Commentary by
TPATH Editor
Dwight Kehoe

April 26, 2017 ~TPATH~ Several years ago, after months of Obama and leftist agenda having been forced down America’s throat, the next logical step for that crazed cabal was an all-out effort to convince the masses that man was heating up the planet.   During that time TPATH did some research which proved beyond any modicum of doubt that mankind is having close to zero effect on climate change.

The research paper we put out used information and data as promoted by the leftist group The Sierra Club.  Using their very clearly exaggerated estimates of the amount of carbon dioxide that human activity was guilty of polluting the atmosphere with, we produced shocking results. Shocking at least to those who might have expected Armageddon. Our conclusions were not based upon speculation, false presumptions or manipulated data or computer programs designed to reach a pre-ordained outcome. Could anyone imagine that any government agency would ever do such a thing?


Commentary By

TPATH Editor

​Dwight Kehoe

April 6, 2017 ~TPATH~ Everyday now more and more dirty deeds perpetrated by the ex-usurper Obama and his cadre of slimy operatives are slithering out of the bowels of that malodorous swamp.  While the targets of these treasonous acts were Donald Trump and his staff, the real victims are the American people and the US Constitution.

Especially known for her infamous performances on various talk shows where she explained to the world how a video that had 6 views on YouTube had instigated the attacks on the Benghazi consulate which resulted in the deaths of several great American heroes, Susan Rice, has just been identified as one of the persons who has been engaged in “wiretapping” the Trump organization.

We used the word “wiretapping” to illustrate the conniving, misleading, verbal gymnastics being put out by the propaganda wing of the Democratic Party otherwise known as the MSM.   Everyone knows that when Trump tweeted he was being “wiretapped” he used an old school jargon because, well, he’s from the old school.  The last time we looked cellphones, IPhones and laptops were not tethered to wires. Only a fool would think that Trump meant an actual wiretap, where some spy vs. spy people physically attached recording devices to the Trump Tower phone system.  The news media knows better but they are confident that the few people still listening to them are idiots and will accept their narrative.  

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APRIL 7, 2017


Commentary by
TPATH Editor
Dwight Kehoe

March 29, 2017 ~TPATH~  These past few weeks have stirred much consternation among so many of the  irredeemable and deplorable Trump supporters.  There has been anger and even some vitriol splashed across the realm of social media. TPATH is not concerned in the least with the MSM or for that matter, the Democratic leadership.  In fact the more they melt down in utter foolishness, lies and outrageous shenanigans the better we feel about where this country is finally headed.

But what is a concern is how many on our side who, all of a sudden, have decided that they know more about “the deal” and more about how to bring about success than does President Donald Trump.  This is in reference to the so called health care diabolical or failure.  His devotees, and very rightfully so, have from the beginning believed that Trump is a master of the deal and that he can be trusted to do the things he has promised.  Then why have so many, like my good and dear friend Phil, begun to lose faith?  Why do they suppose, even before the first huge deal is done, that Trump is falling short on his promises?

Honestly and realistically no one on the outside of his inner circle knows what has transpired or why.  They don’t know if this is Trump spiraling out of control or if Trump is controlling the spiral.  My bet is on the latter.

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