual question that needs to be answered positively when evaluating and construing the enforceability of a constitutional provision.


12. (a) It is clear that the term “natural born Citizen” in Article 2, Section 1, clause 5 of the Constitution which states, “No person except a natural born Citizen …shall be eligible for the Office of the President…”  requires a reference to the history of the United States to understand that term.

12. (b) We believe that in view of the degree of knowledge of the highly educated statesmen, congressmen and delegates to the Constitutional Convention in 1787, this sentence in Article 2 clearly makes reference to the Natural Law and to Vattel’s Law of Nations, in which the term is clearly and unequivocally defined.

12. (c) We are aware of a 1987 article directed to the issue of Eligibility Qualifications of the President.401 The analysis of this paper is based on the Farrand Records of the Constitutional Convention of 1911. Much better records are available today as can be seen in the Madison # 11(a) record and in the Bancroft record in the #11(a) citation. In fact, the Farrand record they relied on failed to show that there was an objection from the floor when the Presidential Eligibility issue was raised.  This objection obviously led to the addition of the term “natural born Citizen.”  For some reason, in complete disregard to the ordinary facts of Conventions, this article suggests there was something strange about the fact that Farrand’s Record showed no debate on this issue.  Everyone knows that there were no official records made of the Convention and that the Farrand records were inherently defective. Further in a convention in a small facility like Carpenter’s Hall where issues are discussed privately and where there is no disagreement that it is very common that there is little or no debate, normally evidenced by the unanimous approval. Even more to the point, the analysis failed to consider external facts, such as the educational background of the delegates, the historical situation of the nation as well as the political fears of the founders as noted by John Jay and approved by George Washington.  This deficiency is best addressed by the words of Mr. Bederman:

fathers“Comparative constitutionalism has something to offer not only for the making of Constitutions but also their interpretation. If originalism is going to be consistently and legally espoused as a means of constitutional construction, then the complete mentalite of the framing generation needs to be observed.  If it matters what the ‘intelligent and informed people’ of the Framing generation understood the Constitution to mean, it would be folly to exclude from the analysis of the crucial element of the educational background, historical sensibilities, and political fears of those people. As I have suggested here, classicism and ancient history were crucial components of those understandings and beliefs, and were as significant as the Framer’s economic interests, their religious values and their confidence in the rule of law and the promise of liberty.402”

12. (d) In our opinion, it is absolutely clear that under Vattel’s Law of Nations, Chapter XIX, Section 212, that Mr. Obama does not comply with the Article 2, Section 1 eligibility requirements of the U.S. Constitution to hold the Office of the President. This analysis is also based on Mr. Obama’s public admission that his father, a Kenyan, was still a British citizen in 1961 when Barack II was born. For most of this nation, once they understand and appreciate the historical place of the doctrine of Natural Law and the Law of Nations, this conclusion will be accepted, resulting in a sad day, maybe the most sorrowful day ever for our nation. We are good people, Democrats, Republicans, and independents. Each of us will need to come to terms with the fact that Mr. Obama has known for many years that he is not a “natural born Citizen” of the United States. None of us can hide any longer from this fact and each of us will need to consider the ramifications to our children of the immorality of his actions.

(It appears Mickey Mouse is not restricted to just NJ ballots)
Breaking: New Jersey Court Denies Plaintiffs’ Appeal in Obama Ballot Challenge

June 1, 2012 TPATH

Nicholas Purpura, a great American patriot and one of the complainants in the ongoing effort to expose Obama and his crimes sent TPATH this response to the Wednesday's Appellate hearing.

Of the judge’s decision, Purpura sent these remarks to TPATH.

I’m going to write an article on it.  The decision shows that there is no sovereignty, no due process, and no proper procedure in the state of New Jersey.  I’ve never seen such a ridiculous decision in my life.  They confirmed the administrative law judge’s decision that Obama was born in Hawaii and that he is a “natural born Citizen.” They affirmed that the Secretary of State and the administrative law judge were correct.  It’s on page 3 of the decision.

Never before in American jurisprudence, as far as I’m concerned have we seen courts ignore the main fact that there was no evidence.  They testified that there was no evidence, and their ridiculous statement that even Mickey Mouse could run without proof of eligibility shows just how Mickey Mouse these judges are.  They’re out of their minds.

The Supreme Court of the United States has stated affirmatively that for a decision to qualify as proper due process, one must base it on evidence, and in the decision, said evidence has to be listed.  I want to know where his eligibility is.  I want to know where the evidence is.  There is none!

They’re saying he doesn’t have to prove who he is.  Wait a minute…that’s absurd!  You have to read the decision.  I”m going to go a little deeper when I write my article. But I’m not going to write it today.  I was angry yesterday to see their behavior, which was disgraceful.  When the judge walked in, his robe was open, as if to say, “I don’t want to be bothered with this.”  In my opinion, this decision was written prior to his hearing of this case.

We’re going to appeal this, because as far as I’m concerned, where is the rule of law?  Can they just disregard it and create their own law?  Can they decide that a person is born in a state without evidence?  Can they prove that Mickey Mouse could be on the ballot?  Is that true in New Jersey?  That just shows the need for judicial reform.

We have standing rules in law, and I have yet to see them applied in this particular case.

If they were jurists, they would have had to say, “Where’s the evidence that he was born in Hawaii?”  They said there’s no evidence; they testified that the document on the internet could not be be used as evidence of his eligibility, so then where is the eligibility?  Personally, to me, the director of the election commission here in New Jersey stated, “Oh, no, we don’t even have proof from 2008 that he was eligible.”  So then it was true what they said:  even Mickey Mouse could be on the ballot.

New Jersey state law says that a person can’t be on the ballot for a national election unless he is eligible.  There’s no proof of eligibility here.  It’s a contradiction of the law, and it tells me there is no law.

How are these judges leaving this country to their children and grandchildren?  It’s time for judicial reform.  If you violate the Constitution, you should be removed from the bench.  If you violate that oath, you are committing treason.

We’re looking at a constitutional issue here, whether or not our Constitution has any meaning.  There are numerous types of citizens:  Article I citizens and Article II citizens, and Obama is certainly not an Article II citizen by his own admission.  So what do we have here:  he can change the law?  This matter can never end until we know because every law that he passed and every regulation will be nullified if he’s not a legitimate president, and that will protect our country.  He has already destroyed it.  This has to be settled, and they have to stop running from this issue.

Even if he loses the election, the issue must be addressed, not about Mr. Obama holding the office, but for what he did while holding office, legally or illegally.

June 1, 2012 TPATH

May 29, 2012 TPATH

May 29, 2012 TPATH - Before you scroll down and read the astounding and ultimately devastating poll results, here is a bit of background on its structure and why it was taken.  It will be quite clear too, why the mainstream media will not take a poll like this, as it will show they are losing the battle of secrecy they have been waging against our people.

A few weeks ago TPATH posted an open letter to Glenn Beck in response to his openly condescending remarks concerning the on going birth and forgery issues of one, Barack Hussein Obama.  Typical of the mainstream news media, Beck belittled, in pure Alinsky fashion, the patriots of this country who  care about the complete Constitution, and not just selective, convenient sections.

Our point in writing the letter was to ask Glenn to post questions to his viewers and readers of the Blaze, which would let him see the large percentage of his "people" which have not been convinced that the Usurper, is in fact, not an usurper.

As one who has spent almost 4 years investigating this fraud they call the President, even I was flabbergasted at the outcome of this poll.

Of course this  was not scientific.  Far from it.  For certain most of the participants are regular readers of TPATH or were sent the link by them.  This group is comprised of hardworking Americans who consider themselves, for the most part, Conservatives, Constitutionalists, Capitalists, Republicans and even a few Libertarians.  Very few Marxists and forgers visit TPATH.

This was an on line poll with no restrictions except the participant had to supply an email address so as to prevent multiple votes by one person. Two votes per email were permitted to allow for those who only have one email.  Votes which did not have a viable email address were rejected and not counted.

The poll was up for one week.
 From May 19 ~ May 27, 2012


1- Are you convinced that Obama was born in Hawaii? 
Total votes -2536
NO:  2,510            98.9%
YES:      26              1.0%

2- Do you think Hawaii should release the microfilm record of  Obama's birth? 
Total votes 2539

NO:          37         1.49%
YES:    2,502        98.50%

3- Do you think such microfilm exists? 
Total votes 2534

NO:             1,781    70.2%
NOT SURE :     190     7.5%
YES:                563    22.2%

4- Do you think Obama is hiding facts concerning his birth? 
Total votes 2535
NO:         25        1.01%
YES:   2,510       98.9%

5- Do you think Obama is Constitutionally eligible to be president?  
Total votes 2535
NO:    2,497     98.4%
YES:        38       1.5%

Sheriff Joe's posse:
 'Hawaii duped Arizona'

Letter on Obama eligibility 'doesn’t verify anything of significance'

May 26, 2012 TPATH

May 26, 2012 (TPATH)  - If anyone thinks the verification that was sent to Arizona in regards to Obama's birth, will put an end to this, "fagedda bout it".

Ken Bennet's first request for a 3 point verification went without response for almost 8 weeks.  This gave the establishment, people like John McCain, all the time they needed to work on Bennett.   And work on him they did.

Finding out that one needs to have much more backbone than he, Bennett folded up his tent and slithered back into the GOP establishment hole.

With his tail between his spindly legs, Bennett agreed to drop the request written in his original letter and  accept a form used by Hawaii for such requests. 

That form and the associated letter sent by HSOS, did not verify that the birth certificate Obama claims is his and put out on the White House web site, match.

The only thing the letter and form did was verify that they had "something" relating to Obama's birth.  That of course could be the information one of Obama's grandparents sent in, after the fact.

So, it is not over folks.  Absolutely nothing was proven except that Ken Bennett is just another in a long line of limp noodles more concerned about himself than our Constitution.

The following is an excerpt from WND

“Hawaii duped Arizona” in its response to Arizona Secretary of State Ken Bennett’s request to verify Barack Obama’s eligibility for the 2012 election, charges the lead investigator of Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s Cold Case Posse.

“We have developed incontrovertible proof that the verification provided by the Hawaii Department of Health to Arizona’s secretary of state on May 22 really doesn’t verify anything of significance,” said Mike Zullo, who is in Hawaii to follow up on his team’s initial findings concerning Obama’s birth record.
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As WND reported, after more than eight weeks of pressing Hawaii’s Department of Health, Bennett said Tuesday that he finally received information that proves Obama’s American birth and satisfies Arizona’s requirements for placing the president on the ballot.

Read more here
May 15, 2012 TPATH


By Mario Apuzzo, Esq.

On Friday, May 11, 2012, I filed with the New Jersey Appellate Division on behalf of Nicholas E. Purpura and Theodore T. Moran their appeal of the New Jersey Secretary of State’s final decision to permit presidential candidate Barack Obama on the New Jersey primary ballot.

On Friday, May 11, 2012, I also made an application with the Appellate Division that the appeal be handled on an emergent basis. On Monday, the Court issued an order providing that the Court, sua sponte, accelerates the appeal.

The Court has ordered that appellants file and serve their brief and appendix on or before Friday, May 18, 2012 and that respondent Barack Obama file and serve his responding brief and appendix on or before Friday, May 25, 2012. The Court also ordered that the New Jersey Attorney General file and serve his response on or before Friday, May 25, 2012.

Finally, the Court scheduled telephonic oral argument for Wednesday, May 30, 2012, at 1:00 p.m. The appeal will be heard and decided by a panel of three Appellate Division judges, Clarkson S. Fisher, P.J.A.D., Linda G. Baxter, J.A.D., and Philip S. Carchman, J.A.D. A copy of the Court’s Order entered by Hon. Judge Carchman on May 14, 2012 may be read here,

http://www.scribd.com/puzo1/d/93589363-Purpura-Moran-Order-on-Emergent-Application-5-14-12 .

In our appeal, we will be arguing that:

1. The Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) and Secretary of State (SOS) erred in finding that Obama, because he does not have to consent to his nominating petition, does not have any legal obligation to provide any evidence to the New Jersey Secretary of State proving who he is, where he was born, and that he is constitutionally eligibility to occupy the Office of President in order to be placed on the New Jersey primary election ballot.

2. The ALJ and SOS erred in finding that a “natural born Citizen” includes any child who is born in the United States and “subject to the jurisdiction thereof,” regardless of the citizenship status of the parents.

3. The ALJ and SOS erred in finding that Obama was born in Hawaii, for there is no evidence in the record supporting such a finding.

4. The ALJ and SOS erred in finding that Obama was born in Hawaii and therefore as a matter of law he is an Article II “natural born Citizen.”

Mario Apuzzo, Esq.
May 14, 2012


February 17, 2012 (TPATH) - Fellow patriots, if the scoundrels in DC and the lower courts in Georgia and elsewhere think that they have stopped our effort to hold the Constitution up to the standards our founding fathers would demand, they are mistaken.

As many of you know, we reported last week that Larry Klayman has put new energy and a new strategy into the Constitutional battle so many have been waging as a result of lower courts and elected officials ignoring their oaths to defend the Constitution.

Mr. Klayman, founder of Judicial Watch has enthusiastically joined this struggle and if any of you don't know who Larry is, there are many crooked politicians and businessmen who can tell you, right after they step out of the puddle that question precipitated.

A lot of work and preparation must go into the filings for the above  listed states. And they are working on others too.

Fellow patriots....This takes money and just a little bit from all our readers will put this work on a the fast track it needs to be on in order to prevent these states from putting #Obama on their ballots until he proves, with proper documents, he is eligible for the office he seeks.

If you care about this issue please take a minute and link to one of the icons here to help.  $5 or 10$from enough of us, will finance these efforts.  Also, if you think there are people in your email or Facebook that would like to help, please send this around to them.


This is a call for help from one of America's most strident and tireless defenders of our Constitution.  Gary and his organizations are making extraordinary headway in New Hampshire.

With a little help, this could be the start of an avalanche of press coverage and the end of Mr. Occupy White House.

If everyone that reads this would send just $5 this constitutional campaign will blast off like a Patriot Missile.  The wall of corruption is beginning to crumble, help those that have worked so hard in this effort by donating a $5 sledge hammer.


See the letter from Give Us Liberty founder Gary below:

Gary Wilmott
Give Us Liberty
December 24, 2011

Hello Fellow Patriots,
I just want you to know that there is a group of fellow patriots who have been working tirelessly on the New Hampshire Ballot Challenge. We are on the phone with people on the ground in New Hampshire and we are talking to courageous NH state reps who will not back down on this issue. There are many activities planned and so much to do in the next two weeks. We have already instituted a phone-in program to NH talk radio and have two sympathetic local stations targeted for the next two weeks. I will be emailing details about how you can help get the message out shortly. With your help, we CAN make a difference!

The citizens of New Hampshire need to be informed that their Ballot Commission has betrayed their trust. The Commission failed to vet Obama in the face of overwhelming evidence that he is not constitutionally qualified to be on the ballot. We must educate the New Hampshire voters of the impending voter fraud and ensure that the laws of New Hampshire be upheld. If we can't get Obama off the ballot we can impact his vote and send a message to the rest of the nation. Your efforts can also help persuade the New Hampshire Supreme Court to listen to the appeal about the Ballot Commission's blatant misconduct and disregard for the law.

We need help right now however to finance an email blast that will reach 118,000 New Hampshire residents. We have been assured that the email contacts are 80% accurate. We can pull this off for only $2000! We have already raised about $800. We need the additional $1,200 asap. Any funds in excess of the $2,000 will be put towards a NH  mailing campaign right before the primary.

If anyone in this group can donate $5, $10 or $20 you can be assured that it will be put towards this project! The ARTICLE II PAC has agreed to assist with this effort and all donations should be sent to their address. [SEE BELOW]

If you can not donate a small (large is good too ) amount of money...we are in need of volunteers to do data input in EXCEL spreadsheet as we are currently developing a contacts list of residents in New Hampshire. If you can help in anyway, please contact me. Also let me know if you are interested in the radio call-in efforts.

Seriously, it's time to step up and help. We have an anti-American fraud in the White House who is destroying our country and shredding the Constitution. PLEASE do your part. Every bit will help.

Article II Pac is our financing arm




Any amount would help- $5-10-25-???

(Not Mark Levin)

December 12, 2011 (TPATH) The honorable John Jay, the first leader of the United States Supreme Court, initiated the insertion of "Natural Born Citizen" into the Constitution for the purpose of setting a higher standard for the office of the President. All of the verbal gymnastics being put forth by the left, as to the meaning of the term, will eventually be proven to be just what it is. Unlawful defense of an individual and political party at the expense and detriment of this country. When you watch this video you will begin to wonder how this country continues to allow such simple and precise language to be twisted, manipulated and convoluted.


For several weeks now the news media, politicians and even conservative talk show hosts have ignored completely the indisputable fact that someone in the Obama Administration forged and manipulated the long form birth certificate they released and posted on the White House web site.

It is past the time that every politician needs to be held accountable and to take a stand on the side of right or wrong.  TPATH has written a letter that every politician in this country should read.  We are in the process of getting it to as many of them as we can.  We need your help.

The letter is posted here and everyone who agrees with our conclusion is encouraged to download it, make any changes to it that you would like and send it to each and every politician from legislators to state senators all they way up through the governor and Congress.

Here is a link to all the evidence anyone could ever need to prove this forgery.

Click on the link below to download the letter.  Please save the file and alter in any way you see fit that will reflect your views and thoughts.  Every politician in America should be made aware of the information available in the above link and should be encouraged to do so with the  letter linked here, or one of your own.

Most likely because the Socialist Media missed reporting it.

TPATH (Aug.12) For months now, Orly Taitz has been on a mission to protect the Constitution of these United States.  Orly is an attorney and a dentist and having been born in the old Soviet Union, Moldovia, she came to the US in 1987 and became a naturalized citizen.

Attorney Orly Taitz
Protector of the Constitution

Back in July, a US District court ordered the Hawaii Health Department to present the original birth certificate, of Mr. Obama, to Ms. Orly and her experts for examination.  The deadline was August 8, 2011.

You heard of that subpoena in the news.  Oh You didn't? Not surprising  since not one single major news outlet found that a news worthy item.

So what is this all about?  Did not Obama blow away Trump and the so called Birthers when he released his long form birth certificate?   Well, according to the leftists and even the so called conservative media the issue was "blown away". Not one journalist has seen, heard or spoken of that clearly bogus document.

However, experts have found real problems with that April 27th release. That is because, it is a forgery.  TPATH is quite sure you have heard that on CNN and other places.  You haven't heard that either?

Orly Taitz has decided, much to the dismay and fear of the media, that there needs to be some accounting for the deception and felony being committed against the American people.

Hawaii has claimed they have the original version on file.  That document should match the one Obama posted, exactly because they claim it is a copy of the original.  Orly would like to verify that.

Of course, they won't match, since the real birth certificate was hand typed back in 1961 and Obama's released BC was produced with a software program.  See this report:

August 8th arrived and Ms. Taitz and document experts were waiting at the HDOH expecting to be given access to the document. As you might expect, they were denied access to the document.  You saw that on ABC several days ago, right?
Oh!, you missed that report too? 

Then no doubt you also missed the news that offials of Hawaii's Health Department as well as the state's Attorny's General office have been ordered to court on September 14th to show cause for having ignored a US District court order.  Maybe the problem with this lack of 'reportation' relates to the fact that Obama is not a Republican.  No, that can't be, can it?

Does all this prove that Obama was not born in Hawaii like he claims?  No.  Does it prove he is not eligible to be President? No, but of course where he was born has nothing to do with his ineligibility.  It's where his father was born that does that.  But that's another story.

What this mess does prove, and with out a doubt, is that Obama is hiding something.  What that is, will come out.  It always does.  What is astonishing however, is not that Obama is hiding from his past and that he would try to cover it up, but that every genre of news and talk refuse to address this issue.

There is no integrity, no journalistic fire to find and do the right thing. No outlet, no talk show host or news paper is willing to even mention this cover up and forgery.

Except one, Steve Malzberg, on WOR radio last night, took the bull by the horns and laid out, with the help of Ms. Taitz, the entire mockery being shoved down the throats of the American people.

Steve Malzberg- WOR Radio

TPATH woudl like to say, Steve, welcome aboard.  You sir are a patriot.  The media reminds me of the old movie, "Village of The Damned", where the hero had to force himself not to "think" of certain words while in the room with the murderous children. He focused on "a brick wall" to block out what he was really thinking. Gradually, bit by by bit, that wall began to flake, then crumble.

The media's brick wall has begun to flake. Steve Malzberg is the first big piece to break and fall.  The rest will surely follow.

Dwight Kehoe
 August 12, 2011

Document details show typewriter had variable type way back in 1961?

July 18,2011 TPATH