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Commentary By:
Dwight Kehoe

December 17, 2014 ~TPATH ~ For many years now we have heard chilling tales about that elusive, powerful and manipulative entity conspiracy theorists have called "The New World Order".  Not only have the members of this group managed for the most part to remain anonymous, but their agenda has remained mysterious and obscure.  So much so that many good people have been perfectly fine with ignoring its existence or viability.  

Whether or not this New World Order is in lockstep with World Communism or if they are actually one and the same, apathy, ignorance and misplaced faith in the power hungry patricians who dominate the world, have all contributed to clearing the way for an agenda which has been well planned and implemented. So much so, that freedom and liberty may soon become social anomalies only read about in the history books of posterity.

These next several years and what we do or don't do with them, will be the the determining factor as to whether or not this experiment of justice and freedom for the people, this thing called America, will fade away like the final diminishing notes of an abated instrumental.

Fomenting the social isolationism of diversity.
America is indeed headed for the terrible triple play of destruction which has been eroding our culture and tearing at the fabric of our country. That three pronged attack has instigated and spawned the emergence diversity, a dangerous division of people and cultures.  By instigating isolation between communities which remain separated in language and culture, the weapon called diversity has destroyed the melting pot theme which has been one of America's great strengths.

The usurper installed in our White House, as well as all those he has working with him, have been following the preset orders.  The Stepford News Media, dutifully complaint and equally ignorant, have been wallowing in the glee of having a progressive as President and have remained silent and will continue to do so. Instigating racial tension, fabricating anger and dividing the races started the first day Obama was illegally sworn in, and continues at every opportunity.  

Cultivating the growth of Islamic terrorist activity.
Is it possible that the leaders of the so called civilized countries of the world do not understand the primordial barbarism of the Islamic State?  Are we to believe that pedafillia, sexual enslavement, the mutilation of women, the beheading of infidels and the use of a counterfeit religion as cover for implementing a tyrannical form of government, are all lost on these leaders?  Not exactly.

Communism does not fear Islam.  Islam is a tool, another arm of the triple play.  They will continue to allow its growth from continent to continent, country to country and village to village.  Islam will help Communists destroy liberty, freedom and capitalism.  Then, with all morality based Judeo/Christian societies silenced and defeated and relegated to history, the New World Order will begin the eradication of Islam. It will be brutal, it will be quick and it will be final.  

Crushing the middle class and economic armageddon.
Every time a government has used the creation of debt effort to stimulate its economy, the results have been devastating.  Every time.  That is why this is being done here.  Not to help the economy but to destroy it.  Debt creation (Quantitative Easing), has been going on at outrageous rates, never before done anywhere in the world. Every single month, since Obama has been in office, between $50 Billion and $70 Billion of debt has been created out of thin air.

The National Debt has risen from just under $7 Trillion when Obama took over to an astounding $18 Trillion in just six short years.  The debt has increased almost three times as much under Obama than all the other presidents, combined.  It is difficult for most people to comprehend just how much this country has spent and just how big $18 Trillion actually is.  Keep in mind when you read these next numbers that this $18 Trillion is not all they have spent.  It represents the money they spent, they did not have.

In the form of a question, here is one way of showing how much $18 Trillion is.
Question: If the US Government stopped adding to the debt on this day and began paying it back at the rate of $1,000,000 (Million) every single day until the debt was satisfied (paid off), how long would those payments have to be made?
Answer: 49,315 years!!!
As a side note, it's the Tea Party that is radical for wanting this stopped? 

Madness or intentional? What happens to a society which can't feed itself? What happens when the dollars a man earns have lost so much value he can't buy a loaf of bread with a week's pay?  What will get that man into the streets or into your house?  Hunger.  The greatest motivator of survival. 

Are the three prongs beginning to culminate?
As we consider the real possibility that economic collapse, combined with Islamic terrorism being nourished and the stoking of the fires of racial tension are the ingredients needed which will culminate in mayhem, roving gangs filled with hatred, despair and hunger will be battling in the streets and invading your home.  That breakdown of society will open the door to the end of liberty as the implementation of permanent Martial Law anchors itself across the country.

Is Obama the leader of this attack on America?  No, he is but a well selected tool.  While he surely has natural racial animosities, the hate for American exceptionalism, communist tendencies, disdain for Jews and Christians and a love of Islamic fundamentalism, he surely was a well chosen instrument.  Combined with the fact that America still bleeds the disgrace of slavery, the leaders of this New World Order knew very well that an African American could do almost anything, could break any laws, could divide the people on all the required parameters, without a peep from the guilt ridden masses. Yes, he was well chosen.

As those of us recall the of executions in China, the millions starved and frozen to death in the Ukraine, the killing fields of Cambodia, the murder and attempted annihilation of the Jews, the unmarked mass graves, like a cancer on human history, are scattered across this globe, the number of innocent human beings which were relegated to the status of trash, are uncountable and total into the hundreds upon hundreds of millions.  

All of these atrocities were committed by Communist regimes after having prepared the people by first disarming them and then creating hatred and racial tension.  Does any of this look or sound familiar?  It should, we are living it right now.  

History shows that even the worst hell hole countries in the world were considered prizes and no amount of human sacrifice was too great a cost for their acquisition.  Now, these leftist ideologues have control of the largest prize in the history of the world.  They have successfully grabbed control of the main prize, that golden ring.  What would they do and what will they do, to keep control of such wealth and power?

Their ruthless, bloody history holds that answer. During the next several months everything that we grew up believing about our stability, our freedoms and our future will continue to crumble.  It's not too late to begin preparing for what is coming.  If you have not done so as of now, you had better not delay much longer.

For information on planning and preparation please spend some time here:



  Joseph: Model Father and Husband -
                        By RoseAnn Salinitri 

December 16th ~TPATH~ The story of the birth of Jesus and His conception has been told for two millennia. Most Christian churches dedicate the entire month of December to singing Christmas carols, quoting Messianic prophecies, and other such traditional festivities that we associate with this very special time of year.  There have been songs and television movies written about the three Wise Men/Kings that bring gifts to the baby Jesus and even the fictitious little drummer boy. But one of the more interesting and admirable characters is given little attention.  Joseph, God’s choice to father His son, is pictured standing next to Mary in nativity scenes around the world but his role is little more than decorative - right up there with the shepherds, the sheep, and the other manger animals. However, the life of Joseph and his faithfulness to God and his family is something that can be more than inspiring in this culture where fatherhood and manhood is grossly misunderstood and diminished.


                               By Frosty Wooldridge

December 16, 2014 ~TPATH~ While racial issues boil across America, everyone offers a different take on the killings of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri and Eric Garner in New York City. 
National Football League players raise their hands up while racing onto the field signaling the iconic “Hands up, don’t shoot!”  Ironically, many of them carry criminal records.


 What Do We Want? 
                                        By Rich Matrisciano

December 16, 2014 ~TPATH~
This is the chant shouted by brainwashed thugs in NYC, Saturday the 13th. As they chanted and shouted, they carried banners proclaiming hate and inciting violence. The protest was led by those who grow rich and powerful by tearing us apart. 

This is what we’ve become in America. We’ve allowed race bating to become a hate industry on the backs of honest American men and women of all races.



Requests Amendment to Unconstitutional Law

New Jersey State Senator
Joe Kyrillos

Attn: State Senator Joe Kyrillos
Re: Request an Amendment to New Jersey Title  NJS.2C:58-4
From: Dwight Kehoe
Date: December 7, 2014

Dear Senator Kyrillos,
Before I get to the substance of this letter it is important that you know a bit about me and why I am involved with many conservative issues and writing to you today.

My State Senator, until this last redistricting was Senator Beck, so this is the first time that I have contacted you.  Although I may be a bit more conservative than are you, I have supported and voted for you on several occasions. 

I wholeheartedly endorse the concepts and ideology of many of the Tea Party groups here in NJ and across the country.  However, while I was involved with some early on, now I am not a  “signed up” member of any of them.  I started a website ( several years ago which is dedicated to conservative views, news and commentary.  It has been very critical of Democrats and their socialist agenda and of course it has taken to task, the Republican Party, as well as some Tea Party activity, when the need arose.  Having said that, I know those two latter entities are the only hope for this country.

Senator Kyrillos, please do not take the following information I include here as any indication that it is my belief that you or your colleagues do not know and understand history and the US Constitution.  It does not. It is offered to you only for the purpose of letting you know why I take the positions I do and why it is important for Republican politicians to support and defend that document.  Clearly the Democratic Party and those associated with it, will not.

The founding fathers were a brilliant and experienced group of scholars and historians.  They understood the dangers of tyrannical and repressive rulers.  As a consequence every aspect of the Constitution was prepared with that in mind. They prepared the Bill of Rights, the first 10 Amendments, for the sole purpose of limiting government control over the people.  Those Amendments were listed in order of importance, as they saw them.  The freedoms and rights of the Second Amendment, by virtue of position, indicates the value they placed in them.

None of the Amendments in the Bill of Rights were authored for the protection of the government or to enhance its power and control over the people.  Quite the opposite.  In that light, it is difficult to believe that, as some on the left continue to espouse, the right to keep and bare arms was meant only for a State controlled militia.  That concept is contrary to  the Bill of Rights and to the known ideology of the founders.

They also knew that times would change and that the future would look very different from the way it was back then.  They feared that if there were not some mechanism to legally change the Constitution and its Amendments, the entire document would be weakened and could possibly be discarded as portions were ignored or unenforced.  No one needs to be reminded that as of this writing those fears are becoming a reality. 

The Democratic Party can not be counted on to stop this destruction.  Those of us who fear the loss of liberty, not for us, but for those who come after, are counting on the Republican Party of our wonderful state, to help us.  If not our Republican Party and if not you Mr. Kyrillos, then who?

There is a process to remove or amend any portion of the Constitution or its existing Amendments.  The founders gave us that tool.  So until and when or if, the Second Amendment becomes adjusted or repealed, it is the law of our country and our state and every Senator and Assemblyman has taken an oath to support it. 

While statistics are very often ignored, they don't lie.  The most telling of  FBI statistics compiled over many decades prove that the founders were correct.  Locations where honest citizens are not denied their rights to self defense are safer.  Not by a small amount, but by huge numbers.  The statistics are overwhelming.

Some might say that ghettos and large cities where the under educated and minorities dominate the demographic are areas where the right to arm one's self should not be allowed because those people, under the apparent thinking of leftist politicians and some not so left, can't be trusted with firearms.  That misguided and ignorant assumption has cost the lives of many hardworking people and has imprisoned and continues to imprison people in their own homes as they fear the shadows and the night. 

Those “supposed” caring politicians have successfully disarmed the honest citizen and taken the fear out of criminal activity.  Life and reality is not a controlled sporting event.  Violent crimes are perpetrated on civilians who can't call a timeout as they await the arrival of police protection.  This is wrong, it's unequal application of the law and it's evil.

Many of the gun laws here in New Jersey contribute to this situation.  Yes, New Jersey does allow for the citizen to be armed.  But only in intentionally disguised diversionary rhetoric and the words used in the Firearms Title laws implement an opposite reality.  The actual right is dissolved by the inclusion of the phrase, “and that he has a justifiable need to carry a handgun”.

As you read this, there are many New Jersey statutes which are unconstitutional. But the above referenced phrase of Title NJS.2C:58-4 may be the single most egregious of any of them for it essentially prevents citizens, except for criminals, law enforcement and the elite, the right to self protection.  It applies unequally across the spectrum of honest citizens because it affords some the right while denying it to others, based on an arbitrary conclusion of a non-elected official of the state.

No one on my side of this argument wants a “wild west” scenario where every person is carrying a weapon and arguments are settled with gunfire.  If that were the case, thousands of people would be killed everyday in states where citizens are legally armed.  As mentioned above, those states are the safest and even though most people do not carry weapons, the criminals have no idea who might be.  They tend to behave themselves a bit more.

The organizations I am working with considered a petition that would either request the Senate or the Assembly to take up the removal of that phrase from the law or even getting the request on the ballot on November 3, 2015, in the form of a Public Question.  Both of those ideas have been, at least for now put aside in favor of using the more direct approach.  That is, asking our Senate and Assembly representatives to present this to the legislature in the form of an amendment to that Title..

In closing, I have spent much of this Sunday preparing this letter for you.  It is my hope that it will be answered in specifics and not a form letter which is of course not much different from tossing it into the circular file.  It is hoped that you or one of your aides would either answer this request, after giving it considerable thought, with a phone call or an email or letter which would explain your position on this matter.

Senator, this is an important issue of the day and times.  There are dangers growing everywhere in every part of our society.  As efficient and hardworking as our police are, more than ever, they will not be able to protect the citizens of New Jersey.  Criminals, terrorists and gang members must know that every citizen,  not just the elite and the powerful, are able to protect themselves.  That was the intent of our founding fathers.  The Second Amendment is law. You have, by virtue of your oath, only two options. Defend it or change it. 

Note: Senator, you will be receiving this letter in hard copy via the US Postal Service.

Warm regards,
Dwight Kehoe

Contact Dwight  HERE




By TPATH Contributor
RoseAnn Salanitri

December 4, 2014, ~TPATH~ In 2014, it has become hard for those who understand what has happened to America to deny that everything we are and everything we stand for has suffered attacks both from domestic and foreign enemies.  
  • We have seen the systematic dismantling of our educational system, our economy, of nearly all our constitutional rights and the breakdown of our borders.  
  • We have seen our leaders more intent on accommodating our enemies than protecting our citizens.  
  • We have seen our judges more concerned with the rights of criminals than the rights of the victims.
  • We have seen our legislators more concerned with protecting their own careers than protecting and preserving the Constitution, according to their oaths. 
  • We have seen numerous attempts to render our military impotent, and we have seen our leaders raid our treasury to buy votes and build the economy of hostile nations.  
  • Additionally, we have seen those who should be uniting us dividing us.  
  • We have seen our jobs and livelihoods exported in the name of free trade - not to mention the dismantling of our healthcare system and total disregard for the sanctity of life.  
And yet - in spite of all these assaults against us -
by the grace of God, we are still standing.

Why we are still standing must be astounding those who are purposefully trying to destroy us.  They have done everything within their power and everything they can manage outside of their power to reduce us to nothing more than a memory of a failed experiment in government. To be honest, why we are still standing can be a bit of an enigma for our patriots as well as our enemies.  It seems the only logical way to explain it is Divine preservation. In one of its historic and poetic books, the Bible recorded such a time for ancient Israel.  During the time the Book of Lamentations was written, the nation of Israel suffered greatly as a result of their turning away from God, but nevertheless, they were not consumed.  In chapter 3, verses 22 and following, the writer of the Book expresses hope that the time of suffering for the nation does not mean that they will be totally annihilated.  He recognizes that they are suffering their just punishment but he also recognizes that God is merciful and that their suffering will not endure forever.  

America has not yet experienced the sufferings of ancient Israel, but arguably we are experiencing warnings from God that we must turn back from our evil ways and repent or God will remove the His hedge of protection over America, as Jonathan Cahn argues He did in his book “The Harbinger.”  Our greatest hope may very well be the fact that we are still standing.  Apparently, America with all her faults must still have a strong remnant that has refused to bow their knees to false gods and empty illusions. In spite of our great apostasy; in spite of the blood of over 50,000,000 innocent babies on our hands; in spite of the perversion of the fourth and tenth commandments and the total disregard for all the others; in spite of the corruption of those we call our leaders and the immorality and debauchery that is now considered acceptable, we are still standing - but only by the grace of God.  The question we should be asking is: how long will He continue to protect us if we relegate Him to a small corner of our lives only to be worshipped on Sunday mornings?

There are more questions that believing Americans should be asking:  how long will God’s grace cover the multitude of our sins, and  how long will God turn His head from those who call good evil and evil good? In short: how long will America stand under the weight of her own sins?

The good news is that we are still standing, which means there is still hope.  We still have the opportunity to turn and seek His face.  There are really only two options for America: should we chose the path of defiance and rely on our own strengths to survive, destruction is imminent; OR should we chose the path of repentance, God’s mercies will cover our sins and we will survive.  

Those who argue that America’s place in end times prophecies is non-existent and therefore at sometime in the near future we cease to exist as a super power, have not taken into consideration that the nations that are mentioned are only those who come against Israel.  AND… they have not taken into consideration that the churches mentioned in the Book of Revelation are admonished to repent, persevere, and overcome. 

Yes, there is still hope for America - but only by the grace of God and only if believers pay attention to His admonitions; 

OR…we may go the route of ancient Israel during the time the Book of Lamentations was written and be taken captive by our enemies to suffer unimaginable grief and despair; 

OR…we may be totally annihilated and consumed by those who hate us.  

The future of America lies in the hands of its believers and those who are called by His name, not in the hands of our politicians or the strength of our enemies.  Therefore, America, put your faith in God and not in any man and you will be saved.

Contact RoseAnn  HERE



Nero fiddled while Rome burned
President Obama golfs while America burns


Commentary By TPATH Contributor
Mr. Richard Matrisciano

December 4, 2014 ~TPATH~ But maybe that’s a good thing. When he’s in Washington he fuels the burning with division and hatred; casting Christians, Jews and Conservatives as villains. We see how he has total disrespect for the Constitution and our Judeo/Christian values. Our Pledge of Allegiance says we are One Nation Under God. So, shouldn't we have a president who respects the Judeo/Christian values upon which our nation was founded?

FDR was also a progressive, big government president, BUT, he respected our Judeo/Christian heritage which makes us One Nation Under God. This is from a speech given by FDR to the nation, D-Day, June 6, 1944:
 “Almighty God: Our sons struggle to preserve our Republic, our religion, and our civilization…I ask that our people devote themselves in a continuance of prayer… invoking Thy help…Almighty God.”

FDR asked our nation to join him praying to God to save our religion and our civilization. Obama says we aren’t even a Christian nation, and we must be tolerant of those trying to destroy our religion and our civilization. 

In May of 1940, four years prior to D-Day, some 30,000 English soldiers were backed up to the English Channel as the German army overran France. King George VI called the entire empire to a National Day of Prayer, seeking God’s help for the soldiers and the nation. What followed shows the power of prayer; three distinct miracles:

First Miracle: 
Hitler inexplicably disregarded his generals, ordering a halt to their armored tank columns when they were only 10 miles away from annihilating the British. 

Second Miracle: 
As the German tanks came to a halt a violent storm grounded the Luftwaffe, protecting the British while help could be arranged. Obviously, Hitler had not taken into account the One who controls the weather! 

Third Miracle: 
While the storm raged over France, a weather phenomenon occurred. The English Channel became eerily calm, allowing a ragtag armada of ships, large and small, to go back and forth until the soldiers were rescued.

Today it is militant Muslims that threaten ‘our religion and our civilization.’ But there is no FDR in America today. Instead we have a president who coddles Muslim terrorists, and threatens Christian protesters. 

Don’t expect change to come from either Democrats or Republicans. If we truly want change, it must come from us, the people of faith, bringing God back into our society. 

What if we didn’t make secular shopping and parties the center of our Christmas this year? What if we joined together in communal prayer, calling on our one true God to intervene? If we come together as a nation, praying with the same fervor the British did, God will hear, and He will not forsake us.

God bless all of you this Advent and Christmas.

Contact Rich  HERE


The News Paradigm

By TPATH Contributor
John McClain
Reflections on "Crimes and Conspiracies" 

December 2, 2014 ~TPATH~ You've (TPATH) made a strong call for an old American principle, and what you describe would probably be well understood by our founders.  No doubt they had no better reporting of facts and truth and they dealt with a king on the other side of the ocean.

For thirty years, The Empire pursued and ultimately hanged a good many (journalists) who chose to step forward and deny the kingdom, the legitimacy of its acts, and confront it with the laws of its own making.
We have not had such a "press" literally since the entry of the war between the states.  Before we entered into the last stage of denial on that issue, and began throwing poison pen darts at each other, our "truth detector" was the fact every man's honor was his life.  While direct, off to the greens, challenges weren't the daily call, they remained legitimate and worthy for use when abject lies, when deliberate obfuscation had been noted as purposed, for turning truth into lies, at such a point it was correct for an honor challenge to be put forth, and for the answer to determine the fate of two men.
Both those who lived by this, but were haunted by "ghosts", and those who lived in hopes of never having to "man up", stood with the "enlightened" when we had a relatively crime free and honest, honorable society.  The call has ever gone out, and it has always been answered in good times, but we must remember, that answer, that response to an exact issue of truth, its use to inform, its abuse to enslave, it is not one we can rightfully ever put away, because a "free and independent People" must be able to maintain their principles even at the edge of wilderness, even alone, even when they alone hold "civilization" as a value, in the face of one, or six dozen who would deny it.
The right to confront a lie, call it and lay out the facts explicating its falsehood is the right of a "sovereign", whether it be a "sovereign citizen" or a "sovereign monarch" or even a sovereign city district attorney, should that be how a society is designed.
We are established as a "constitutionally constrained republic", wherein all law and sovereignty is derived from the consent of Sovereign Citizens of Sovereign States, and as such, we each retain the Sovereignty at every time those on loan with our consent, fail to fulfill the "sovereign responsibility", equally inherent in "sovereignty" just as rights and authority are inherent.

We lose inherent rights and powers by failing to stand up for them when they are called for, and those who step forward are challenged, and the challenge allowed by majority, to stand.  We regain our sovereignty when we stand up and make that challenge, and when confronted with the notion of "lawlessness or usurping authority" we stand on the fact of the rule of law, the failure to enforce, and society's right to have it enforced, even if it is only "sovereign Citizens" who are willing to conform to constitution.

We have a single law enforcement officer, Sheriff Joe Arpaio, who has lawfully assembled a "cold case posse" in full accord with the purpose and authority of his elected office, and has put a prima facia case before a court, demonstrating the utter lack of accounting for the background and identity of the illegal alien occupying the oval office.

The court has failed to calendar the case, because it has been challenged by the justice department, over legitimacy.  All that has to happen is for congress to get inundated with demands the lawfully established case be moved forward through the court system, and we can watch the illegal alien removed from office, tried as a traitor, and hanged.
The issue is we have to overcome the power assumed by the international set, via the imams, established in our treaties over oil with Saudi, and the wahabi imams they provide by law for all government purposes, and we have to dis-establish "Black Muslim" legitimacy by linking Islam directly to the slave trade from its inception to its current iteration, hardly lessened by time, only altered in means of moving.

We must make being American a matter of holding specific principles, standing on very specific standards of conduct and values, and we must pull in those who have been misled, with every effort to open doors, and no effort to close out anyone willing to listen, and rise up to stand for themselves.

Your statement regarding the utter lack of value in the media must be a matter of common comment, we must make them a laughingstock, and by this, take away their jobs.  We have to vote with our feet, our money, and our attention.  So far, we have continually reacted to the actions criminal, taken by the central government, and by individuals, counting on not being called out.

We could start by calling out the easiest, Lois Lerner, and standing on the premise, she was called to testify before the elected House, as the Chief Executive of the IRS, and as such, has no "rights", because no government office has rights, they belong to people.  She has to answer all questions put to The Chief Executive, as such, if she has the knowledge, it is the law.

We must call upon our House to refuse to do anything else until The People have received Our answers. Lois Lerner is the weak link because she in Head of the most hated government agency, and no American wants to hear refusal to answer from the IRS.  Without a full accounting from her, we have every right to simply call for the House to close the IRS until such time as we, The People, find ourselves satisfied with it, or choose to permanently remove it, as should be done by constitutional standards.

Such qualified, well grounded investigations into government crimes, initiated by the House are the single way we can insert ourselves directly in, and with the correct message, we can get the support of practically every citizen, because of the office.  So far, we've let this opportunity go to waste, but right now, during the break is the perfect time to contact our representatives, and demand a full account of the IRS before we allow any other business to go forward, including the installation of newly elected members of congress.
     We need to use the fact the IRS has not only stolen from each and everyone of us, but now has the temerity to suggest they have no obligation to testify factually before "The People's House", and we must stand on the fact we can't allow even the least of government agencies refuse "The People", much less the single most destructive and properly hated.

We must "live" on the fact the IRS has given every person who has grimaced over the number denoting what was taken from them before they ever touched it, earnings bought with sweat and often blood, and not paid out, but stolen before our fruits even reach our hands.  We must use the visceral reaction of normal people to having government hand in pocket, stealing, no less than this faux press uses every possible excuse to deny the truth.  If we make the refusal of the IRS to answer questions the evidence of its criminal actions, its criminal nature, and its violation of first principles, in demanding we provide the evidence to hang ourselves, at their demand, we can garner the support against this one entity and this be the wedge opening the whole of the criminal central government to being picked apart, as if by crows.
We've had our rights, our liberties, and our authority as "Sovereign Citizens" eroded away because we've failed to hold to them absolutely, defending them with life if necessary.  We can go straight to war, and confront in arms, or we can attempt to use the opportunity which has knocked, answer it, and break the door off its hinges once we've made it open wide.  We simply must think as aggressively for our first principles, as the enemy has been against all principle and law.

Can we make this a common focus from The People, or are we too set on each our own agenda, to fail to stand on this one simple issue, and refuse, just as Rosa Parks did, to move off it?

Semper Fidelis,

John McClain

Contact John  HERE



Commentary By:
Dwight Kehoe

December 1, 2014  ~TPATH~ With the advent and growth of the internet, combined with the self inflicted demise and collapse of any credibility of the national and international "professional" news outlets, new journalists, new investigators and new reporters, independant and for the most part uncompensated, have exploded into the public and private arena of information transfer.  This is being done via email, Facebook and millions of websites and blogs.

For certain many of these new entities have entertained us with their imagination and speculation, out of which has spawned an uncountable array of conspiracy theories.  While some of these examinations of history and current events may have indeed been born of less than factual excogitations and may in a small way cloud or lessen the impact of many actual and dangerous conspiracies, it is imperative that the people do not discount this new media. The professional liars of the mainstream media have proven they have forsaken any desire to truthfully inform, if that information runs contrary to their leftist ideologies.

We need this new media but we need to be careful of what we read, from where it comes and if the backup sources provided are merely reiterations of the same authorship.  Some articles are very clearly fanciful inculcations and can be quickly dismissed. But others may take a bit more scrutiny.

Clearly, if every aspect of history and government operations or statements are subjected to wild speculation and capriciousness, those issues which are in dire need of investigation and adjudication become adumbrated by the sheer volume of the total.  

This obfuscation has proven to be quite successful relating to the illegal occupier of our White House.  Don't think for one minute that this form of Alinskyism has been lost on those whose goal it has been to isolate and ridicule anyone or any group working to expose the crimes of Obama and his political conspirators.

In summation, enjoy those wild and crazy assumptions, those exciting rumors about space aliens running the local delicatessen or the asteroid being piloted by Nancy Pelosi, but take them for what they are.   Never let the reality of that criminal organization which now rules this country become just another conspiracy theory where real crimes and a real danger truly do threaten our future.

The future of our Republic and the rule of law requires that we do not stop asking the following questions. Not just until and if the Islamic Communist law breaker leaves office, but for as long as it takes to expose him, his crimes and the organizations behind him.
  1. Why did no judge, justice, attorney general or political party not enforce the Natural Born Citizen requirement of our Constitution regarding Obama's eligibility to be President?
  2. Why was the state of Hawaii never forced to show Obama's original birth certificate?
  3. Why would any elected official forge or allow to be forged an official birth document if a real one existed somewhere?
  4. Why has there been no official government investigation into a forged Selective Service registration form?
  5. Why has the Social Security Administration not investigated why a man from Hawaii is using an illegal Social Security number issued in Connecticut?
  6. Why wasn't the altering of government international travel records relating to Obama and his mother investigated?
  7. Why was a perfectly healthy person, one Loretta Fuddy, the only person to die in a relatively gentle sea landing of a commuter plane?
  8. Why was the only living person, one Loretta Fuddy, to ever claim to see Obama's actual birth certificate, now not living?
  9. Why was coroner's report concerning the death of, one Loretta Fuddy, changed three times and the details, as required by law, never released?
  10. Where was Obama and who was he with during the 17 hours when true American heros were fighting a losing battle for their lives in Benghazi?
While those who would use the Conspiracy Theory rhetoric to cloud these questions, it is undeniable that not one of the 10 items listed above are theories, they are fact and they need to be answered and those perpetrators of them, need to be held accountable.

Contact TPATH  



By TPATH Contributor
RoseAnn Salanitri

November 28, 2014 ~TPATH~ Since the Garden of Eden, the devil has done his best to corrupt man’s existence and his relationship with God.  Over the course of time, he has not changed his tactics.  Why should he when they are still as effective as they were over 6,000 years ago?

Back in the Garden the devil perverted the Word of God by taking the truth and twisting it a bit.  It was true - Adam and Eve did not die immediately after they ate the fruit of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. However, when they did, they were banned from eating the fruit of the Tree of Life, which led to their eventual death.  Consequently, they learned about good and evil in a most unfortunate way. But why would Eve believe the devil instead of God?

Eve saw that the fruit was “pleasant to the eyes” which made it a physical temptation but we frequently miss the next part of the verse that tells us she saw it was a tree that was desirable to make one wise (Genesis 3:4-6).  This represented the lure of the knowledge of the world that the devil is able to twist and uses to challenge the veracity of God.  This temptation is not as easily defined as physical temptations.  It is a temptation of the mind that carries with it strong undertones of peer pressure and intellectual intimidation.   Fast forward to 2014 and not much has changed since the Garden - except that now the devil has more children to act on his behalf.  And these children, like their father, are extremely skilled at what they do.  In classrooms around the world, they use Evolution to intellectually discredit God and His Word. In the political world, global warming is used to replace recognition of end time prophecies dealing with climate catastrophes and intimidation is used by calling bearers of the truth racists and domestic terrorists.

Lying and intellectual intimidation, however, are not the only tricks in the devil’s bag of temptations and not the only tricks he passes along to his children. The passage in John 8:44 not only attributes lying to the devil, it calls him a murderer.  When we recall that the man now occupying the White House voted to have babies born alive as a result of a botched abortion thrown into the trash, we should be asking who but a devil or his progeny would cast such a vote? 

While there has been much talk about where Obama was born and who his earthly father might have been, one thing seems clear:  he inherited from his spiritual father the spirit of a murderer, a liar, and a pervert.  In this case “pervert” is not a reference to his sexual preference.  It is a reference to his propensity to take the truth and either totally disregard it or twist it beyond recognition. 

Just last week we saw his brilliant perversion televised worldwide.  It was so brilliant and well executed that none of the political pundits seemed to understand what really transpired.  They commented about the many lies he has told through the years and some even protested that he dared to quote Scripture, but the perversion of Scripture escaped their minds and commentaries.  This is unfortunate because this perversion connects him to his father the devil in a most astounding way.

One of the best examples of a perversion is recorded in Matthew 4:1-10 when Jesus was in the desert being tempted by the devil. A casual read through seems pretty straight forward.  Jesus was in a vulnerable position and Satan tried to use it to his advantage. Jesus responded by quoting Scripture.  However, if you take the time to look up the verses that the devil was quoting in Psalm 91:11-12, you will find that the devil was accurately quoting the Scripture.  HOWEVER, while the quote was accurate, the interpretation was skewed. This is what a perversion truly is:  taking a truth and twisting it just a bit to make it seem like it’s actually saying something else.  Jesus experienced it in the desert when the devil was trying to tempt him.  Eve experienced it in the Garden when the devil successfully tempted her. And we experienced it during Mr. Obama’s recent press conference.  When Barack Obama quoted Scripture, he didn’t do it as eloquently as his father did in the desert, since he combined a number of Scriptures and rolled them into one.  He stated:  “We shall not oppress a stranger, for we know the heart of a stranger.  We were strangers once too.” The combo verse that Obama quoted came from Deuteronomy 10:19, Leviticus 24:22, Exodus 23:9, Malachi 3:5, and Hebrews 13:2.  

Here’s the heart of the perversion. These verses talk about treating strangers justly - the same as you would treat law-abiding citizens.  In this case, the aliens and strangers Obama is defending are not traveling through our land legally.  Furthermore, the great majority of them were criminals in their own countries before they came here and by virtue of the way they entered this country, they all became criminals.  Criminals in biblical times as in present times do not deserve the protection of law.  And if we desire to understand the hearts of these strangers, as Mr. Obama suggests, justice should be our first consideration.  Additionally, we were not all strangers once too as these interlopers are. Again, these strangers that Obama is referring to are illegally here.  Many of us are legal immigrants or the descendants of legal immigrants who are legally entitled to become American citizens and benefit from the many blessings that exist in this country.  To those who fall into this legal category, they are the ones entitled to the protection of the law, while those who do not enter legally are entitled to prosecution under the law, which is distinctively different than persecution.

Some may argue that Christians should be merciful to strangers.  That is true.  However, mercy best exists when it is accompanied by justice and humility.  Micah 6:8 says:  

                  He has shown you, O mortal, what is good. And what does the LORD require of you?                                                To act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God.

So where is the justice in what Mr. Obama is proposing?  And where is the humility that these strangers in our land should be exhibiting?  If they were humble, wouldn’t they be repenting of their lawlessness, which in this case would mean returning to whence they came?  Perhaps I’m missing something but demanding rights from a country that you have illegally entered seems a bit arrogant to me.  I argue that there is no justice in the mercy Obama is ordaining by Executive Order.  
  1. There is no justice for the many Americans who will be losing their jobs to these interlopers.  
  2. There is no justice for the college students who bumped American born students from enrollment or from receiving grants or scholarship monies.  
  3. There is no justice for the American taxpayer who is struggling to make ends meet but has continued to foot the bill for the many expenses incurred as a result of the lawlessness of these illegals interlopers.   
  4. There is no justice for the would-be legal immigrants who respect this country enough to abide by our laws.  
  5. In the case of amnesty, the quality of mercy is strained when it imposes injustice on law-abiding American citizens and would-be Americans.

And as for Mr. Obama:  
Well if the character traits of the children of Satan are a murderous spirit, a lying tongue, and a perversion of the Holy Scriptures, the shoe seems to fit the man now occupying the White House. Perhaps Mr. Obama may be living the good life now, but according to the Book of Revelation, he will soon be joining other cowards, unbelievers, the abominable, murderers, the sexually immoral, sorcerers, idolaters, and all liars in the lake that burns with fire and brimstone (Rev. 21:8).   Alas, we serve a merciful God, but He is also a just God - and no perversion of Scripture will change that, Mr. Obama.  While you may attempt to deliver this country to the gates of hell, many of us will not be joining you there.

Contact RoseAnn  HERE





Commentary by:
Dwight Kehoe

November 16, 2014 ~TPATH~  For far too many people and for far too long, the Democratic Party has managed to fool their voters with spurious concerns about safety, health and economic well being. This week it has been made quite clear, for anyone who was paying attention, just what the elites of this extremely left leaning party really think of their voters.

Some people, those who just listen to or watch news from the mainstream media, will certainly have missed it. But here it is...... the Democratic Party thinks the people are stupid.  Too illiterate to read and comprehend information and too half-witted to understand a little math or grasp common sense.

It has just been revealed the so called leaders of the Democratic Party knew millions of people would lose their health care coverage, knew the cost of increased taxes on the healthcare industry would be passed to the consumer, knew that millions of jobs would be lost and millions more reduced to part time, and knew that Obamacare was economically unsustainable.  All this while snickering behind closed doors about just how stupid their constituents, congress persons of their own party and the press are.  This mountain of contempt was then topped off with lies, day after day, and year after year, until they were convinced the entire amorphism had been ingested by all. 

The reality check.  
If they have such small regard for the truth and even less regard for the voter who supports them, it may be time for the Democratic voter to look more closely at more of their lies, deceptions and manipulations. If one will lie about something, he will lie about anything.

For instance, if the Democratic Party needs impoverished minority voters to keep it in power, and it does, how hard are they really going to work at helping that group escape the grip of poverty?  What effort would be employed to ease racial tensions and the strife which derives from that?  Remember, every individual who rises above the poverty level is very likely to rise above the depraved ideology of the left and well educated people will be less dependant on big socialist government.  For well over sixty years, in cities across this country where liberals control the law and education, the results of their evil intentions to sabotage the minority community, simply can not be denied, though it is clearly being ignored.

Here it is, in a nutshell.
As did every Communist dictatorship in the past, the Democratic Party needs massive numbers of the population to be poor and envious of those who are not.  To this goal they seize every opportunity, subvert every racial group and use the government controlled media to support and embellish their lies. To successfully remain in power they must do a few things.
  1. Increase the disenchanted population. 
  2. Keep them poor and uneducated.
  3. In case they wise up, they must be kept unarmed.
How about the right of self protection?  
Inner city residents, the large majority of which are minorities, are told that they can not be trusted with weapons or be afforded the right to defend themselves.  Those law abiding citizens are forced to live in fear of rape, murder, and extortion as thugs roam their streets and neighborhoods, armed to the teeth and unconcerned about the ability of their targets to fight back or the police arriving at the scene in time to do much more than stretch out the yellow barrier tape.

Lies and racism are behind this.  
People in the inner cities are told they do not have the same rights as those who have moved to or live in rural areas.  They are told they have no right to enjoy summer evenings outside with family and friends, talking and playing or just absorbing the wonderful world God has given mankind.  No, they must be locked in their homes, behind barred windows and double locked doors, for fear that at anytime their lives could be shattered or lost.

Who is it that condemns these families to such existence?  Who are they, who do not themselves live in such a perilous environment?  Who are they, who provide themselves with the protection of armed guards or personal weapons?   Who are they, who may look a lot like the cowering citizens with complexions similar?  They are the privileged.  They are the elites.  They are the deceivers and the liars.  They are the racists and the manipulators.  And any resident of the inner city who voted Democratic, voted for them and in reality voted for the dire straits in which they find themselves.

Armed gangs do not invade homes, destroy neighborhoods and murder innocent people out in the suburbs and the affluent communities across this country. Why?  Is it because they are for the most part white and educated?  Conversely, are those gangs which terrorize the inner cities doing their nasty deeds because they are black or hispanic?  That is apparently what leftist politicians believe.  

But the true reason is very simple.  Honest, law abiding citizens in the suburbs are not denied their rights to self protection.  Criminals and thugs understand that their lives will be in danger long before anyone dials 911.  However, the vultures of the inner cities, cultivated and nurtured by liberal policies, know no such fear.

If the people were allowed, as stipulated by the United States Constitution to have access to firearms anytime they might need them, the inner cities would be just as safe as the suburbs. But, as long as gangs, terrorists, rapists and murderers are the only part of society which is armed and as long as the honest people continue to vote for those who would sustain that environment, nothing will change.

Those who advocate the end of laws that restrict the people's ability to defend themselves are not seeking a wild west scenario where everyone is armed and ready to duel it out with gun fights.  That is the wicked lie that the leftists continue to pervade.  The facts are exactly the opposite, in every part of this country where people have the right to access firearms when they are needed, there is less violence, by hundreds of times per capita, than areas where only outlaws are armed.  This is a fact that can't be denied, but it surely can be lied about. Of all the gun crimes in this country in the year of 2012, FBI statistics show that only .007% of them were perpetrated by legal firearm owners. Legal gun owners are safer to be around than bike messengers or taxi drivers and they just may save your life one day.

The next time a city politician asks for your vote, remember, his or her election depends upon your community being in disarray and conflict so that they can promise you, this time, they will make things better. If you support them, give them your vote you will guarantee that your life of mayhem will not change, either for you or your community. 

We are calling on all Democrats, minorities and disenchanted Independents, even if you agree in principle with many of the distortions of the Democratic Party, if you want to help raise the safety and security of your neighborhood you can support the Second Amendment Preservation and Protection Act which is being put forth by many groups here in New Jersey.

You, your community, your business and your family will be better off.  The changes won't take place overnight, but gradually, the criminal element will know he may find that that "sitting duck" may be armed and dangerous.  Soon, those summer evenings will be shared and enjoyed without the fear that now permeates every aspect of city life.  If you won't do it for yourself, if you won't help us help you, nothing will change and it will probably get worse.  If that's even possible.  

Think it over.  Objectively look at what we have written here.  Plain common sense mixed with history will guide you to the right side.

Regular TPATH Readers,
If you know of persons who would fall into the categories described above please do your best at getting this information to them.  As always this or any posting on TPATH may be re-posted or linked to without restriction.

As can be seen below TPATH and TeamNj have undertaken a 3 part campaign to end state and federal governments from infringing on our rights and placing us needlessly in peril.  The first two parts of that campaign are well described in the links below.

Coming next week, a description of the third leg.  If you are on board with this effort you won't want to miss it. Promise.

For more information and ways you can join this fight check out the following links.

Note from TPATH and TeamNJ: If you have had your right of self protection denied or infringed and you believe, as we do, that it is time to stop not just the illegal laws but to hold the lawless lawmakers to account, click on this link, read about what our group of patriots is working to accomplish, then sign up and help out.

Read all our documents on line here:

Download all the documents now in PDF format here:

Then if you want to help get this information to the NJ Legislature sign up here:
Or if you have been denied the right to carry a firearm for the unlawful reason of insufficient need, sign up here and help with the coming class action suit:

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Commentary in Support of SAPPA
By Dwight Kehoe

October 14, 2014 ~TPATH~ The growth of tyranny in the massive bureaucracy of the Federal government has awakened too few and seems to have even fewer concerned.  But some are. They are not only willing to do something about it, they are organized and on the move.

The attack upon the the rights and freedoms of the people has been like a melanoma spreading through the life's blood of this country as its pervasive reach has
metastasized from the Halls Of Congress down to the legislative assemblies in several states.

Many of the most infected states, New Jersey being one which has legislated the Second Amendment onto life support, have given a pass to their governors and their legislators, a form of amnesty if you will, as the relentless abridgment of the United States Constitution continues to weaken and tatter its very existence. This amnesty comes only from one place. The people.  As legislative lawbreakers pass illegal laws they are awarded tacit pardons by the very people being infected. They sit quiet and sedated like the sheep people waiting to become dinner in H.G. Wells' The Time Machine.

Any businessman or contractor will tell you, when they sign a contract for a project or some other deal or arrangement, all parties are required by not only the law, but by ethics to abide by every aspect of that agreement.  Once any section or requirement of that contract is ignored or abridged, no signer of that agreement can be held to any of the remaining provisions.  

The contract that the Federal government and state governments have forged with the people and have agreed to honor and abide is the most famous and most esteemed document ever authored, the United States Constitution, our Constitution.   

We have not reviewed all 50 states, but here in New Jersey, we have done so.  New Jersey's State Constitution is law, and its law requires that the United States Constitution not be infringed.  So, my patriot friends, why are our legislators, without impediment or indictment, time after time, allowed to write and pass laws that run contrary to both of those constitutions? Every illegal law they pass is a double violation.  As these people place themselves and their ideology above the requirements of those documents they are placing themselves in an organized cadre of persons infringing on the civil rights of the citizens.

Not only are the lawmakers guilty of both federal and state violations, all those groups which are working on a daily basis to deprive the people of their rights, as defined in the Bill of Rights, are too, guilty of civil rights violations, both state and federal. These groups constitute an organized abridgment of the documents that are the very foundation of what has made America great.

As the multi-millionaire liberals use their fortune and fame, working to remove your right to self protection, they provide for themselves the best armed security money can buy.  Hiring gun toting body guards is not a crime, but engaging in organized treasonous acts against the United States Constitution is.

Our Founding Fathers, some of the most unselfish and intelligent people God has ever created, knew and understood that times would change, innovations and technology would alter life as they knew it into something far beyond their ability to perceive.  For that reason they did not hold every aspect of the Constitution to be forever enforced.  And so, they gave us, the people, by 2/3 of the member states, the right, the ability, to make changes in the form of amendments.

That of course would be the legal way to disarm the American people.  But creating fear, promoting hate and misrepresenting facts and history in an effort to breed an environment where illegal laws are allowed to be written, passed and signed, constitutes lawlessness which can not be allowed to prevail. From this point forward, being elected to the Assembly or the State Senate will no longer give cover to those who would violate our Constitution.  Be it so forewarned. 

If those groups and socialist millionaires spend their time and money working to build support for an amendment which would remove the right of the people to defend themselves by effective means that would be a legal campaign. For certain it would be contested by many.  But it would be legal.

However, lobbying politicians, with money or political support as ammunition, in an effort to have those politicians infringe on the rights of the people, in violation of the oaths they all have taken and the constraints of both state and federal constitutions, represents egregious and organized civil rights violations. 

In summery, working to change the Constitution is legal.  
Working to abridge it, is a crime.

Note from TPATH and TeamNJ: If you have had your right of self protection denied or infringed and you believe, as we do, that it is time to stop not just the illegal laws but to hold the lawless lawmakers to account, click on this link, read about what our group of patriots is working to accomplish, then sign up and help out.

Read all our documents on line here:

Download all the documents now in PDF format here:

Then if you want to help get this information to the NJ Legislature sign up here:
Or if you have been denied the right to carry a firearm for the unlawful reason of insufficient need, sign up here and help with the coming class action suit:



New Jersey Patriots,
TPATH and several groups (to be named later) across the state of New Jersey, have begun a campaign to reverse our many unconstitutional laws.  This program will be multi-faceted and will incorporate grass roots activity as well as class action law suits which will no doubt reach the US Supreme Court. 

What will be asked of signups?
A more detailed description and instructions will be given to those signing up. But for now it is important to know that our campaign involves authoring legislation which is now complete.  A short version of it can been read here (SAPPA).  

We will need as many citizens as possible, as individuals or groups, to request an appointment with the Legislators in their districts.  The purpose of the meeting can be described as "legislative". At that meeting you will need to present SAPPA to them and ask if they will sponsor or co-sponsor the bill. The intent will be to get this bill in the hands of all 80 NJ Legislators, as many times as possible.

You will bring a form, (sign ups will be given a link to download it) with you to this meeting. Once you see the form, the rest will be self explanatory.

If you or your group wish to join the grassroots portion of this endeavor,
please CLICK HERE to sign up.

As many of you know, the United States Constitution prohibits individual states from implementing legislation that would interfere with or infringe on its citizen's civil rights.  This has not prevented many of them from doing just that.  

The laws they have passed, on the face of them, appear to comply with the 2nd Amendment's requirement to allow law abiding citizens the right to bear arms.  However, it is a ruse, for they wrote laws that gives them the right to evaluate your NEED to arm yourself as opposed to your right to do so.

The application a citizen must fill out is designed to the eliminate almost every citizen from approval. And those not 
eliminated by their responses and history, will then be eliminated by an un-elected Judge who believes he has the right to circumvent your' rights as he decides that his perception of your need can trump your rights. As a result, virtually every NJ citizen is denied his civil rights.

Many states run by socialists, employ tactics such as these and New Jersey is by far the most egregious implementer of such laws of prevarication.  But that does not make them legal or constitutional.  We are about to take them on and we will be doing so, presenting the case in such a manor, that the United States Supreme Court will be unable to deny docketing it. 

If you want to be part of this effort and possibly as a result have your rights restored and your application to carry revisited and approved please CLICK HERE to add your name to the list of those citizens whose rights have been denied.

CAUTION:  Only those individuals who have been denied the right to bear arms here in NJ for the unconstitutional reason of "lack of need" should add their names to this list.  If you were denied on the grounds of criminal record, mental health issues or some infraction of domestic violence, please do not sign up for this program.  We only want those with no issues to be part of this campaign.  You may well have a good reason for contesting that determination, but this will not be the forum for that.

Please send this posting to any friends or family members who may have been denied their civil rights.
As always,TPATH gives permission re-post or re-transmit a this article in any social media available.


TPATH Founder
Dwight Kehoe
TeamNJ Founder
Nicholas Purpura
October 2, 2014

national debt




Patriot Service Update

 ~TPATH~  During the past 7 years a very close relationship between TPATH  and many of our members has resulted in the formation of WPE (We Plan to Endure).  As a consequence of several years of research, training and instructions provided to us by many experts from various survival disciplines, WPE has become a formidable source for information, training and disaster preparation.  

A short description of what WPE is can be characterized in the following way:
  1. The membership is made up of a dedicated group of patriotic leaders and individuals who are well known to each other and have an extensive record of support for our Constitution and the desire to help prepare thier neighbors.
  2. They have a varied set of professional, technical, survival and construction abilities and have agreed to provide instruction and physical application of those skills.
  3. They have agreed to undertake the requirements of storing food, supplies, medicine, fuel, weapons, ammunition, survival and radio communication equipment for use in case of a short or long term national or local disaster. 
  4. They have agreed to help train and instruct any person or group in the skills necessary for survival  regardless of whether or not they are members of WPE.
What WPE has accomplished since its inception:
  1. An emergency communication system called the "Spider Grid", has been set up and tested.  This system required that members obtain FCC radio communication licences, purchase and install short wave radios in either homes or vehicles or both.  As of this date radio communication throughout the state can be maintained even if the country experiences a complete power grid failure.
  2. WPE has given presentations to patriotic groups over the entire length and width of our state.  Each of these presentations were modeled after and for the specific group it was presented to. 
  3. Our members have prepared for food, fuel and water shortages and have encouraged friends and family members to do the same.
  4. Secured and prepared "safe zones" in the event of social or community breakdowns,
WPE has prepared and made available information packages for the following:
  1. Steps required to obtain FCC licences, listed types of radio and equipment individuals would need to communicate in the event of an emergency.
  2. Information on firearm laws here in New Jersey to insure that everyone who has a weapon is in complete compliance with the many laws, unconstitutional as they may be.  That package includes information on what weapons one might need, how to practice and become comfortable and proficient and safe in their use.
  3. The types and sizes of emergency generators, how to use them wisely and prudently.  Also keeping them safe from marauders and thieves.  Included in this package is information on how to store and rotate ethanol gasoline for use over long periods of time.
  4. Information on how to build a safe indoor heater and stove for boiling water and cooking food.
  5. Lists of food which can be stored for very long periods of time and how to store them using as little space as possible.
  6. Steps to take to store drinking water and how to prepare it.
  7. Comprehensive lists of emergency supplies one should have in his home in the event that supplies become unavailable or going out to get them is too dangerous.
  8. Lists of what you will need to have ready to load into your vehicles in order to survive in an outdoor environment.
  9. How to secure your home in case of forced intrusion attempts and how to prepare protection from weapons being fired into your home.
  10. How to prepare and have ready at all times a "go bag" that can be loaded into your vehicles instantly if immediate evacuation is required.
  11. Information on how to set up emergency locations where your children or grandchildren will go if something happens while they are at school or other places and they can't get home.  Explains how to set up passwords your child will need to hear before excepting help or rides form someone you might send.
All of this information can be found HERE.  It is being provided for anyone who wants it and being a member of WPE is not required.  
The free download and use of this information is hereby given with no restrictions.

Note:  If anyone or group wishes to apply for membership in WPE please feel free to do so.  There are no fees and no financial costs, just the desire to do what you can to make WPE more effective in our efforts to help people prepare for natural and man made disasters. 

Please understand that becoming a member will require a track record and history as well as a unanimous acceptance vote by existing WPE members.

Why WPE was started and why it continues.

A few months into Obama's first term and with several years remaining now in his second term and what we all hope will be his last, ominous signs began to appear and continue now with an even greater presence.

Just a short course in world history would reveal the bloody, murderous and destructive nature of Socialist and Communist governments.  In just the 20th Century these governments have shown no limit to the misery and torture, the imprisonment and the killing they were willing to present on their own citizens in order to stay in power.  The most modest of estimates puts the death count at about 157,000,000 people.  

As of this date, it would be very difficult to consider any other possibility,that the man usurping our presidency, has not been selected, bred, trained and supported by some world wide entity with Communism at its heart.  There can be no other explanation for him, his policies and the tremendous damage being inflicted upon this country.  It is not by mistake. It is not by incompetence. It is the intentional take down of the American way.

The reality is now, this New World Order or whatever its name is, has its claws deeply set into the control of the biggest prize in the carnival of tyranny.   The lives of innocent people, the economy and our Constitution are all expendables in the quest for world domination.  They will not release the golden ring simply because a term is up.

In support of this and under the cowardly eyes of Congress, the Judicial branch and mainstream media, dangerous steps are being put into place.   It may have gone too far already, to stop it, short of a new revolution.

Actually, any one of the items listed below would be cause for concern, but when viewed in their entirety its impossible to see how America escapes the next few years without a nationwide calamity.

  1. Thousands of new regulations have bankrupted companies working for energy sources such as coal, natural gas and crude oil. This has put our power grid working to full capacity and our energy supplies in the hands of our enemies.
  2. Pipelines from Canada which could have provided huge amounts of energy has been stopped.
  3. Terrorists have used high power rifle fire to shut down several power transmission stations.  These attacks were labeled as being perpetrated by "hooligans" when its quite clear this was a test run for some future nation wide attack on our grid.
  4. Instead of using funds to fortify the grid against this kind of attack, Obama has chosen to send your tax dollars to the Muslim Brotherhood.
  5. Hundreds of high ranking military officers have been removed and replaced, without the consent of the Senate.
  6. Several hundred illegal Executive Orders have been issued that give the government control over private property, give the President the ability to impose Martial Law with no stipulation or specific reason, and the worst of all, the President can order a missile strike on an American citizen without a trial or he can have someone locked away for any amount of time without trial.
  7. The world is in turmoil, from Iran being allowed to build nuclear weapons, North Korea threatening to invade  South Korea, China imposing its navel might on Japan and Korea, Syria and Libya experiencing unprecedented murder and upheaval which has been encouraged, supported and supplied by Obama, the Ukraine is being invaded by Russia as any hope of living free of the Communist Putin is being crushed. 
  8. Obama continues now for the 6th consecutive year,  creating debt in the amount of between 70 and 80 billion dollars every month.  That's every month for 6 years.  This money is being poured into the capital markets of the world and will have a crushing effect on the value of the dollar.  Every dollar of this insane method of creating cash must be paid back.  Even if this madness were stopped now, and there is no intention to do so, that bill could not be paid back for a thousand years.
  9. China, North Korea and even Iran are experimenting with EMP weapons that could put America off the grid for years.  Iran has sent ships to America's coast without a whimper of a response form Obama.  The very kind of ship that could fire an upper atmosphere EMP device. 
  10. Every effort has been made by Obama to disarm as many Americans as possible.  This endeavor is consistent with despots of the past who first disarmed and then slaughtered their people.  If one might be foolish enough to bet that type of tyranny could never happen in America, that is a bet, if lost, would be lost at great calamity.
  11. The government is buying ammunition at an astounding rate for non military personal.  They have set up countless FEMA camps across the country and have distributed armored personal carriers to hundreds of local police forces.  They are preparing for something.

While the assumption that Martial Law, economic breakdown or terrorist attack is the most likely scenario for the need to survive off the grid, natural disasters, such as Super Storm Sandy must also be considered.  As unlikely as it may seem that here in the North East we need to be prepared for event other than man made, the likelihood does indeed exist.

  1. Hurricanes, storms and floods.
  2. Earth quakes, volcanic dust and tornadoes, very unlikely, but possible.
  3. Tidal waves from land masses falling into the ocean or the shifting of under sea plates.  Las Palmas Island is one such threat to the east coast.
  4. Power plant failures which could cascade across the country.
  5. Coronal Mass Ejections (CME) which are similar to man made EMPs but are caused by huge solar flares.  This could shut down the communication and power grid.  There has been a fairly consistent pattern to CMEs and unfortunately we are well past due for the next one.
  6. Pandemics caused by viruses, bacteria or toxins.

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